Unlock the Power of Yemaya With Rituals, Prayers, Offerings & More

Yemaya, also known as Yemoja, is one of the most venerated Orishas in the Yoruba religion. She is the mother of all Orishas, the goddess of the living ocean, and a powerful protector and nurturer.

She is a benevolent deity and can help her devotees with many things, including money, love, pregnancy and protection from evil.

This guide will provide an in-depth look at Yemaya, including ways to connect with her, prayers, rituals, offerings, and much more.

How to Connect with Yemaya

Connecting with Yemaya involves creating a relationship based on respect, offerings, and consistent communication. Here are some detailed steps to establish a strong bond with this nurturing deity:

Create an Altar

  • Select a Space: Choose a quiet, dedicated spot in your home where you can set up an altar. This should be a place where you feel comfortable and can meditate or pray without interruptions.
  • Decorate with Symbols: Place items such as shells, images of the ocean, fish figures, and items in Yemaya’s colors (blue and white). Include a bowl of water, representing the sea.
  • Regular Maintenance: Keep the altar clean and change offerings regularly to show respect and care.

Daily Affirmations

  • Morning and Evening Rituals: Begin and end your day with affirmations to Yemaya. Speak words of gratitude, seek her guidance, and express your devotion.
  • Journaling: Write down your daily affirmations and reflections in a journal dedicated to your spiritual journey with Yemaya.

Visit Bodies of Water

  • Regular Visits: Make it a habit to visit the ocean, rivers, or lakes frequently. Spend time in quiet contemplation, listen to the sounds of water, and feel the presence of Yemaya.
  • Offerings: Offer flowers, fruits, or shells to the water as a token of your respect and gratitude. Ensure that these offerings are environmentally friendly and do not harm the ecosystem.

Yemaya Prayers

Prayers to Yemaya, just like prayers to Elegua and Obatala can be specific to your needs. Below are expanded prayers for different aspects of life:

Prayer for Money

  • Preparation: Light a blue or white candle and place it on your altar. Sit in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths to center yourself.
  • Invocation: “Divine Mother Yemaya, goddess of the vast and abundant ocean, I come before you with a humble heart. You who nurture and provide, I seek your blessings.”
  • Prayer: “O Yemaya, Mother of the Waters,
    I call upon you to bless me with abundance and prosperity.
    Just as your waves bring treasures to the shore,
    May your grace bring wealth and opportunities into my life.
    Guide me to make wise decisions,
    And let my efforts be rewarded.
  • Meditation: Spend a few moments visualizing waves of prosperity washing over you, filling your life with financial stability and success.

Prayer for Healing

  • Preparation: Place a bowl of water on your altar and light a white candle. Sit comfortably and breathe deeply.
  • Invocation: “Yemaya, nurturing mother of all, I call upon your healing powers. You who bring life and vitality, I seek your touch.”
  • Prayer: “Yemaya, healer of all wounds,
    Wash away my pain and restore my health.
    Let your cleansing waters flow through me,
    Removing all illness and bringing renewed strength.
    Embrace me in your protective waters,
    And grant me the vitality to thrive.
  • Meditation: Visualize the water in the bowl glowing with healing light. Imagine this light flowing into your body, healing every part that needs it.

Prayer for Protection

  • Preparation: Light a blue candle and place a piece of coral or a seashell on your altar. Sit quietly and focus on your breath.
  • Invocation: “Mighty Yemaya, guardian of the seas, I seek your protection. You who are strong and unyielding, shield me from harm.”
  • Prayer: “Yemaya, fierce protector,
    Surround me with your powerful waves.
    Guard me against all dangers,
    And keep me safe from harm.
    Let your strength be my shield,
    And your wisdom be my guide.
    Fill my life with peace and security.
  • Meditation: Visualize yourself enveloped in a protective bubble of Yemaya’s energy, strong and impenetrable, keeping you safe from all harm.

Prayer for Pregnancy

  • Preparation: Light a white candle and place a small bowl of milk on your altar. Sit comfortably and focus on your breath.
  • Invocation: “Yemaya, mother of all, I seek your blessings for new life. You who give birth to the world, bless me with fertility.”
  • Prayer: “Yemaya, goddess of creation,
    Bless me with the gift of life.
    Grant me fertility and a healthy pregnancy.
    Nurture the child within me,
    And ensure a safe and joyous birth.
    Let your loving waters support me,
    And bring new life into the world.
  • Meditation: Visualize Yemaya’s nurturing waters surrounding you and the child within, providing support and love throughout the pregnancy.

