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Embracing a ‘Feeling World’ with Sara Griffiths, Founder of The Universal Soul Company

Katarina Todorovic


Published On June 06, 2024

Embracing a 'Feeling World' with Sara Griffiths, Founder of The Universal Soul Company

In a world that often prioritizes logic and efficiency over emotions and creativity, Sara Griffiths, Founder of The Universal Soul Company, is on a mission to transform how we perceive and express our inner selves. Through her work as a spiritual mentor and holistic communications coach, Sara champions the concept of a ‘Feeling World’—a place where everyone, not just those in creative fields, can authentically express who they are. She believes that by acknowledging and nurturing our intrinsic creativity and emotional experiences, we can foster a more compassionate and connected society. In this exclusive Mystic Mag‘s interview, Sara shares her journey, the philosophy behind The Universal Soul Company, and her vision for a world where curiosity and openness about our human experience are celebrated.

What inspired you to found The Universal Soul Company, and how does its mission resonate with your personal values?

I believe we are all Spiritual beings having a physical moment – not the other way around. I had done quite a lot of inner work myself. I was interested therefore how this sat alongside the outer physical lures of the world we live in. How we could love and enjoy all the beautiful “things” the world has to offer, without the guilt or associated over worthiness that can come from spiritual work. I think these things have to be integrated. I love beautiful things and buildings and architecture and objects – so it’s our relationship to them that shifts and becomes without guilt when we see ourselves in the right relationship to them.

In a world increasingly dominated by technology and social media, how do you see The Universal Soul Company contributing to a more balanced and connected human experience?

I think we often worry that all the tech will take over. When in actual fact I feel, of anything, it is teaching us how to be human again. In Spite of all the connectivity that social media can bring, it is never the same or can replace the sense of redl, in person connection. Likewise, whilst A.I. is incredibly clever and capable, it does not have the 5 sense we have to elicit it’s responses from – so to that end, it shows us just how incredibly unique we are.

“The senses being the gateway to our feelings and our feelings the language of our souls”

What type of services do you offer?

We have beautiful fragrance products – all non-toxic, vegan and with pure essential oils .

I started with the sense of smell as the olfactory system is the only sense that’s fully developed at birth. It also has a direct link to the limbic system, so is incredibly powerful in what we experience as a result.

We have merchandise for our customers who identify with the way of being in the world and who to share it.

Our ‘Expect Miracles’ collection has beautiful organic cotton t-shirts with ‘Expect Miracles’ vertically down the back in silver – a great way to leave a room! It suggests we might ‘Expect’ miracles from our benevolent, immensely intelligent Universe, rather than simply ‘hope’ for them – which somehow implies a lack of faith in it!

We also have a beautiful pendant in this collection which again pledges our mindset to bring about maximum positivity and ‘miracles’ in our lives. It is the logo of the company – interlocking hearts,  which show unity and connection – it can also look aerially as if angel wings in silhouette. It has a post that hangs down the back saying ‘Expect Miracles’.

I offer 1-1 Soul Sessions online, or in person with myself when possible. I am a qualified Spiritual Mentor and Coach – with the only vocational qualification on the Ofqual register in Spirituality and Well-Being. Many people use these to simply have a conversation around their beliefs or spirituality. Or they are becoming more aware of this element in themselves so are looking to develop a practice to strengthen and develop their connection. Some people simply find life here very challenging and it helps them to unpack issues that lead to anxiety and stress and learn new ways to approach life.

Everyone’s journey is different but it can really help to have a safe space to share, be heard and learn. I am setting up a weekly program where people can come together to rebalance and reset a positive mindset for the week ahead. Please just reach out on the email below if they’re interested in working with me either through a 1-1 Soul Session or to join the group when we start, and I can send them details: [email protected]

Embracing vulnerability and authenticity is at the core of your brand. How do you encourage others to cultivate these qualities in their own lives?

“Your Soul Knows the way!” We have to find a way to cultivate a level of trust in something beyond ourselves that can then ground and facilitate us doing the work we need to do to unfold. We have all we need to do it inside us.

Our company poem explains this…

The world can be very noisy and distracting, so we have to start by finding a way to be STILL inside – hence the name of our signature fragrance.

What role do you see emotional intelligence playing in personal growth and societal well-being, and how does The Universal Soul Company promote its development?

As with any ‘quality’ or ‘ability’, it is like a muscle – it needs to be cultivated, worked with and strengthened. As our senses provoke ‘feeling’ this can often be a way in to start connecting to our emotions.

Many people – as a natural reaction to difficult feeling situations, learn very early in life that it isn’t safe to feel – it’s painful – so little by little they shut down as an entirely intelligent response to keeping themselves safe.

So by the time we’re adults it’s an even harder thing to do. But ultimately feelings have a way of wanting to be honored or heard – so they can return in any number of ways.

Learning it’s ok to feel – no matter the feeling – (but obviously we prefer the “good or nice” ones) – is crucial. And learning to be able to sit with whatever comes up – but this requires a really safe or supportive space to do this in – which we may not have had when we needed it most as children – so it can be unfamiliar, scary and challenging. Being human isn’t easy! The Universal Soul Company talks about ’sharing the experience of being human’ – so this means inside and out. All facets.

We also live at a time where we’re increasingly defined by our differences. Whilst this can give us a sense of identity it can also be very polarizing – look at all the wars and issues in the work currently – and make us feel very separate. This sense of separation is the greatest challenge we face as human beings relative to our well-being.

The Universal Soul Company is a lifestyle brand where acknowledgement of our inner and outer worlds come together.

As the founder, what challenges have you faced in aligning your business goals with your spiritual beliefs, and how have you navigated them?

Products are helpful because they are physical and tangible! They provide an excuse to dive into these things. Talking about feelings and beliefs and spirit and energy is more complex, as whilst many of us experience it, it is less ’tangible. So it’s a wonderful challenge.

Life is short and goes fast. Having one foot more in the ‘spiritual’ – whatever that may mean to each individual – and the definitions can be broad – but I see it as ultimately what connects us to the magic and wonder of the world which we all experience at key times in life –  ‘beyond our literal day to day’  – has to be something that connects us all and will ultimately help us have a greater sense of well-being whilst we’re here and then transition more graciously when either we are no longer here or the people we love – which surely has to be the greatest challenge for everyone.

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