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Finding Balance: Dr. Suzanne S Joy Stuart’s approach to Holistic Healing

In the newest edition of MysticMag interviews, we explore the fascinating journey of Dr. Suzanne S Joy Stuart, PhD ND CTH CHT MTI LMT D.Min, whose deep connection with nature and early experiences with holistic practices shaped her path in holistic healing. Dr. Stuart reveals how her intuitive approach and diverse therapies help individuals reconnect with their inner physician and achieve profound wellness.

How did you get into Holistic Healing and what drew you to it?

It all started in my childhood when I refused to take medication like cherry cough syrup and things of that nature. I was very close to nature as a child and did very unique things. I even ate grass back then. It just seemed to make sense to me. I would say that it was my attitude and the way I grew up that led me down this path.

I always had a strong desire for my own health. I always ate better than my brothers did, whether it was conscious or not. I also got into exercising at the age of 8 when my mom was doing it and started going to the health club with her or my dad. Being holistic and connected to nature was just rooted in me, unlike anybody else in my family.

What are the main principles behind your work?

My logo is Prevent ~ Reverse ~ Cure You. The physician is within us and most health issues begin in the mind and in the emotions. We think about things, and if we don’t work them out, it’s going to show up in the body as a disease. That’s why most health problems become contagious from the mind and the emotions and literally transform the weakest parts of our body, which are also connected to other parts of it. For example, if someone is really emotional and is really feeling an emotion, their nose will turn red. That nose is a replication of the heart. We can all see this happening to older people, especially older men, where they’ll have broken blood vessels on the nose, which indicate serious heart problems.

All parts of our body are in coordination with its other parts. Nature/God provided us with the potential awareness so that we could connect with ourselves and heal ourselves. This can be very helpful to people who pay attention. However, the problem is that most people neglect or don’t pay attention to the messages from their body, and or don’t respect themselves. They often think less of themselves or they’re living in a world of fear and worry. Fear is the opposite of love, thus in order to be healthier you must begin liking and loving yourself. This is important because you’re useless to another person if you’re not taking care of yourself. It all goes back to the person being their own physician. You are unique. There are no two people who are identical, not even twins are identical. Every individual person is different, and everybody can heal and reverse most maladies. You simply must take action because a thought alone is not action

What does it mean to be a Wellness Health Intuitive?

As a Wellness Health Intuitive, I listen and receive insight from within, be it God, the angels, the spirit guides, the higher soul self, or whatever anybody believes in. It’s not religious per se, it is a part of you, I, and all of us. As an intuitive, I am listening and receiving answers and guidance, for greater insight and direction. I may appear as in a meditative state with my eyes open or closed while performing the intuitive and empathic scan regarding the health and wellness of the person. During the scan and while receiving insight and messages, I may pause to engage with the person pertaining to a particular health concern. If it’s something really serious, I will never tell them what I believe the issue is. Instead, I will give them directions to see another doctor/health care professional. The reason I abstain from a set-in-stone diagnosis is because what happens if I’m wrong and I planted a seed by accident? That would be terrible because some people will believe it, run with it, own it, and make it happen through their thoughts of worry and fear even if it wasn’t true they believe it and manifest IT. The thought creates the feeling and worried feelings create the belief of IT.  Effect Causes Affect

Either during intuitive and empathic scan of the patient’s whole body or the scan of each concerned area of the body, I then share with the patient all my received messages and insight.  For example, I might say “I sense or I am receiving or seeing that you have an issue with your (specific organs and areas of the body) thyroid.” Then I would discuss the possible health imbalance details with the patient and make suggestions, either during for possible solutions and what they can do about it.

It’s really about being clear and having clarity of insight. I know how to listen and I know when I’m getting those messages from God, the universe, the angels, guides, or the illuminated-ones. I know that they’re present and I’m really comfortable at intuitively receiving that energy and information. Please know that we all have these tools and can do what I do. We all have this God-given gift. We were all born geniuses. It’s what we do with our life and our beliefs.

 What specific therapy services and modalities do you use?

As mentioned, I’m currently redesigning my health services by merging and blending my spiritual soul programs. As a naturopath doctor, a holistic nutritionist, and a therapist, my patients are provided with specific personalized health wellness guidance. Also, I embrace and utilize various life-long spiritual and soul experiences. My parents were aware of my abilities, yet I abstained from any discussions until my teen years. Experiencing the premonitions, psychic abilities, and being out-of-body, and intuitively aware of these essences and energies was simply part of my life. I believed and comfortably felt all the messages I was receiving were and are pure love and light of God, angels, and blessed greater magnificent energies. I chose and will continue to flow with and from the light rather than any of the darkside. Yes, I am aware of the alternative, darkness. I know it’s there, I’m aware of it, yet I remain in the pure love and light from God’s energy sources. This is present in all the modalities and services that I provide to my patients and clients. 

