Law of Attraction

Reducing Our Mixed Signals

TLDR: Give a good vibrational instruction, then let it ride. Stop contradicting it by reactivating the problem.

As a conscious creator, you might be familiar with this routine … where we give a good instruction to Universe by aligning with our desire in some way, and then we contradict it. So Universe gets mixed signals from us because we vacillate between activating the frequency of our desire with the frequency of our contrast.

Maybe you’ll recognize some of the ways we contradict our aligned instruction:

  1. Feeling anxious till it manifests
  2. Doubting it will work
  3. Ruminating on or revisiting the contrast/problem (replaying it)
  4. Trying to solve it ourselves (still in the vibration of the problem)
  5. Talking to others or listening to others
  6. Feeling bad in general (for any other reason)
  7. Taking score too soon

Many of these routines are common, even in savvy LOA circles. (I mean, I’m good at this – and I’ve done every one of those contra-indicators –  this week!)

Here’s what works better:

First: Feel your feelings fully so you’re complete with it before you try to feel better. Actually, feeling your feelings IS a way of feeling better. It’s a legit step in the vibration management process. (But it’s hard to think positive when we’ve got lingering unprocessed stuff inside. It’s not only okay to – it’s essential to – feel that stuff fully or we’ll trip over it constantly as we try to navigate our vibrational way to the solution.

Second: Stick to your story. Remember what you’re calling in. Harness your focus in helpful ways. Don’t let gremlins seduce you back into stress or drama.

Third: Keep your nose out of Universe’s business. Let it do its thing. It KNOWS how to deliver the goods. It has solutions up its sleeves. It’s got moves you never dreamt of! It knows things you don’t know. So let the universal wheels turn on your behalf while you keep your spell power strong by turning attention to what’s going right, what you prefer, how it feels to have what you want, etc. etc. (whatever your favorite alignment method is).

This is your invitation to let your spells be powerful. Let them do their work without you contradicting them with kinky vibes!

A lot of people think this manifesting stuff doesn’t work, but it’s working all day every day – we just don’t realize how many contradictory spells we’re casting on ourselves and our lives! Clean it up a little and you’ll get the kind of traction that inspires you to get even better at this focusing routine. 🙂

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