Prayer for Love

  • Preparation: Light a blue and a white candle and place a rose quartz crystal on your altar. Sit quietly and breathe deeply.
  • Invocation: “Yemaya, goddess of love and nurturing, I seek your blessings. You who foster deep connections, bring love into my life.”
  • Prayer: “Yemaya, queen of the sea,
    Bring love into my life.
    Help me to find a partner who respects and cherishes me,
    And let our love flow as freely as your waters.
    Strengthen the bonds of affection,
    And fill our hearts with joy and harmony.
  • Meditation: Visualize waves of love flowing towards you, bringing a loving and respectful partner into your life.

How to Pray to Yemaya

When praying to Yemaya, it’s important to be sincere and respectful. Here are some general ways to show your respect to this deity regardless of the purpose of your prayers:

Prepare a Sacred Space

  • Cleanse Your Area: Use sage, palo santo, or incense to cleanse your space of any negative energy.
  • Set Up Your Altar: Arrange your altar with symbols of Yemaya, such as shells, ocean images, blue and white candles, and a bowl of water.

Light a Candle

  • Choose the Right Candle: Use blue or white candles to represent her connection to water. Carve Yemaya’s name or symbols into the candle for added significance.
  • Focus on the Flame: As you light the candle, focus on the flame and feel the presence of Yemaya growing stronger.

Use an Offering

  • Select Appropriate Offerings: Offer items that resonate with Yemaya, such as fruits, flowers, rice, molasses, and shells. Place these on your altar or near a body of water.
  • Present the Offerings: As you place the offerings, speak your gratitude and intentions to Yemaya.

Speak from the Heart

  • Express Gratitude: Begin by thanking Yemaya for her presence and blessings in your life.
  • Make Your Requests: Clearly state what you are seeking from Yemaya. Whether it’s guidance, protection, healing, or another need, speak with sincerity and respect.

Conclude with “Ashe”

  • Seal Your Prayer: End your prayer with the word “Ashe,” which means “so be it” or “let it happen.” This affirms your intentions and seals your prayer.

How to Invoke Yemaya

Invoking Yemaya is similar to invoking Elegua and other Orishas. It involves calling upon her presence during rituals or in times of need with specific visualizations and in a ritualistically prepared setting. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Begin with a Cleansing

  • Physical Cleansing: Take a bath or shower to cleanse yourself physically before the ritual. Add sea salt or bath herbs associated with Yemaya.
  • Space Cleansing: Use sage, palo santo, or incense to cleanse your ritual space. Walk around the area, allowing the smoke to purify the space.

Set Up Your Altar

  • Sacred Items: Place offerings, symbols, and candles on your altar. Ensure that everything is clean and arranged with intention.
  • Personal Touches: Add personal items that resonate with your connection to Yemaya, such as photos, letters, or specific objects.

Chant Her Name

  • Mantras and Songs: Repeatedly chant “Yemaya” or sing traditional songs dedicated to her. The vibrations of your voice can help to summon her presence.
  • Rhythmic Chanting: Use a rhythmic pattern to enter a meditative state. This can be done with drumming, clapping, or using a rattle.


  • Visualization: Sit quietly and visualize the ocean. Imagine the waves, the sound of water, and feel the energy of Yemaya enveloping you.
  • Deep Breathing: Focus on your breath, taking slow and deep breaths. This helps to center your mind and connect more deeply with Yemaya’s energy.

Make Your Request

  • Clear Intentions: Clearly state your intentions and what you seek from Yemaya. Be specific and sincere in your request.
  • Offer Gratitude: Thank Yemaya for her presence and assistance, showing respect and appreciation for her guidance.

Yemaya Symbol

Yemaya’s symbols are deeply connected to the ocean and motherhood. Here’s an expanded look at her most common symbols and their meanings:

  • Shells: Particularly cowrie shells, which represent fertility, wealth, and protection. Shells are often used in divination and as decorative items on altars.
  • Fish: Symbolizing life, abundance, and nourishment. Fish are sacred to Yemaya, as they are her children and thrive in her domain.
  • Water: Representing her dominion over the ocean, water is a powerful symbol of Yemaya’s cleansing, healing, and nurturing abilities.
  • Moon: Yemaya is associated with the moon and its cycles, symbolizing femininity, intuition, and the ebb and flow of life.
  • Anchors: Symbolizing stability, grounding, and protection. Anchors represent Yemaya’s role as a stabilizing force in the lives of her followers.

