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Discover the Hidden Potential: Crystals & Sound for Wholeness

Have you ever felt a deep curiosity about the power of crystals and sound healing? Perhaps you yearn to explore these practices but wonder how they work together.

Mystic Mag together with Penny King, founder of the Penny King Academy for Crystals & Sound, invites you on a journey of discovery. Inspired by her own healing journey, Penny shares her passion for these complementary modalities.

As the founder of the Penny King Academy for Crystals & Sound, what inspired you to create an academy specifically dedicated to crystals and sound, and how do these modalities complement each other in your teachings?

I founded the Penny King Academy of Crystals & Sound after being inspired by my own healing journey. 

During a time of ill health, I was drawn into the world of crystals and energy healing, which became essential to my recovery on all levels —physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I was fascinated by how these modalities worked alongside conventional medicine, each amplifying the other’s effects. Crystals and sound healing can each be powerful standalone practices. However, when combined, they create an even deeper, more enriching energetic experience.

My journey to wellness sparked a passion to share my experience and educate others on how the energy held within crystals and the vibrations of sound can enhance overall well-being and quality of life.

At my academy, I aim to integrate these modalities seamlessly, demonstrating how they can complement and amplify each other, offering a holistic approach to healing that nurtures the mind, body, and soul.

In the curriculum of the academy, how do you approach educating students about the properties and uses of crystals, and what role does sound play in enhancing the learning experience or healing potential for individuals?

All of my courses and workshops are very hands-on and practical. I believe it is essential for students to experience and feel the energy and vibrations of different crystals and to explore various ways of working with them. I create a safe and supportive space for my students to release whatever they need to at that moment. 

My approach is very fluid; no two courses are ever the same because everyone has a unique learning style and needs. While my courses have a fundamental structure, the exact content is tailored to the group I am teaching.

To support their learning, students receive a manual to take home, which they can refer to after the course. And of course, I am always available to answer any queries they may have after the sessions.

During my own learning journey, I discovered that sound could deepen the experience significantly. Sound, whether from the voice, instruments, clapping, or everyday music, is all about vibration. These vibrations can shift the energy around and within us, complementing the healing properties of crystals and taking the overall experience to a more profound level.

As an educator, what unique aspects or methodologies does the Penny King Academy employ to ensure that students not only acquire knowledge but also develop a deep and experiential understanding of crystals and sound healing practices?

Every course and workshop is designed to be highly interactive and hands-on. Whether a student is a beginner simply experiencing the energy of holding a crystal for the first time or working with a partner to deliver and receive a full crystal or sound healing session, the emphasis is on practical, experiential learning.

I believe it is crucial for students to feel the different effects and sensations first-hand. This helps them better understand and relate to what their clients might experience during a session. This approach not only deepens their understanding but also builds their confidence in using these healing practices.

I also feel it is important to emphasize that not all experiences will be euphoric. It’s perfectly normal to cry, to feel a range of emotions, or even to not feel anything at all. Embracing and accepting this is essential for their personal growth and their ability to support others on their healing journey.

By providing a safe, supportive environment where students can explore, feel, and learn, I ensure they develop a profound, personal connection to the practices of crystal and sound healing.

Can you share a success story or testimonial from a student who underwent training at the Penny King Academy and applied their knowledge effectively in either personal or professional settings?

I’ve had the privilege of working with many students who first came to me as clients during difficult times in their lives, seeking help on emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual levels. Through our sessions, they experienced profound healing and decided to delve deeper into the modalities we practiced. Many of these students began their journey of learning with me, starting with crystal healing and eventually exploring sound healing and other energetic practices.

Over time, they too have become practitioners and teachers, using their newfound knowledge to help others. Their personal transformations have been truly inspiring, and they have gone on to touch many lives with their ever-growing expertise. Witnessing how my students evolve and expand their understanding, always striving to pass on the knowledge and healing they’ve received, has been incredibly rewarding.

We never stop learning and growing; we just keep evolving.

Testimonial attached – see separate attachment

In the context of crystals and sound, how does the academy foster a sense of community and collaboration among students, creating a supportive environment for learning and growth?

I hold monthly Open House events for anyone interested in energetic healing, not just students. These gatherings provide a welcoming space for all to come together, share their experiences, ask questions, and engage in various activities. We create crystal grids, deliver meditations, try out new crystal layouts, and experiment with sound instruments. The atmosphere is one of mutual support and learning, where everyone is encouraged to explore and grow together.

I hold the energetic space and am available to guide and assist as needed, but the direction of the day is determined by those who join. You might find a meditation session happening in one room, someone offering healing in another, or a group engaged in a book discussion. Additionally, there is the opportunity to purchase crystals from my large collection, not all of which is available online. These events create a supportive environment where students and participants can connect, collaborate, and continue their journeys of learning and healing together.

I also love to keep in touch with my community through social media. It’s the perfect way to share updates, insights, and inspiration, and to maintain the connections we build during our events and courses. Through my social media channels, we stay connected, support each other, and I share crystals from my collection—often quicker than I can get them online. Sometimes they sell out before I have a chance to put them on the website.

Considering the evolving landscape of holistic education, how does the Penny King Academy stay current with advancements in crystal and sound healing practices, and how is this reflected in the academy’s curriculum and teaching methodologies?

As I mentioned earlier, we never stop learning. Whether it’s through courses I attend to further my own knowledge and experiences, or through events that occur during the classes I teach, we are constantly evolving. There’s always a new way of doing things or something new to add to the mix.

Our curriculum evolves along with us. I continually introduce new topics and adapt existing ones. Some courses and workshops can now be offered partially online, allowing me to reach more people across the country and the world. However, I emphasize “partially” because I am very passionate about having my students physically present in the room for that hands-on experience.

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