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Beyond Fabric: Dive into the World of Energy Fashion

Petar Vojinovic

Published On June 23, 2024

Beyond Fabric: Dive into the World of Energy Fashion

Do you ever crave clothing that does more than just look good? What if your outfit could energize you, boost your confidence, and even promote well-being? This is the revolutionary world of Energy Fashion. Step inside and discover how high-frequency fabrics, spiritual ceremonies, and a touch of magic are transforming the way we dress!

When did you first know that being an Energy Fashion Designer was your calling and how did it come about?

After a decade in corporate London, where my career was financially rewarding but emotionally and spiritually draining, I realised I needed to pursue something that truly resonated with my soul. My calling became clear: I wanted to empower people around me. This epiphany gave birth to the concept of Energy Fashion.

Could you tell us more about Energy Fashion?

Energy Fashion is very new concept. We are proud to say that it is already changing the fashion industry while also serving as a powerful tool for mindfulness. Each piece is crafted with the intention to uplift and energise the wearer. We start by selecting high-frequency fabrics like linen, silk, and cotton. Our skilled artisans bless their hands before sewing, infusing each garment with positive energy. Mantras or/and affirmations are embroidered into the fabric, adding to its power. After completion, the clothing undergoes a sacred ceremony led by a certified Energy Master, who charges it with high frequencies and energies through sounds and chants. Finally, each garment comes with a “Letter from the Universe,” guiding the wearer on how to activate their magical attire with their own energy.

What is high-vibrational clothing and how is it made?

Energy is everything, therefore it is super important to keep it positive. Clothing is no exception! High-vibrational clothing, crafted from handmade, high-frequency fabrics, is a simple yet powerful way to enhance your daily life and well-being. These fabrics can cleanse a person’s biofield, elevate their vibrations, and even promote physical healing.

What is the main difference between regular everyday clothing and high-vibrational clothing?

High-vibrational clothing stands out due to the superior quality of materials, the mindful creation process, and the spiritual ceremonies involved. Unlike regular clothing, which often uses cheap, harmful fabrics like polyester and nylon, our clothing is designed to nurture both the body, the mind and the environment.

How is your clothing brand supporting women’s femininity and freedom?

Our brand was initially created to empower women, providing them with a secret tool for an extra boost in confidence, whether for a date, a job interview, or personal rejuvenation at home. Aligning their own energies is essential to embracing femininity and a liberated mind.

What do you love most about your profession?

I am admiring the beauty and innovation of this concept. It’s thrilling to see people’s eyes light up when they learn about Energy Fashion and how it can enhance their lives with beautiful, spiritually empowered garments. I love the creative process, merging fashion with spirituality and empowerment, and the endless discoveries that come with this pioneering journey.

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