Ronove: How to Summon the Demonic Master of Tongues

Who is Ronove?

Ronove is a demon of significant influence within the hierarchy of Hell, classified as a Marquis and Earl. He commands twenty legions of spirits and is renowned for his abilities to enhance rhetoric and impart knowledge of tongues, making him a valuable ally for those seeking to improve their communication skills and learn new languages.

Often depicted as a monster holding a staff, Ronove embodies wisdom and eloquence. Magicians seek him out for his ability to make them more persuasive speakers and effective communicators. Some of my clients asked me to summon Ronove because they have fear of public speaking and had to hold an important speech.

Additionally, due to his ability to provide understanding and mastery of foreign languages, he is an essential demon for those involved in diplomacy, academia, or any field requiring advanced linguistic abilities.

Sigil of Ronove

The sigil of Ronove is a unique symbol that can be used to summon and invoke his presence. It should also be placed on an altar, should you decide to dedicate one to him.

Here is an illustration of Ronove’s sigil:

Ronove’s Description in Ars Goetia

Ronove is listed as the twenty-seventh spirit in this influential grimoire. The text describes him as a Marquis and Earl who commands twenty legions of spirits.

Ronove is known for his ability to teach rhetoric and languages, making him a sought-after demon for those seeking intellectual and communicative enhancement.

He is visually depicted as a monstrous figure holding a staff, symbolizing his authority and wisdom. His appearance, though intimidating, is indicative of his vast knowledge and the power he wields.

Powers and Abilities

The grimoire highlights several key powers and abilities of Ronove:

  • Rhetorical Skills: Ronove can significantly improve a practitioner’s ability to speak persuasively and articulately.
  • Knowledge of Languages: He grants the ability to learn and master foreign languages quickly. Coupled with the enhancement of general rhetorical ability, it means that speaking a foreign language will also come much easier than if left to one’s own devices.
  • Wisdom: Ronove provides general wisdom and enhances intellectual capabilities, helping practitioners think more clearly and make better decisions.
  • Obtain Favors from Friends and Foes
  • Good Familiars: Ronove can provide lesser spirits to assist the magician with specific minute tasks, such as influencing specific people, obtaining favors etc.

These attributes make Ronove a valuable ally for those seeking to improve their communication skills, intellectual prowess and social status.

Ronove Ritual for Enhanced Rhetorics and Language Acquisition

Summoning Ronove requires careful preparation and adherence to specific ritualistic protocols. The following detailed instructions outline a summoning ritual to enhance your rhetorical abilities and language learning capabilities.

This ritual includes the use of a magic circle, a triangle of manifestation, corresponding crystals, candles, incense, an athame, summoning incantations, movements around the circle and triangle, and visualization techniques that are required. This is a modified version of a ritual discovered in a 17th century Latin manuscript.

Items Needed:

  1. Sigil of Ronove drawn on high-quality parchment
  2. White and yellow candles (to symbolize clarity and intellect)
  3. Incense (frankincense or sandalwood)
  4. Athame (ritual dagger)
  5. Crystals (blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, fluorite)
  6. A black mirror for scrying
  7. Chalk or salt to draw the magic circle and triangle of manifestation
  8. A compass to properly orient the ritual space
  9. Ritual robe in red, black or gold
  10. A bell or chime to mark the beginning and end of the ritual
  11. Bowl of water for purification


  1. Choose the Location: Select a quiet, undisturbed location, preferably outdoors. Cleanse the area with sage or other purifying herbs to start.
  2. Set Up the Altar: Place the altar at the center of the ritual space. Arrange the items on the altar: the sigil of Ronove, candles, the black mirror, the crystals, and the bowl of water. Light the incense and candles.
  3. Draw the Magic Circle: Use chalk or salt to draw a large circle around the ritual space. Ensure it is large enough to move around comfortably.
  4. Draw the Triangle of Manifestation: Outside the circle, draw the triangle of manifestation with the apex pointing towards the north. Place the sigil of Ronove inside the triangle.

The Ritual:

Step 1: Purification and Grounding

  1. Purify the Space: Stand at the center of the circle and hold the bowl of water. Sprinkle water around the perimeter of the circle, saying: “Per aquam purifico hoc spatium. (By water, I purify this space.)”
  2. Ground Yourself: Stand still, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Visualize roots growing from your feet into the earth, grounding you and connecting you with the energies of the earth.

