Sacred Geometry

Certain naturally occurring shapes and forms are mysteriously pleasing to the human eye. Examples are the graceful swirl of a nautilus shell, the crystalline structures of the mineral kingdom, and the remarkable patterns found in snowflakes and flowers. Sacred geometry is a representation of the fabric of space and time. It is beyond religion and doctrine,
The Egyptians referred to Ra as “the Word”: I am the Eternal, I am RaI am that which created the WordI am the Word. This passage comes from the Book of the Dead which is the oldest text in the world. Thousands of years later, this verse would reappear in the King James Bible: In the beginning
This is the vesica piscis: It translates from Latin as “fish bladder” and describes two equal circles passing through each other’s centers. Our world is made up of many of these feminine conjunctions. The vesica pisces has special dimensions. Examining the image below, you may notice that two squares (with sides of one) can be drawn
Life arises from deep within: The sacrum resembles a rearing cobra with a flared hood. This triangular “holy bone” is found between the wings of the pelvis. In Egypt, the snake conveyed royalty, immortality and divinity and was called the Uraeus. As a medical symbol, cobras represented life itself—the magical umbilical cord uniting the mundane with the mystical. The
This figure is known as the Philosopher’s Stone: Truth is really Spirit. This inspirational Source looks like a triangle as embodied by the human nose. Breathing via the nostrils creates the circle and square as polarities of awareness. In humans, the circle infers the superconscious (female) while the square symbolises the subconscious (male). Once upon a time, this “winged disc” appeared
Isis was known as the Red Queen: The flowing “wines” of Isis have magical virtues equated with the menstruation of a woman. While the idea of drinking the living menstrual blood of the goddess may be anathema to us now, a cold chalice is no replacement for the hot body of a priestess possessed by
Designing a logo can be quite a challenge. But a logo with Sacred Geometry in it, is next level logo design.Since we’re all about Sacred Geometry, we can’t go without a logo that contains a whole lot of it. Even though our logo looks quite simple (three interlocking triangles), its design process is more complex
Like we’ve mentioned in our Platonic Solids Blog, the Platonic Solids are the building blocks of our Physical Reality.And the amazing thing is, these building blocks apply on almost every scale, from the microcosm up to the macrocosm. Just like Thoth once said: “As Above, So Below”. We’ll take you on a journey from small
This master mandala hints at the pathway to salvation: Gazing deeply into the patterns above is like holding a mirror up to your immortal soul.  Metatron’s Cube unites the geometrical patterns of the seven chakras (below) into one framework which is also reflected in the visible bodies of the solar system. So Metatron’s Cube is the pattern
Extraterrestrials, ET’s and Aliens. We’ve all heard of them at some point. And with the coming disclosures, many more people will hear about them.But what do they have in common with Sacred Geometry? In this blog we’ll show you how Extraterrestrials are connected to Sacred Geometry, just like everything else is. If you’re completely new
When spirit or “resonant light” creates, it manifests the circle as the simplest of shapes. Then it draws another in a binary pattern: This image is reflected in the divisions of cells during human conception. The first key shape is the triquetra which is the simplest form of a flower and the genesis of consciousness:
Atlantis: A Rich History Atlantis… it captures the imagination. It is also called the Sunken Island or the Sunken City. Atlantis was inhabited by an ancient civilization, the Atlanteans. The Greek philosopher Plato wrote about the island 350 years BC. Plato is considered to be the one who passed on the story of Atlantis.Back then,
Coming back to our Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144… What these numbers are doing is super-imposing themselves on the golden ratio. Mother nature, or our physical, unfolded universe is the result of enfolded OHM sound patterns that are collapsing into physicality. This series is in fact
History Mary Magdalene… through the church stories, she was portrayed as a prostitute. In yet other stories, she was a High Priestess to mystery schools, including the Temple of Isis. It is no coincidence that Mary Magdalene is associated with the primordial feminine power. She was also called apostola apostolorum, the apostle of the apostles.
Phi is a FUNCTION—the primordial algorithm. The ratio of a : a+b can be written as 1 : 1.618. Phi (Φ) recurs infinitely and is also known as dynamic, because in a sense it’s alive. Unlike the Fibonacci spiral, you will NEVER see a golden mean spiral, nor can you graph it. Like a vibration