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Cosmic Revelations Unveiled – with Caitlin McGarry

In a world teeming with uncertainties and hidden truths, there are those gifted individuals who possess a remarkable ability to traverse the cosmic realms, decoding the enigmatic language of the universe. Among these extraordinary souls stands Caitlin McGarry, a luminary in the realms of tarot reading, astrology, and psychic insight. With an unwavering connection to the celestial energies and a deep-rooted passion for unraveling the unknown, Caitlin has carved a unique path, guiding seekers towards illumination and self-discovery. Embarking on a voyage through the realms of the mystical and the metaphysical, we delve into the captivating world of Caitlin McGarry, where tarot cards, astrological charts, and intuition converge to unlock the hidden truths that shape our destinies. Join Mystic Mag, as we explore the multifaceted gifts of this intuitive guru and learn how she empowers others to embrace their true selves, embrace the cosmos, and find solace in the ever-unfolding tapestry of existence.

As a tarot reader, astrologist, and psychic, how do you approach the different modalities and combine them to provide insightful readings for your clients?

Since I’m currently working internationally, one thing I frequently do for people is creating recordings. Given the time differences, I started making these recordings, and they have been greatly appreciated by the recipients.

Before and during each reading, I inform them about the current transits that might be affecting them. Additionally, as Tarot cards have Astrology integrated into them, we discuss astrology throughout the session. Essentially, everything is interconnected with these modalities, and I enjoy demonstrating these connections and sharing important information with them.

While I don’t typically read human design for clients, I do take it into consideration for certain clients, especially during in-person readings. I combine all these elements for each reading, and the psychic aspect emerges when it’s meant to, when the universe delivers messages to me. I would describe myself as a more natural reader and not someone who employs smoke and mirrors or wears a turban all the time, although I may do so occasionally.

The psychic insights come to me when my guides and the clients’ guides want to communicate something. It happens spontaneously and feels natural to me. With my Scorpio sun and rising, and numerous placements in the 12th house, I feel a strong connection to other dimensions and the psychic realm. Often, these insights manifest in my dreams, and I have experienced many instances where my dreams have come true and I’ve made accurate predictions.

Can you share a particularly memorable experience where your tarot reading, astrological insights, and psychic abilities came together to provide profound guidance for someone?

What really keeps me going is the fact that I have such amazing clients with whom I have built beautiful relationships over the past 12 years. They keep coming back to me because I have a track record of making accurate predictions for them. I give readings to clients on various frequencies – some twice a month, others once a week, every six months, or even once a year. During each new reading, we review the previous ones, and they often share how certain events I predicted actually unfolded. Tarot and all the other modalities I use are ultimately about helping people, and I am grateful to experience this quite often.

Recently, I had a client who wanted to sell a property within a two-month timeframe. She had many significant things going on in her life, including selling the property and considering the success of that endeavor. I guided her through the process, and she ended up purchasing another property as well. It was a very successful and fulfilling experience that we shared together.

Another client came to me with a strong connection to her own spirit guides. The message she received during her reading was to ask for a sign from the universe. She shared with me the signs she used, one of which was an orange star – she asked to see an orange star as a confirmation to say yes to a particular decision, alongside the tarot. When we discuss signs, we delve into the Major Arcana, especially the judgment card, and I encourage my clients to connect with their own spirit guides or spiritual teams. Astonishingly, she found an actual orange, sparkly star on the ground, which she interpreted as a powerful sign, solidifying her decision.

These are just some examples of what has happened in the past month, and I could share many more. Tarot is an incredibly profound and genuine tool. It never ceases to amaze me how it can align so accurately for people, including myself, even after years of practicing. Witnessing my predictions come true always gives me chills, and it happens consistently.

What type of services do you offer?

I work with the mind, body, and spirit, offering Tarot readings in various formats. My readings range from a mini version of a recording to phone call sessions or virtual zoom readings, lasting from 30 minutes to an hour. Additionally, I read at events, although these days, I primarily focus on the events that I curate for myself, as I used to do many events in New York.