Step 2: Casting the Circle

  1. Cast the Circle: Hold the athame and walk clockwise around the circle, saying: “Circulum hoc sacrum tracio ad protegendum et adducendum potentiam. (I trace this sacred circle for protection and to draw power.)”

Step 3: Calling the Quarters

  1. East (Air): Face the east and say: “Spiriti Orientis, custodes aeris, invoco vos ad benedicendum hoc spatium cum claritate et communicatione. (Spirits of the East, guardians of air, I call upon you to bless this space with clarity and communication.)”
  2. South (Fire): Face the south and say: “Spiriti Meridiei, custodes ignis, invoco vos ad benedicendum hoc spatium cum passione et energia. (Spirits of the South, guardians of fire, I call upon you to bless this space with passion and energy.)”
  3. West (Water): Face the west and say: “Spiriti Occidentis, custodes aquae, invoco vos ad benedicendum hoc spatium cum intuitione et sapientia. (Spirits of the West, guardians of water, I call upon you to bless this space with intuition and wisdom.)”
  4. North (Earth): Face the north and say: “Spiriti Septentrionis, custodes terrae, invoco vos ad benedicendum hoc spatium cum stabilitate et firmitate. (Spirits of the North, guardians of earth, I call upon you to bless this space with stability and firmness.)”

Step 4: Summoning Ronove

  1. Light the Candles: Light the white and yellow candles on the altar.
  2. Initial Incantation: Stand facing the triangle of manifestation and hold the athame over the sigil of Ronove. Say: “Ronove, Magne Marquese et Comes, te invoco ut ades in hoc spatio sacro. Quaero sapientiam tuam, ductum tuum, et auxilium tuum in arte rhetorica et linguarum. (Ronove, Great Marquis and Earl, I invoke you to be present in this sacred space. I seek your wisdom, guidance, and assistance in the art of rhetoric and languages.)”
  3. Activate the Crystals: Place the crystals (blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, fluorite) around the triangle of manifestation, saying: “Crystalli sapientiae et communicationis, energiam meam et Ronovei coniunctam fortificate. (Crystals of wisdom and communication, strengthen the combined energies of myself and Ronove.)”

Step 5: Movement and Visualization

  1. Movement Around the Circle: Walk clockwise around the circle three times, each time stopping at the east and raising the athame, saying: “Ronove, magister eloquentiae et linguarum, te invoco. (Ronove, master of eloquence and languages, I invoke you.)”
  2. Visualize Channeling Energy: Stand facing the triangle of manifestation. Visualize a beam of light emanating from the triangle, flowing into your third eye and heart. See the energy infusing your mind with Ronove’s powers and attributes.

Step 6: Invocation and Communication

  1. Scrying with the Black Mirror: Hold the black mirror and gaze into its depths. Visualize Ronove appearing within the mirror. When you sense his presence, say: “Ronove, concede mihi eloquentiam verborum et facultatem linguas discendi. (Ronove, grant me the eloquence of words and the ability to learn languages.)”
  2. Receive Insights: Remain open to any thoughts, images, or feelings that arise. Use a notebook to record any insights or messages you receive.

Step 7: Closing the Ritual

  1. Thank Ronove: Once you have completed your communication, thank Ronove for his presence and assistance: “Gratias tibi ago, Ronove, pro sapientia tua et auxilio tuo. Recede in pace et redeas ad regnum tuum. (Thank you, Ronove, for your wisdom and assistance. Depart in peace and return to your realm.)”
  2. Dismiss the Quarters: Release the elemental guardians, thanking each one:
    • North (Earth): “Spiriti Septentrionis, gratias vobis ago. Recedite in pace. (Spirits of the North, thank you for your presence. Depart in peace.)”
    • West (Water): “Spiriti Occidentis, gratias vobis ago. Recedite in pace. (Spirits of the West, thank you for your presence. Depart in peace.)”
    • South (Fire): “Spiriti Meridiei, gratias vobis ago. Recedite in pace. (Spirits of the South, thank you for your presence. Depart in peace.)”
    • East (Air): “Spiriti Orientis, gratias vobis ago. Recedite in pace. (Spirits of the East, thank you for your presence. Depart in peace.)”
  3. Close the Circle: Use the athame to symbolically cut the circle, releasing the protective boundary: “Hic circulus apertus est, sed non disruptus. Pax et potestas huius spatii maneant mecum. Sic fiat. (This circle is open but unbroken. May the peace and power of this space remain with me. So mote it be.)”
  4. Extinguish the Candles: Carefully extinguish the candles, symbolizing the end of the ritual.

