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Paint a Picture Tarot with Gypsy Valentine

Meet Gypsy Valentine from Mirror Moonology, a gifted Psychic Medium and Twin Flame guide based in Ontario, OR, with a clientele base coast to coast in the US. Through her “Paint a Picture Tarot” technique, she creates unique, detailed readings using multiple decks to tell a personalized story for each client. Learn more about the range of services she offers and other aspects of her work in the newest MysticMag interview!

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and share a few details about yourself?

My name is Gypsy Valentine, owner of Mirror Moonology est 2019. I’m a Psychic Medium and Twin Flame guide.

Currently, I reside in Ontario, OR, and serve my local community all the way to Boise, ID selling handmade jewelry, body oils, perfumes, intention candles and so many other amazing products that have helped launch my tarot career. Many of the local events and art shows I attend allow me to publicly read tarot and how I’ve gained a following and achieved my list of reviews on social media platforms like Facebook.

All of my tarot sessions are done through virtual platforms with a clientele base coast to coast in the US.

What is the “Paint a Picture Tarot” technique?

Paint a picture Tarot includes using up to 3 different decks with no specific spreads involved. It allows spirit to work through my hands to line up multiple cards stacked on and around each other to form a platform where I can read a detailed story forming a larger picture.

The combinations of different decks I use in the reading tell many different stories, almost like a jigsaw puzzle that is unique to each individual client.

As a Psychic Medium, what sets you apart from other Psychic Mediums?

What really sets me apart from other Psychic Mediums is my compassion to work with my clients regularly to relieve any blockages or obstacles that may keep them from moving forward in troubled areas of their life.

I provide many tools that aid in self-care, recovery, coping skills to relieve anxiety, and even homework or to-do lists that are catered to each client’s needs for continued growth long after our sessions are over.

Can you tell me a bit about your work as a Twin Flame Guide?

As a Twin Flame guide, I assist in divine partnerships. This is a divine lovers’ relationship, a past life connection that appears “out of this world” or even “extraterrestrial.”

I work with the client to understand signs and synchronicities that keep leading them back to this connection and the spiritual ascension it comes with. I challenge clients to work with their shadow selves to clear past life debt and karma that encourages great results, not just in their love life but overall confidence in their career and enhanced quality of life.

What other services do you offer?

My targeted audience is addicts in recovery and domestic violence victims, but not limited. A safe place to feel understood and elevate to a higher level in your recovery journey.

Other services with tarot sessions include assisted cord cuttings and long-distance Reiki. As a Tanran Reiki Master, this allows me to energetically access my clients and see where specific blockages have occurred related to trauma.

As a medium, I can aid in communication with a past on loved ones to help ease grief. I also do Negative Entity/Djinn removal and House Clearings. An online store of my products has not been launched on my website yet, however, I am able to customize and create magical tools and candles to assist clients with any needs regarding the removal of hex, jinx, and curse energies.

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