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8/8 PORTAL 🪬 BREAK FREE FROM MATRIX 12000Hz 888Hz 13Hz THIRD EYE Activation Frequency Music

Powerful Meditation Music to Unlock Your Third Eye Power, The Ajna Chakra, Brow, or third eye chakra, is the sixth primary chakra in the body according to Hindu tradition and signifies the subconscious mind, the direct link to Brahman. 12000Hz 888Hz 13Hz Alpha Frequency to Activate your Third eye.
The third eye refers to the gate that leads to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. In spirituality, the third eye often symbolises a state of enlightenment.
The Third Eye Chakra is located between the eyebrows, at the centre of your head. While the two physical eyes see the past and the present, the third eye reveals insight into the future. This chakra establishes a connection with the external world through inner vision. Focusing on the third eye motivates us to move beyond worldly desire and distractions. When the Ajna Chakra is awakened, it increases consciousness and transcends to a higher realm.
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💫 About This Music
☯ 12000 Hz Higher Power, Kundalini Energy, Keely
☯ 888 Hz Spirituality, Infinite Possibilities, Angelic
☯ 444 Hz Change, Grounding, Angelic
☯ 45 Hz 7th Schumann Resonance, Gamma
☯ 13 Hz Third Eye, Visualisation Conceptualisation, Alpha
☯ 8 Hz Pineal Gland, Theta Manifestation, Brain Sync

☯ Follow your own intuition
☯ Listen while meditating or sleeping (Seating or Lying down)
☯ Listen to 15 min minimum daily for 7 Days minimum
☯ Best listened to with reasonable Headphones or Earbuds
☯ Observe your breath naturally to become mindless
☯ After mindless you will reach the Flow State (Soul State)
☯ Let Yourself Go

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