Month: February 2024

MysticMag has the pleasure of chatting with Valerie Voner, founder and principal of New England Institute of Reflexology and Universal Studies. Valerie has dedicated most of her life to integrative practices. She offers approved continuing education in massage, reflexology, reiki, and yoga. Valerie has previously served as the Coordinator of the Cape Cod Community College
Embark on a journey into the realm of holistic healing with Kimberly June, whose path was ignited by her journey from clinical hypnotherapy to unlocking hidden capacities within. Delve into her unique blend of therapies, from Transpersonal Psychotherapy to Soul Tapping, as she shares insights into her transformative work and the profound healing it brings.
Acharya Shri Vidyasagar ji Maharaj (10 October 1946 – 18 February 2024) was an Indian Digambara Jain Acharya (Digambar Jain Monk).  He was praised for his academic achievements and tappingasya (austerity). He was well-known for his lengthy hours of meditation.  Although he was born in Karnataka and also took Diksha (undertook religious regimens) during his
Delve into the remarkable journey of Madhu Anziani, where a life-changing injury led to an extraordinary awakening in the realms of healing and mysticism. From paralysis to profound spiritual insights, Madhu shares the transformative path that propelled him into the world of divination, ancestral healing, and holistic mentorship. MysticMag has the pleasure. What can you
Discover the transformative journey of Renée Davenport, an Integrated Wellness Practitioner based in Los Angeles, CA, as she shares her profound insights and holistic approach to healing in this exclusive interview with MysticMag. From overcoming chronic pain and rediscovering vitality to blending ancient traditions with modern modalities, Renée’s story offers a beacon of hope and
Illustration via 99designs “You can’t be busy and frenetic and bouncing off the walls with 100 projects if you’re obsessed about doing something really well.” — Cal Newport Cal Newport is a professor of computer science at Georgetown University, where he is also a founding member of the Center for Digital Ethics. In addition to
There is a vast body of Arabic corpus on occultism that deals with the jinn. There are hundreds of magical works and manuscripts containing different spells and conjurations. This is the reality of a tradition that has spanned thousands of years. Despite this the information about the mighty father of all jinn is scarce and
Intrigued by ancient Chinese historical dramas, Mylinh Tran‘s journey into acupuncture and energy medicine was ignited during a study abroad program in Beijing. Through her extensive training and profound experiences, she discovered her true calling in helping others restore balance and harmony in their lives through a holistic approach to wellness. Today, Mylinh offers a
Seth or Set, known in ancient Egyptian religion as the god of chaos, deserts, storms, and disorder, plays a complex role within the pantheon. Unlike his fellow deities who often embody more harmonious aspects of existence, Seth represents necessary chaos, embodying the force of change as well as protection against external chaos. His narrative is
Discover the transformative world of Reiki and energy healing with Donna McDine, the founder of Energy of Serenity. Through her unique journey and dedication to holistic wellness, Donna shares her insights on the power of Reiki and the profound benefits of her healing sessions and training classes. Learn more in her exclusive MysticMag interview below.
The concept of the Qareen has been present in various forms across different cultures and belief systems. In the Islamic tradition, the Qareen is often described as a personal companion or double, associated with a person from his birth to death. The term “Qareen” is derived from Arabic and means “companion” or “counterpart.” In Western
Isis, the Egyptian goddess of magic, motherhood, and fertility, stands as a testament to the resilience, love, and wisdom that were revered in ancient Egyptian culture. Her worship transcended borders, making her one of the most universally venerated deities in the ancient world. Isis’ mythology is rich with themes of devotion, cleverness, and power. She
In the bustling landscape of holistic healing, one name shines brightly amidst the myriad stars—Paty Hernandez, the visionary founder of Mariposas Holistic Healing. With a kaleidoscope of titles including Stress Release Expert, International Speaker, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW, MSW), Paty’s journey is a tapestry of wisdom, compassion, and profound transformation. From the heartaches
Can’t wait to embark on the captivating journey of Damn Reincarnation? Wondering where and how you can read Damn Reincarnation online? Look no further, for we have the answers you seek, dear reader. Reading Damn Reincarnation online is as simple as a click away. You have two options at your disposal: Option 1: Official Translation
In Arabic, Iblis or Iblees originates from the root balasa, translating to “despaired”. Known alternatively as Al-Shaytan, a term across various languages such as Syriac and Greek that conveys the notion of an “adversary” or “enemy”, this powerful being also goes by the title Abu Al-Murrah, meaning “Father of Bitterness”. Iblis emerged from a lineage