My services can be provided for individuals or groups, and lately, I have been doing more retreats. Living on a beautiful island has attracted people who seek retreats and want to connect with themselves.

In addition to Tarot, I also practice Reiki, where I connect with and rebalance people’s chakras and energies. Reiki is a powerful tool for energy healing.

Teaching bodywork and Pilates is another aspect of what I do. I am trained in both apparatus and mat Pilates. I find all these modalities to be essential for everyone, particularly in moving energy throughout the body. Hence, I like to incorporate all three – Tarot, Reiki, and Pilates – into my work, providing a holistic approach to healing and well-being.

Are there any specific tarot card spreads or astrological techniques that you find particularly effective?

When it comes to Tarot, my go-to spread is the classic Celtic Cross spread, and I absolutely love it. I have a deep appreciation for the traditional form of Tarot and its classic symbology. The Tarot deck I personally read with is called The OR, and it’s the one I also use when reading for clients. The Cosmic Tarot, which was painted in the 80s, is another deck I adore because it combines classic symbology with beautiful colors and includes more women compared to the Rider-Waite decks and other traditional decks. I truly value the essence of classic and traditional Tarot.

In my collection, I have many Tarot decks that I use during readings with my clients. Currently, I’m particularly drawn to the Cosmic Tarot, but my preferences may change over time. Initially, the first deck I used for readings was the Wild Unknown Tarot, but I eventually gravitate back to the classic Tarot style.

The Celtic Cross spread is a favorite of mine because it provides a wealth of information in a single reading. I have my own version of this spread, which closely resembles the Celtic Cross, but with some different placements than what you’d find in a Google search. Additionally, I also study Western astrology, which complements my Tarot practice.

Have you ever encountered a situation where the information revealed in a reading or through psychic abilities was challenging or unsettling for a client?

One particular memory that stands out is from an event I participated in. Reading at events can be challenging as people don’t have the same privacy they would during a one-on-one or virtual reading. This particular event was one of the most interesting I’ve ever worked on in my life. It took place in a graveyard in Brooklyn, possibly named “Green Greenwood Cemetery.” This cemetery was designed with an artistic touch, featuring intriguing layouts, witchy elements, Stonehenge-like structures, and Egyptian tombs. It was a truly fascinating place.

The event was organized by Atlas Obscura, known for hosting esoteric events. There were a few different readers, including myself, and we conducted readings inside one of the tombs, which held significant energy. The group of attendees was quite large, around 50 to 100 people, and the four or five of us readers sat in the tomb to do speed readings.

During my session, a woman sat down with me, and I had limited time to pull cards and provide insights. The cards I pulled indicated that she was going through a traumatizing experience – the Three of Swords, representing loss and pain. I approached the situation with as much gentleness and compassion as possible, as I consider myself a gentle and uplifting reader. As it turned out, she had recently experienced an abortion, and her pain was profound. In the midst of all the surrounding noise and activity, she needed to express her emotions, release her feelings, and cry deeply. It was a challenging situation for both of us, and I wished I could have given her a comforting hug. The environment made it difficult, but it was also a learning experience for me.

As a practitioner of multiple divination arts, do you believe that everyone has innate intuitive abilities?

I strive to teach people how to tap into their intuition, especially when they encounter the High Priestess card during a reading. The key lies in accessing and listening to that inner voice, that intuitive part of ourselves. However, it can be a challenging task to peel away the layers of other people’s energies and influences that surround us, to reach the core of our own intuition.

Despite the difficulty, it’s crucial because our intuition is an essential tool, and that’s precisely why the Tarot includes the High Priestess card, emphasizing the significance of listening to our inner guidance. Some individuals may have a natural inclination towards intuition, depending on their astrology or inherent abilities that connect them to other realms and dimensions. However, I believe that everyone can learn to attune themselves to these vibrations and enhance their intuitive capabilities. It is a skill that can be developed and honed over time.

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