Attunement to Demon Ronove

Attuning to Ronove involves aligning your energies with his, fostering a deeper and more effective connection. Here are some practices to help you attune to Ronove:

  1. Meditation: Regular meditation focused on Ronove’s sigil and enn can help you align your energy with his.
  2. Elemental Alignment: Engage in rituals and practices that involve the element of Air. This could include breathing exercises, spending time in open environments, high grounds, and using air-related elements in your magical practice.
  3. Study and Practice: Immerse yourself in the study of rhetoric, languages, and intellectual pursuits. You should be passionate about that which you wish to obtain from Ronove.
  4. Offerings and Devotion: Show your devotion through consistent practice and respect for his teachings and guidance, and presenting offerings if you decide to create a home altar. Building a relationship over time helps strengthen the attunement.

Learn more about using demonic sigils for attunements.

Ronove’s Planetary Correspondence

Ronove is associated with the planet Mercury. Mercury’s influence aligns with Ronove’s attributes of communication, intellect, and learning. Known as the planet of communication and intellect, Mercury’s energy enhances Ronove’s abilities to teach rhetoric and languages.

Mercury’s Influence

In astrology, Mercury is associated with communication, intellect, and quick thinking. These characteristics resonate deeply with Ronove’s nature, making Mercury an ideal planetary association.

  • Communication: Mercury’s energy enhances verbal and written communication skills, mirroring Ronove’s ability to improve rhetoric.
  • Intellect: Mercury governs the intellect and learning, reflecting Ronove’s capacity to impart knowledge and wisdom.
  • Speed: Mercury’s quick and agile nature supports the rapid acquisition of new languages and rhetorical skills.

Practical Application

When working with Ronove, invoking the energy of Mercury can help to tap into these expansive qualities. This can be particularly useful for practitioners seeking to improve their communication skills or learn new languages.

Aligning rituals with Mercury’s influence, such as conducting them on Wednesdays (Mercury’s day) or during Mercury’s hours, can enhance the effectiveness of your work with Ronove.

Ronove’s Metal

The metal associated with Ronove is mercury (quicksilver), which is traditionally linked to the planet Mercury. Mercury’s properties resonate with the energies of communication, intellect, and fluidity that Mercury embodies.

Mercury’s Properties

Mercury is a liquid metal at room temperature, known for its fluidity and reflective properties. In alchemical traditions, mercury represents transformation and adaptability.

  • Fluidity: Mercury’s fluid nature symbolizes the adaptability and flexibility required for mastering new languages and rhetorical skills.
  • Reflection: Mercury’s reflective properties align with the introspective and intellectual enhancement that Ronove provides.

Practical Application

Incorporating mercury into your rituals can help strengthen your connection to Ronove. However, due to its toxic nature, it is advised to use symbolic representations of mercury, such as images or objects with a reflective surface.

This can serve as a powerful talisman, enhancing your alignment with Ronove’s energies and the communicative influence of Mercury. Additionally, using mirrors or reflective surfaces in your rituals can amplify the connection to Ronove and his attributes.

Finding a direct substitute can be tricky. One alternative that is closest to it is gallium. Gold has also been used by some practitioners.

Element of Ronove

Ronove’s primary element is Air, which symbolizes communication, intellect, and learning. Air’s light and expansive nature reflects Ronove’s ability to enhance rhetorical skills and impart knowledge of tongues.

Air’s Influence

The element of Air is associated with mental clarity, intellectual pursuits, and communication. So working with the element of Air can enhance your connection to Ronove. Incorporate air-related elements into your rituals, such as using feathers, incense, or wind chimes.

Engaging in breathing exercises or meditations focused on the breath can also help you align with the element of Air and clear your mind.

Lastly, perform rituals and meditations dedicated to Ronove in open, airy environments that are abundant in this element.

Astrological Sign Assigned With Ronove

Ronove is often associated with the astrological sign Gemini. Gemini’s communicative, intellectual, and adaptable nature resonates deeply with Ronove’s attributes.

Practitioners working with Ronove can benefit from Gemini’s energy by incorporating it into their rituals and daily practices. Here are some ways to harness Gemini’s influence:

  • Timing: Conduct rituals during the Gemini phase of the moon or when the sun is in Gemini to enhance your connection to Ronove.
  • Astrological Correspondences: Use Gemini-related correspondences, such as colors (yellow, light blue), herbs (lavender, dill), and stones (agate, citrine), in your rituals to strengthen the alignment with Ronove.

