Exposing Fake, AI Generated Demonology Websites

A warning for my readers, as you’ll surely stumble upon it – the website called arsgoetiademons(.com) is almost entirely AI generated with INACCURATE information about demons.

The fact that it is AI generated wouldn’t bother me so much if it were ACCURATE information. But it is clearly not. They are just copy-pasting whatever ChatGPT generates for them. The planetary, elemental and other associations are entirely wrong. You can easily compare them with the actual associations provided in Ars Goetia (TLKoS) if you possess the grimoire.

They get the powers and attributes wrong. The ritual instructions are idiotically similar, basic and superficial in every article. There is no value to be found in their texts, and applying it can only be detrimental to any practitioner engaged in demonic magick.

The website emerged a few months ago, and they’ve been generating content with the speed of light in order to rank high on Google and do a quick cash grab.

Occultist.net and other demonology websites that have been around for a long time are genuine. We might differ on some beliefs and practices due to our personal experiences, but these are typically genuine writings of enthusiasts, scholars and seasoned practitioners.

On the other hand, websites created after the rise of AI writing programs like ChatGPT are almost all fake and should be ignored, at least in this space.

I’ve personally used ChatGPT to generate text for a couple of articles that are purely informative, but have made sure to remove inaccuracies and add what was missing. ChatGPT is also useful for creating digital art. So there is a place for AI, but if used lazily it creates pure trash.

Google is doing a terrible job with the search rankings at the moment, rewarding quantity over quality. Its algorithm is simply unable to detect and punish AI content. This lack of care and ability is exploited by bad actors that have no idea about the subject, but are more than willing to let ChatGPT do the work, present the text as genuine and sell an info product alongside it.

The more you know..

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