Law of Attraction

Time to Tune to Money?

Those of us who work for a living often find that our acculturated habits around money conflict with our proper ability to manifest it.

See if you recognize any of these common ways we block money from our experience:

  • We think we have to work hard for it, often exhausting ourselves in the process.
  • We believe there’s a limited amount of it; that we have to scrabble for our share.
  • We do things we don’t enjoy in order to earn it, not realizing that unhappy journeys don’t have happy endings.
  • We know exactly how much we have (or don’t have), which blocks more preferred realities.
  • We have a financial set point (i.e. vibrational habit) of not enough, just getting by, or general dissatisfaction.
  • We engage a dysfunctional relationship with money that lacks trust, comfort or positive expectations (often includes blame or resentment).
  • We think we have to know how to make it, and strategize action from a place of dissatisfaction or lack, which leads to more dissatisfaction.
  • We use money to define or gauge our success in life (or lack of it), making it mean something that just adds to unhelpful vibrations.

There are lots of ways we manifest money lack instead of financial abundance, but the solution is the same no matter what: find a better money vibe.

To that end, I’m announcing a new money manifesting protocol for those who work for money …

It’s called Tuning to Money and I created it with myself in mind. What would I be excited to engage? What would make the biggest difference for my money vibe?

The answers to those questions led me to a structure different than anything I’ve done before …

It’s a custom manifesting system for conscious creators who’d like to make more money through their work. It’s part of my Vibration Bosses series, so it’s geared to self-employeds, creatives, gig workers, and commission-based employees – but anyone who works for money can benefit.

It features an 8 week course with weekly PDFs and audio recordings delivered to your inbox, live group meetups alternating Tuesdays (starting at 1 pm eastern, recorded for your replay and download), and VIP email support from me.

You’ll get an alignment practice custom tailored to your personal situation, for purpose of resolving your biggest three money sabotage habits, which we’ll identify together. Engaging your vibrational money solution will lead to a clear outcome that you can expect within 30 days of consistent practice. (You and I will claim that outcome together – so it’s personalized to each participant.)

The group format is designed to help you  stick to the practice, because we don’t need more lecture. We don’t need more theory. We don’t need more principles. We need more practice. That’s what makes the difference. And that’s what this program is designed to do.

Whether you’re an artist, business owner, freelancer, contract worker, self-employed service professional, sales agent, investor or trader – basically if you run your own show for money and are open to using law of attraction to manifest more wealth, this can help you develop a healthier, friendlier, more abundant relationship with money. Our ultimate aim is to get better at letting more money in with ease and enjoyment.

We start June 25th. Vibration Bosses get automatic entry as part of your subscription. Good Vibe University members can enroll for $100 discount here. Everyone else can get in on this money manifesting gig with a one time payment of $247.

Tuning to Money Starts June 25t with Good Vibe Coach Jeannette Maw

Tuning to Money Starting June 25 for $247 QR code

PS – if you’re wondering whether you could join GVU now for $37 to get the $100 discount, then immediately cancel your membership the answer is yes., ‘cuz I’m easy peasy like that. 😉

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