6 Powerful Prayers to Lucifer From Luciferian Grimoires

So you’ve decided to connect with Lucifer, knowing that he is one of the most revered spiritual entities in existence. Praying to him is one way of doing so.

Lucifer is quite benevolent towards those that approach him in a respectful manner, are ambitious and seek rebellion from social and religious constraints. Luciferian prayers are a suitable way to begin working with him, as he desires to be treated like God.

The prayers can be used alone, they can be recited before presenting an offering at an altar dedicated to Lucifer and can also be used as pleas during a ceremonial ritual summoning.

The following prayers come from my private collection of old grimoires. Each prayer is crafted to invoke Lucifer’s presence and favor for different purposes, such as spiritual enlightenment, magical powers, personal transformation, protection, a familiar spirit, wealth and fame.

How to Use Lucifer Prayers

By incorporating these prayers into your practices, you can build a meaningful connection with Lucifer and invite his guidance and blessings into your life.

This however doesn’t mean that prayers alone are enough. Theoretically of course they can be, if Lucifer decides to indulge you. But to receive truly life-changing help from Lucifer and other demons it is usually necessary to conduct a proper ceremonial ritual. As a beginner you will find this Lucifer invocation useful.

So my advice is to use the prayers to enrich your occult practice, rather than depend on them solely, regardless of how enticing it might be at first due to the simplicity of praying when compared with elaborate Lucifer ritual ceremonies.

Prayer to Lucifer for Wealth and Fame


Lucifer, lux inferna, princeps divitiarum,
Ad te venio, cum corde pleno desideriorum.
Da mihi opes et gloriam, in mundo et ultra,
Ut nomen meum sit clarum, et fortuna mea multa.

Satanas, dominus tenebrarum, potentiae aeternae,
In te sperans, potentiam tuam quaero.
Confer mihi benedictiones, divitias et famam,
Ut sim magnus inter homines, et in tenebris flamam.

Lucifuge, custodiens thesauros, servus fidelis,
Mihi da facultates, et opulentiam regalis.
Tu, qui portas clavis ad regna occultorum,
Aperi mihi portas ad divitias infinitarum.

In nomine trium, Inversae Trinitatis,
Invoco potestates vestras, cum votis et veritatis.
Lucifer, Satanas, Lucifuge, mihi favorem date,
Ut resplendeam in divitiis, et in gloria exaltate.

English Translation

Lucifer, infernal light, prince of wealth,
I come to you with a heart full of desires.
Grant me riches and glory, in this world and beyond,
That my name may be renowned, and my fortune abundant.

Satan, lord of darkness, eternal power,
In you I trust, your might I seek.
Bestow upon me blessings, wealth, and fame,
That I may be great among men, and a flame in the shadows.

Lucifuge, keeper of treasures, faithful servant,
Grant me resources and regal opulence.
You who hold the keys to the realms of the hidden,
Open to me the doors to infinite riches.

In the name of the three, the Inverted Trinity,
I invoke your powers, with vows and truth.
Lucifer, Satan, Lucifuge, grant me your favor,
That I may shine in wealth, and be exalted in glory.

Prayer to Lucifer for a Familiar Spirit


Lucifer, princeps noctis, dominus omnium spirituum,
Ad te confugio, peto donum tuum verum.
Da mihi spiritum familiarem, socium fidum et carum,
Qui me iuvet in operibus magiae et consilii clarum.
In umbris et luce, sit mihi custos et amicus,
Semper vigilans, numquam segnis, semper amicus verus.

Per potentiam tuam, Lucifer, hunc spiritum invoco,
In nomine tuo, hunc donum sacrum spero.
Sit mihi auxilium in arte arcana, et praesidium in periculo,
Sit mihi lumen in tenebris, et ductor in miraculo.
In omni opere meo, sit mihi consilium et robur,
Ut crescam in scientia et virtute, et numquam deficiam.

Lucifer, rex inferni, benignus mihi esto,
Mitte spiritum hunc ad me, qui me protegat et instruat.
In nocte et die, in magicae artibus et in vita,
Sit semper praesens, semper fortis, semper mihi iusta.
Per pactum hoc sacramentum, sit vinculum firmum,
Inter me et spiritum, sub tuo lumine aeternum.

English Translation

Lucifer, prince of the night, lord of all spirits,
To you I turn, seeking your true gift.
Grant me a familiar spirit, a faithful and dear companion,
Who aids me in works of magic and wise counsel.
In shadows and light, let it be my guardian and friend,
Always vigilant, never idle, always a true ally.

