As a practicing occultist, understanding and venerating the powerful and enigmatic Lilith can be both a profound and transformative experience. For beginners embarking on their journey into occultism, establishing a positive connection with Lilith is crucial. The prayers provided in this article serve as an excellent starting point for those seeking to invoke her presence
So you’ve decided to connect with Lucifer, knowing that he is one of the most revered spiritual entities in existence. Praying to him is one way of doing so. Lucifer is quite benevolent towards those that approach him in a respectful manner, are ambitious and seek rebellion from social and religious constraints. Luciferian prayers are
The Bhaktamar Stotra is a beautiful and revered Hymn from Jainism that expresses gratitude and worship to the godly feminine goddess, Bhaktamar Devi. This Bhaktamar Stotra originated from Acharya Hemachandra, a famous Jain poet and scholar of the 12th century. The Bhaktamar Stotra consists of 31 verses. Each one extolled the powers and virtues of
Haldun Tash is over 900-years-old jinn, hails from the powerful Benni Ghilan jinn tribe, also known as the followers of Al-Ghul. In Arab folklore, this jinn tribe is infamous for its intimidating nature, hostility, and immense power, marking them as some of the most dangerous and strongest jinn to work with. This magical ring has
Who is Ronove? Ronove is a demon of significant influence within the hierarchy of Hell, classified as a Marquis and Earl. He commands twenty legions of spirits and is renowned for his abilities to enhance rhetoric and impart knowledge of tongues, making him a valuable ally for those seeking to improve their communication skills and
In the complex hierarchy of demonology, Crocell stands out as a unique figure. Often depicted as an angelic being with dark, flowing hair and large wings, Crocell possesses an air of both nobility and menace. As a Duke of Hell, he commands a substantial influence within the infernal realms, overseeing 48 legions of spirits. Who
A warning for my readers, as you’ll surely stumble upon it – the website called arsgoetiademons(.com) is almost entirely AI generated with INACCURATE information about demons. The fact that it is AI generated wouldn’t bother me so much if it were ACCURATE information. But it is clearly not. They are just copy-pasting whatever ChatGPT generates