Yemaya Offerings

Offerings to Yemaya should be thoughtful and resonate with her essence. Here are more details on suitable offerings:

  • Watermelon: A fruit that is both nourishing and hydrating, watermelon is a favorite offering to Yemaya. Its watery content and sweetness make it ideal for honoring the ocean goddess.
  • Molasses: Representing sweetness, abundance, and the nurturing aspect of Yemaya, molasses can be drizzled over other offerings or placed in a small dish on the altar.
  • White Flowers: Flowers such as lilies, roses, and orchids symbolize purity and beauty. They can be placed in a vase on the altar or offered directly to the water.
  • Coins: Coins, especially silver ones, are a traditional offering to Yemaya for wealth and prosperity. They can be placed in a bowl of water or offered at the water’s edge.
  • Rice: A staple food representing sustenance and abundance, rice can be placed in a bowl or sprinkled around the altar.

Yemaya Crystals

Certain crystals resonate with Yemaya’s energy and can be used in rituals and prayers. Here are some detailed descriptions of Yemaya’s crystals and their uses:

  • Aquamarine: Known for its calming properties, aquamarine connects with the energy of the ocean. It’s believed to bring peace, tranquility, and protection to its wearer.
  • Moonstone: Connected to the moon and feminine energies, moonstone enhances intuition, emotional balance, and fertility. It is often used in rituals to invoke Yemaya’s nurturing aspects.
  • Larimar: Often called the “Atlantis Stone,” larimar embodies the tranquil and healing energies of the sea. It promotes relaxation, clarity, and strength.
  • Selenite: Known for its purity and connection to the divine, selenite can help clear negative energies and enhance spiritual communication. It is a powerful stone for meditation and ritual work with Yemaya.

Yemaya Beach Ritual

Performing a beach ritual can help you connect deeply with Yemaya. Here’s a detailed guide to conducting a Yemaya beach ritual:

Choose a Time

  • Early Morning or Evening: The quiet and serene atmosphere of dawn or dusk is ideal for a beach ritual. The natural light at these times enhances the spiritual experience.
  • Full Moon: Performing the ritual during a full moon can amplify your intentions and strengthen your connection to Yemaya.

Gather Offerings

  • Fruits and Flowers: Bring fruits like watermelon and flowers like white lilies or roses.
  • Natural Items: Collect shells, stones, or other natural items to offer to Yemaya.

Create a Sacred Space

  • Draw a Circle: Use a stick or your finger to draw a circle in the sand, creating a sacred space for your ritual.
  • Arrange Offerings: Place your offerings inside the circle, arranging them thoughtfully and with intention.

Light Candles

  • Blue and White Candles: Use these colors to represent Yemaya. If it’s windy, consider using enclosed lanterns or LED candles.
  • Place Candles: Position the candles around your circle, creating a protective boundary.

Invoke Yemaya

  • Chant Her Name: Repeatedly chant “Yemaya” or sing traditional songs dedicated to her.
  • Speak Your Intentions: Clearly state your desires and what you seek from Yemaya. Speak with sincerity and respect.

Release Your Offerings

  • Offer to the Water: Gently place your offerings in the water, allowing the waves to carry them away. This symbolizes giving your requests to Yemaya and trusting in her guidance.

Yemaya Candle Ritual

A candle ritual is a powerful way to invoke Yemaya’s presence. Here’s a detailed guide to performing a Yemaya candle ritual:

Gather Supplies

  • Candles: Blue and white candles to represent Yemaya.
  • Offerings: Items such as shells, flowers, fruits, and crystals.
  • Matches or Lighter: To light the candles.

Cleanse the Space

  • Sage or Palo Santo: Use these to cleanse your ritual space, removing any negative energy.
  • Personal Cleansing: Wash your hands or take a bath with sea salt to purify yourself before the ritual.

Set Up the Altar

  • Arrange Items: Place candles, offerings, and symbols of Yemaya on your altar. Ensure everything is arranged with intention and care.
  • Light the Candles: Focus on your intentions as you light the blue and white candles, inviting Yemaya’s presence into your space.

Speak Your Prayers

  • Invoke Yemaya: Begin by calling upon Yemaya and expressing gratitude for her presence and guidance.
  • State Your Needs: Clearly articulate what you are seeking, whether it’s protection, healing, love, or another need. Speak from the heart and be sincere.


