Invoke Lilith’s Favor: Beginner’s Guide to Lilith Prayers

As a practicing occultist, understanding and venerating the powerful and enigmatic Lilith can be both a profound and transformative experience. For beginners embarking on their journey into occultism, establishing a positive connection with Lilith is crucial. The prayers provided in this article serve as an excellent starting point for those seeking to invoke her presence and favor.

These prayers can be recited during simple offerings presented on an altar dedicated to Lilith, creating a direct line of communication with her. Additionally, they can be incorporated into more elaborate ceremonial rituals, enhancing their potency and deepening your spiritual practice. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned practitioner, these invocations offer a meaningful way to honor Lilith and invite her powerful energy into your life.

In a previous article I’ve shared information on how to summon Lilith, and now I present you with prayers that can also be utilized to tap into her different powers and attributes:

Prayer for Contacting a Succubus or Incubus

Hail Lilith, Mother of Demons, Queen of the Night,
Whose power and influence span the realms of shadow.
You who dwell in the depths of the Qliphoth,
Guide me in my quest to contact the spirits.
As the first to walk in defiance and power,
Lend me your strength to pierce the veil.
With your presence, I seek the succubi and incubi,
Ancient beings of desire and hidden wisdom.
May your dark light illuminate my path,
And your name open the gateways to the unseen.
Great Lilith, I honor you and ask for your aid,
In this sacred rite of invocation.
So mote it be.

Also be sure to read my article on how to summon a succubus/incubus.

Prayer for Demonic Attractiveness

O Lilith, Enchantress of the Night,
Bearer of unparalleled beauty and allure,
I call upon you to bestow upon me your irresistible charm.
From the deserts of Edom to the chambers of darkness,
Your allure captivates and commands.
Grant me the demonic attractiveness that you possess,
So that I may move with confidence and allure.
Let your essence infuse my being,
Drawing others to me with a magnetic force.
In your name, I seek to embody the power of seduction,
To enchant and captivate, as you do.
Hail Lilith, Queen of the Night,
Bless me with your eternal beauty.
So mote it be.

Prayer for Lilith’s Companionship in the Astral Realms

Lilith, Mistress of Dreams, Queen of the Astral,
I call upon you to join me in the realm of shadows.
In the stillness of the night, when the veil is thin,
Come to me as a lover and a guide.
With your ancient wisdom and enchanting presence,
Teach me the mysteries of love and desire.
In the dream state, be my companion,
Sharing your secrets and pleasures untold.
Together, we shall traverse the astral plane,
Bound by a connection deeper than mortal understanding.
Lilith, I invite you into my dreams,
To experience the depth of your love and passion.
Hail to you, eternal lover, spirit of the night.
So mote it be.

Prayer for Lilith’s Support on the Qliphothic LHP Path

Great Lilith, Dark Queen of the Qliphoth,
I stand at the threshold of Gamaliel, seeking your guidance.
In this realm of shadow and reflection,
Your presence is both a challenge and a beacon.
As I walk the initiatic path of the Qliphoth,
I invoke you to guide me through the darkness.
You who defied the bounds of Eden,
Show me the true nature of freedom and power.
In Gamaliel, the dark mirror of Yesod,
Help me confront and embrace my deepest desires.
Teach me the secrets of the night,
And the hidden wisdom of the underworld.
Lilith, I honor you as I undertake this sacred journey,
With your name upon my lips and your power in my heart.
So mote it be.

Read the following article to learn what the LHP entails and how it differs from the RHP.


Engaging with the ancient and formidable presence of Lilith through these prayers can significantly enrich your occult practice. Whether you are a beginner laying the groundwork for a strong spiritual connection or an experienced practitioner seeking to deepen your relationship with this powerful entity, these invocations offer a structured yet flexible approach.

Reciting these prayers while making offerings on an altar or as part of a more elaborate ceremonial ritual allows you to invite Lilith’s energy into your life, fostering empowerment, protection, and profound spiritual growth. Embrace these practices with respect and sincerity, and you will find yourself on a transformative path guided by Lilith’s ancient wisdom and strength.

If you’d like my personal assistance with summoning Lilith for faster and stronger effects, consider ordering a ritual through my Ritual for Hire service. See you on the other side!

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