As a holistic health and wellness professional, my naturopathic approaches are focused on you, the patient. Listening to your story with your words and emotions plus what you would love regarding your wellness and what you would love provides the expansion for a deep-dive getting to the root cause(s) of your health condition(s).  An intuitive scan is another process that might be applied to some people. Today, many doctors are only focused on pharmaceuticals, X-rays, and lab testing rather than providing time to listen to what the patient knows and feels, which could potentially enhance the doctors’ insight into their patients’ health concerns.

A physician who would recognize that nature is a primary source of health and well-being or recognize nature’s grand manifestation of healing remedies. Everything we need is already available. The presence of interactions with and in nature can and will prove prodigious in numerous healing ways. A doctor who is open-minded about receiving wisdom from nature will also become a more genuine, caring physician. The healing is in the understanding, the awareness, the listening, the caring, and the understanding that each patient is an individual and unidentical to any other patient  As naturopaths, that’s what most of us do. We all must listen to our patients and clients. All health care professionals work differently, this is beautiful and unique. We must always, in all ways, know that listening to our patients is crucial.

During a session, I provide the patient with guidance and solutions specifically to meet their healing needs and assist with reducing or eliminating their ailment. Always, I remind the patient that they are responsible for adhering to the suggestions, remedies, and overall guidance to attain positive results. Many people ask me, “Do you have a list of foods I should and shouldn’t eat?” My response is, “No. Instead, I provide each patient with what they need for their transformation to prevent, reverse, or cure it.

I prepare for each session intuitively, so I have already begun working on a patient from the moment I schedule the appointment. I’m thinking about them, what energies I’m receiving, insight about them, etc. This allows us to have a better session when we get together and to see what direction they could go in.

In addition to counseling and lab tests, we provide Kinesiology, Myofascial Release Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Massage Therapy services including sports massage, pain and trauma, Swedish, relaxation, Deep Tissue, and the Mind Body cellular memory, which I created in 1988.

In the spiritual approach, I’m engaging in totality with the client, determining where they are with their higher self-awareness, understanding, and knowing the process of listening to their higher self-soul. The focus is on their ability to activate their spiritual awareness and transformation, which motivates and catapults them to further know how they may gain the wisdom within themselves to attain a much-improved life. The spiritual and soul guidance programs consist of guided consultations and/or potential additional processes: astrology, numerology, dream interpretation, Akashic past life reading, and various additional techniques or sessions that may further benefit the client.

Most people pay attention to their ego, the trickster, rather than listening to their soul. The soul-2-soul personal reading for the client is when my soul connects directly with their soul. This process is hugely prodigious as it provides the client with insight messages from their soul, receiving accurate present and near future messages. If we misunderstand how to listen to our soul and instead listen to our ego, we create  Effect causing Affect. This process is similar to when your thoughts and emotions can and will trigger health issues within your body. Your wellness, positive or negative issues, are triggered by your thoughts and feelings; thus, most thoughts and emotions, especially when they are negative, become restrained or dwelled upon, thus potentially never released, which will eventually activate and create unhealthy problems within your body.

What can people expect from a Soul Wellness Counseling session with you?

Soul/Spiritual Counseling and Health Wellness Counseling are uniquely different approaches when I am guiding or providing solutions and awareness for a patient or client’s personal growth and eventual transformation.

Many expect me to listen and give them the answer straight up, but it’s not always cut and dry like that. People are used to medical doctors coming in, seeing the patient for 10–15 minutes, receiving a prescription, lab testing, advice to have an MRI, etc. My approach is considerably different. When I visit with a patient, they truly desire to improve their health and prefer natural solutions and remedies. Patients who adhere to their personalized guidance usually receive improvement or a positive reversal of the ailment. The patients must take action to certainly achieve their desired goal from their self-induced illnesses like type 2 diabetes, skin problems, HBP, belly bloat digestion, elimination disorders, bone and joint pain, and even elimination of tumors and cysts, and yes, many auto-immune ailments and cancer, plus various other illnesses or discomfort.

One of my specialties is cancer and autoimmune diseases. Many cancer patients have gone into remission, including stage IV. These people chose to focus on all the dietary guidelines and additional wellness instructions to achieve their success. You must do the work and follow the details to eventually transform. Sadly, two patients passed because they weren’t doing the work. They did try to get back in, but they were in worse condition. I always guide the patient and avoid any derogatory actions or negative conversations. We begin where you’re at and move forward. My cancer patients and I are communicating as needed. I check in with them to understand how they are and to provide guidance and additional suggestions on their healing journey. I’m here for you. I encourage them to remain focused and never fall off the wagon.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers that we haven’t covered?

Most people who are engaged in the health and wellness field are caring and giving. It doesn’t matter what branch they’re in; they’re all compassionate and considerate, especially when they are concerned enough to ask questions and truly listen to the patient or client. I believe that listening to you is essential. I believe that the biggest problem we’re all facing is the overwhelming amount of available information on the internet, yet we must sift through and discern what is truly beneficial for each of us. You deserve to receive insightful, knowledgeable guidance and directions that benefit you personally. However, there’s so much information that what solutions may prove prodigious for one person may instead be unsuccessful for someone else. You are unique, and no two people are identical (even identical twins are not 100% identical).

To learn more about Dr Suzanne and her work, you can visit

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