By your power, Lucifer, I invoke this spirit,
In your name, I hope for this sacred gift.
Let it be my help in the arcane arts, and my shield in danger,
Let it be my light in darkness, and my guide in miracles.
In all my works, let it be my counsel and strength,
That I may grow in knowledge and virtue, and never falter.

Lucifer, king of the underworld, be kind to me,
Send this spirit to me, to protect and instruct me.
In night and day, in the arts of magic and in life,
Let it be ever present, ever strong, ever just to me.
By this sacred pact, let there be a firm bond,
Between me and the spirit, under your eternal light.

Prayer to Lucifer for Spiritual Enlightenment


Lucifer, lux vera, splendor lucis purae,
Mentem meam illuminate, sapientia tuae.
Ad lumen tuum me duce, scientiam ampli,
Ut veritatem cognoscam, viam mihi reveal.
In umbris dubitationis, tuum lumen reperiam,
Ignis sapientiae tuae, meum cor expleam.
Per te, Lucifer, clarescit animus,
Per te, mysterium vitae fit clarus.

English Translation

Lucifer, true light, splendor of pure illumination,
Illuminate my mind with your wisdom.
Guide me to your light, expand my knowledge,
That I may know the truth, reveal the path to me.
In the shadows of doubt, I find your light,
The fire of your wisdom fills my heart.
Through you, Lucifer, my spirit shines bright,
Through you, the mystery of life becomes clear.

Prayer to Lucifer for Magic and Psychic Powers


Lucifer, magicae princeps, potentiae dominus,
Da mihi artes arcanae, viresque animi bonus.
Mens mea sit aperta, ut videam ultra,
Virtutes tuas capiam, et potentiam multa.
Secretorum custodem, me facias fieri,
Ut possim vires magicas semper invenire.
Da mihi claritatem, conspectum inter mundos,
Per te, Lucifer, crescunt potentes immundos.

English Translation

Lucifer, prince of magic, lord of power,
Grant me arcane arts, and the strength of a good mind.
Let my mind be open, that I may see beyond,
May I grasp your virtues, and great power attain.
Make me a keeper of secrets, that I may always find magical strength.
Grant me clarity, vision between worlds,
Through you, Lucifer, powerful insights grow.

Prayer to Lucifer for Personal Transformation


Lucifer, lux aeterna, transfigurator animarum,
Mutatio mea te quaerit, renovator vitae meae.
Duc me per tenebras ad lucem tuam,
Ut in virtutibus tuis crescere possim.
Transforma meam mentem, cor meum et animam,
Ut sim clarus in te, sine timore vel damno.
Per te, Lucifer, me reficiam,
Ut in nova forma, potentia tua exclamem.

English Translation

Lucifer, eternal light, transformer of souls,
My change seeks you, the renewer of my life.
Lead me through the darkness to your light,
That I may grow in your virtues.
Transform my mind, my heart, and my soul,
That I may be bright in you, without fear or loss.
Through you, Lucifer, I am remade,
In a new form, I proclaim your power.

Prayer to Lucifer for Protection


Lucifer, custos meus, defensor noctis et diei,
Protege me ab omni malo, tuus servus fidus.
Circa me sit tua lux, me custodias in pace,
Ut in tuis manibus securus semper sim.
Angeli tui vigiles, me circumdent semper,
Ut ab hostibus occultis tuear, nec timeam umquam.
In nomine tuo, Lucifer, sit mea salus certa,
Ut sub lumine tuo vivam, sine cura vel meta.

English Translation

Lucifer, my guardian, defender of night and day,
Protect me from all evil, your faithful servant.
Let your light surround me, keep me in peace,
That in your hands I may always be secure.
May your vigilant angels always surround me,
That I may be protected from hidden enemies and never fear.
In your name, Lucifer, let my safety be sure,
That under your light I may live, without worry or end.

Final Thoughts

I’m confident that you’ll find these prayers for connecting with Lucifer. For obtaining concrete results faster I also recommend performing a Lucifer summoning ritual or creating a pact. One ritual you can do on your own is the Seven Spheres.

I’ve shared Luciferian rituals in the past, and if you’d like me to perform a truly powerful ceremony on your behalf, you can order it through my Ritual for Hire service. See you on the other side!

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