Third Eye

Millions of kids across the world battle with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The condition can make it difficult for them to focus, control their emotions, and participate in activities that call for sustained attention. While counseling and medication are frequently advised, not every child or family benefits from them. Fortunately, there’s one natural therapy
Have you ever wondered about the true nature of your being? Who are you beyond your name, job title, and physical appearance? Yoga philosophy teaches us that the human being is not just a physical body of bones, muscles, and blood, but three complex bodies consisting of multiple layers that are essential to our existence.
Have you experienced stubborn fatigue, low mood or consistent emotional instability? While it may seem normal, these emotions could point to a more serious problem deep within the energy body: blocked chakras. Residing in the astral body (energy body), chakras are energy centers that are responsible for our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Just like
The human body is remarkably resilient. It can withstand weeks of stress, heaps of junk food and ceaseless negative thoughts without a single crack in the system. But after time, this negativity begins to pollute your body, hampering your health and causing severe damage to your spiritual and emotional wellbeing. The Shat Kriyas, also known