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8 8 Lions Gate Portal. Must manifest for this is Huge .

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Lions Gate for abundance peaks on 8th August. This is the best time for manifesting and also connecting with your higher self. A flux of cosmic energy thats not normally available to us is flowing now. This portal will be there till 12th August.
You can bring your manifestations to work specially during this time.
Tips to work with during this time
1.Drink more water
2.Chant, do breath work and hum and activate your cells, DNA
3. walk barefoot on the earth
4. Limit Caffeine, alcohol
5. try detox
6. Your sleeping patterns may change .
7. use crystals like Clear quartz, Amethyst and Larimar to activate your higher chakras .

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WHO is Dr Neeti Kaushik?

Dr. Neeti Kaushik, an experienced educationist for 35 years, has transitioned into a digital creator and entrepreneur. Specializing in personal and spiritual growth, she offers practices like meditation, chakras, astrology, numerology, manifestation techniques, vision boards, crystal guidance, moon meditation, healing practices, and emotional empowerment. Join her for a transformative journey towards self-improvement.

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