Suitable Offerings to Ronove

When working with Ronove, offerings can help establish a respectful and potent connection. Suitable offerings include:

  • Written Dedications: Personal writings or dedications can show your commitment and respect.
  • Books and Texts: Offer books or texts related to rhetoric, languages, or intellectual pursuits to honor Ronove’s attributes and seek his guidance in these areas.
  • Crystals: Stones such as blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, and fluorite resonate with Ronove’s attributes of communication and intellect.
  • Herbs and Incense: Lavender, rosemary, and frankincense can be offered to enhance the connection and purify the space.

Practical Application

Offerings should be presented with reverence and intention. Place them on an altar dedicated to Ronove or in a space where you perform your rituals. Here are some ideas for integrating offerings into your practice:

  • Altar Setup: Arrange the offerings on your altar, ensuring they are clean and presented in an orderly manner. Light incense to purify the space and create a sacred atmosphere.
  • Dedication Rituals: Write personal dedications or intentions on parchment and place them on the altar. These writings can outline your goals, express gratitude, or seek guidance from Ronove.
  • Herbal Offerings: Burn herbs such as lavender, rosemary, and frankincense as offerings during your rituals. The smoke from these herbs can carry your intentions to Ronove and purify the ritual space.
  • Crystal Offerings: Place crystals associated with communication and intellect on your altar. These stones can enhance the energy of the space and strengthen your connection to Ronove.

Relation and Symbiosis with Other Demons

Ronove has symbiotic relationships with other demons, especially those within the Goetia. Understanding these relationships can enhance your practice and provide additional layers of support and insight. Notable connections include:

  • Paimon: Known for his deep esoteric knowledge and teaching abilities, Paimon can work alongside Ronove to provide a comprehensive understanding of complex subjects and enhance intellectual pursuits.
  • Marbas: A demon of knowledge and mechanics, Marbas can complement Ronove’s linguistic and rhetorical skills with technical and practical knowledge, turning you into a truly formidable intellectual force.
  • Furcas: Arguably my favorite among demons of knowledge to summon for enhancing reading and memory retention. While Ronove’s specialty is linguistics, Furcas can help with acquiring any sorts of bookish knowledge, and reading faster and more efficiently. This is why he’s especially a useful demon for students that need to remember a lot of information for exams.

Practical Application

Collaborating with these demons can create a powerful network of support and knowledge. Here are some ways to integrate their influences into your practice with Ronove:

  • Joint Rituals: Consider invoking Paimon, Furcas or Marbas alongside Ronove during your rituals to enhance specific aspects of your practice. For example, invoke Paimon for esoteric knowledge, Marbas for practical skills, and Furcas for faster reading and memory retention.
  • Combined Offerings: Create combined offerings that honor multiple demons that you summon.
  • Focused Meditations: Meditate on the sigils of Ronove and his allied demons, visualizing their combined energies enhancing your practice. This can help you attune to their collective influence and amplify your magical work. When creating this type of ritual for a client, I create a single, unique sigil that contains the powers of all three, for the client’s convenience.

By understanding and utilizing the symbiotic relationships between Ronove and these powerful demons, practitioners can achieve even better, more comprehensive results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Ronove help with learning new languages? A: Yes, Ronove is known for his ability to impart knowledge of tongues, helping practitioners learn and master foreign languages quickly and efficiently.

Q: What are the risks of summoning Ronove? A: The risks are minimal if the ritual is performed correctly and respectfully. The main danger is having too many summoned demons active at once and working on diverse goals. This is especially true if they have not been properly calibrated to focus only on their specific domain. If you plan on summoning more than three demons for diverse purposes, consider hiring me to do it on your behalf in order to avoid any mishaps.

Q: Can beginners summon Ronove? A: You can certainly try it for yourself, there is no harm in doing so. Or you can start slowly, with meditation on his enn and sigil, and slowly build up your connection. For faster results it’s better to have a trained ceremonial magician perform the ritual on your behalf. You can refer to my ritual for hire service if this interests you.

Q: What offerings are suitable for Ronove? A: Suitable offerings for Ronove include written dedications, books or texts related to rhetoric and languages, crystals such as blue lace agate and lapis lazuli, and herbs like lavender and rosemary.

Q: How does Ronove appear during a summoning? A: Ronove typically appears as a monstrous figure holding a staff. His presence may also be felt as a shift in the atmosphere or a strong intuitive feeling.

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