In 1200 AD an Italian noticed that plants grow from the ground in a certain way. He observed that when the shoot pushed from the soil it created the stem first. Soon after appeared the first leaves and branches. It looked like this: The man was called Leonardo Pisano and he lived in Pisa. Today
We usually prefer to focus ourselves on the higher and lighter frequencies.But we’ve noticed that some people are (getting) scared of Sacred Geometry and Sacred Numerology because it is being used by Secret Orders with low frequencies. Such as the Deep State, Cabal or Illuminati. They therefore, assume that Sacred Geometry and Sacred Numerology are
Isis was known as the Iron Maiden: The flowing “wines” of Isis have magical virtues equated with the menstruation of a woman. While the idea of drinking the living menstrual blood of the goddess may be anathema to us now, a cold chalice is no replacement for the hot body of a priestess possessed by
The spiritual meaning of the Ankh The Ankh is an ancient symbol. Like many symbols, the Ankh does not have one fixed spiritual meaning.The sacred geometry of the Ankh can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the movement and zeitgeist in which you look up the symbol. The spiritual meaning of the Ankh does
The Egyptians referred to Ra as “the Word”: I am the Eternal, I am RaI am that which created the WordI am the Word. This passage comes from the Book of the Dead which is the oldest text in the world. Thousands of years later, this verse reappeared in the King James Bible: In the beginning was
This is the vesica piscis: It translates from Latin as “fish bladder” and describes two equal circles passing through each other’s centers. Our world is made up of many of these feminine conjunctions. The vesica pisces has special dimensions. Examining the image below, you may notice that two squares (with sides of one) can be drawn
Formlessness wants to become form. Divinity can be drawn as a sphere which represents the silent wholeness that animates all creation. This healing Source, or pure being, is implied yet permeates the entire universe. The circle represents the union of unmanifested unconsciousness with manifested consciousness. Once upon a time, this winged disc graced Egyptian temples: What colour is the
There are lots of areas of life conscious creators bring their manifesting skills to … We conjure amazing love interests; we release resistance on health issues; we manifest new houses when called for. We’re even skilled at intending harmonious family gatherings! But when it comes to building a business, some creators leave their creation magic
A Facebook follower asked, “If you could share Boni, what do YOU do when faced with illness, whether it’s the common cold, something requiring surgery or an ailment that takes awhile to settle down? I’m having dental issues all from a simple filling but this has been going on for months & causing a lot
More About How It Manifests So my message is this: Manifestation is not that easy, it’s really not easy, it’s something that takes a lot of dedication, if you want something to manifest that you haven’t achieved before it could be done, it could be done but the real issue is what will it bring
More on The Law of Attraction So in essence this means several things, it means there is an element of you in the external world what you see outwardly is also what exist inwardly, both things are connected, your inner world and your outer world they’re connected very deeply, very deeply. So what you truly,