Law of Attraction

Embarking on a journey into natural meditation often stems from personal experiences of inner stillness and expansiveness, as it did for Dean Sluyter. From spontaneous childhood moments of tranquility to discovering spiritual texts like the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads during his teenage years, Dean’s path was shaped by a deep-seated curiosity about meditation. His
In the realms of contemporary spirituality, few figures command as much respect and admiration as Igor Kufayev. A revered spiritual leader, author, and artist, Kufayev is recognized as one of the most significant nondual teachers across Europe and the United States. As a tantric-energy-transmission lineage holder, his teachings and presence resonate deeply within his community,
True Healing Potential was born from Jonalyn Greene’s profound personal journey through her husband’s devastating autoimmune crisis in 2010. As his primary caregiver, Jonalyn navigated the immense emotional and physical toll, ultimately finding solace and healing through alternative therapies like BodyTalk. Her experience of overcoming complex PTSD and chronic pain inspired her to become a
There’s a thing that sometimes happens in the body called “referred pain,“ where you might experience pain in an area that isn’t the actual cause of the pain. (Like when a left arm hurts but it’s really the heart having the issue. Or there’s numbness in fingers as a result of a pinched nerve along
Sarah Kirton Contributor Published On June 18, 2024 Danielle Sheriff is the founder of The HA Society, where she provides expert guidance to help individuals regain fertility, restore menstrual cycles, and achieve pregnancy naturally. The HA Society offers comprehensive resources, personalized coaching, and a supportive community to aid in period recovery and fertility enhancement without
Those of us who work for a living often find that our acculturated habits around money conflict with our proper ability to manifest it. See if you recognize any of these common ways we block money from our experience: We think we have to work hard for it, often exhausting ourselves in the process. We
Introducing Marcella Friel, a beacon of spiritual transformation in the realm of mindful eating. Transitioning from a culinary expert to a guide for soulful healing, Marcella’s journey delves deep into the intersection of spirituality and our relationship with food, offering profound insights into reclaiming inner peace and holistic well-being. Learn more in her exclusive MysticMag
In our recent conversation with Justine Melsande Polevoy, MFT, a dedicated Somatic Psychotherapist, we delved into her transformative journey from metalsmithing to becoming a trauma-informed therapist. Justine’s profound personal experiences, including a life-altering car accident, shaped her understanding of the deep connection between the body and emotional healing, guiding her to help others navigate their
Katarina Todorovic Writer Published On June 06, 2024 In a world that often prioritizes logic and efficiency over emotions and creativity, Sara Griffiths, Founder of The Universal Soul Company, is on a mission to transform how we perceive and express our inner selves. Through her work as a spiritual mentor and holistic communications coach, Sara