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Yes, your emotions “don’t matter” when manifesting! But we need to specifically break down WHY and HOW they don’t matter so you can still channel your human emotions properly when manifesting! “Feelings” are an after effect of new perspective/assumption. Feelings don’t change your perspectives, PERSPECTIVE changes your feelings. So put your mindset and conscious meaning-making
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Richard Beaumont takes us into the Well of Black Magic in Gate 48. Here the correct patterns are seen and intuited into logical solutions. Ultimately these solutions come to the all of us in forms that can be beneficial or not. What is Black Magic for those who have never met such manifestations is really
Was ist Human Design und wie kann es dir helfen? Human Design ist dein ganz persönlicher energetischer Fingerabdruck, die Gebrauchsanweisung für deine so einzigartige Energie und dafür, wie du die für dich richtigen Entscheidungen im Leben treffen kannst. Human Design unterscheidet zwischen 5 verschiedenen Energietypen: Generator, Manifestierender Generator, Projektor, Manifestor und Reflektor. Jeder Human Design
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10 Universal Signs (Your Manifestation Is Coming) Curious about the signs that your manifestation is on its way? Wondering how to recognize the universe’s signals? In this video, discover the 10 universal signs that indicate your manifestation is approaching. Whether you’re manifesting love, success, or abundance, understanding these signs is crucial. From synchronicities to intuitive