  • Focus on the Flame: Gaze at the candle flames and enter a meditative state. Visualize Yemaya’s energy surrounding you, bringing you peace and clarity.
  • Deep Breathing: Breathe deeply and steadily, allowing yourself to connect deeply with Yemaya’s presence.

Yemaya Full Moon Ritual

The full moon is a potent time to connect with Yemaya. Here’s an expanded guide to conducting a Yemaya full moon ritual:

Choose a Sacred Space

  • Outdoors Under the Moonlight: Perform the ritual outdoors where you can see and feel the moon’s energy. If this isn’t possible, choose a place with a clear view of the moon.
  • Quiet and Comfortable: Ensure the space is free from interruptions and comfortable for you to spend time in.

Prepare Offerings

  • Milk and Honey: Symbolizing nourishment and sweetness, these offerings are ideal for a full moon ritual.
  • Flowers and Fruits: White flowers and fruits like watermelon are also suitable offerings for Yemaya.

Light Candles

  • Blue and White Candles: Use these colors to represent Yemaya and the full moon’s energy.
  • Create a Circle: Arrange the candles in a circle around your offerings, creating a sacred boundary.

Invoke Yemaya

  • Chant Her Name: Repeatedly chant “Yemaya” or sing songs dedicated to her, drawing in her energy.
  • Speak Your Intentions: Clearly state your desires and what you seek from Yemaya. Be specific and sincere.

Make Your Requests

  • Full Moon Energy: Use the powerful energy of the full moon to amplify your intentions. Speak your desires clearly, asking Yemaya for her guidance and support.
  • Express Gratitude: Thank Yemaya for her presence and blessings, showing appreciation for her guidance and protection.


  • Moonlight Reflection: Spend time in quiet reflection, absorbing the moon’s light and Yemaya’s energy. Visualize your desires manifesting with the help of Yemaya’s power.
  • Deep Breathing: Breathe deeply, allowing yourself to connect with the serene and nurturing energy of Yemaya and the full moon.

Colors of Yemaya

Yemaya’s colors are deeply symbolic and play an important role in rituals and offerings:

  • Blue: Representing the ocean, tranquility, and depth. Use blue candles, cloths, and decorations in your rituals to invoke Yemaya’s presence.
  • White: Symbolizing purity, protection, and peace. Incorporate white items in your altar, offerings, and attire to connect with Yemaya’s nurturing and protective aspects.

Wearing these colors or incorporating them into your rituals can help strengthen your connection to Yemaya.

Yemaya Meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool to connect with Yemaya. Here’s an expanded guide to a Yemaya meditation:

Find a Quiet Space

  • Near Water: If possible, meditate near a body of water like the ocean, a river, or a lake. The natural sounds of water can enhance your connection to Yemaya.
  • Indoor Space: If you’re meditating indoors, create a serene environment with images of the ocean, shells, and blue and white candles.

Set Up Your Altar

  • Symbols of Yemaya: Place shells, ocean images, blue and white candles, and a bowl of water on your altar.
  • Comfortable Seating: Sit comfortably on a cushion or chair, ensuring you can maintain your posture for the duration of the meditation.

Light a Candle

  • Blue or White Candle: Light a candle in Yemaya’s colors, focusing on the flame as you begin your meditation.
  • Incense: Light incense with a calming scent, such as sandalwood or lavender, to enhance the atmosphere.


  • Ocean Imagery: Close your eyes and visualize yourself by the sea. Imagine the sound of waves, the smell of saltwater, and the feeling of the ocean breeze.
  • Yemaya’s Presence: Picture Yemaya emerging from the waves, her energy enveloping you in a protective and nurturing embrace.

Chant or Sing

  • Mantras: Use mantras or chants dedicated to Yemaya, such as “Yemaya Assesu” (a traditional Yoruba chant meaning “Yemaya, the rising waters”).
  • Songs: Sing songs that resonate with Yemaya’s energy, allowing the vibrations of your voice to deepen your connection.


  • Silent Reflection: Spend time in silence, absorbing the energy of Yemaya and reflecting on your intentions and desires.
  • Deep Breathing: Focus on your breath, taking slow, deep breaths to calm your mind and body. With each inhale, feel Yemaya’s energy filling you, and with each exhale, release any negativity or tension.

By integrating these practices into your spiritual routine, you can build a meaningful and powerful connection with Yemaya, the nurturing and protective mother of the seas. May her blessings flow into every aspect of your life. Ashe.

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