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From Electrophysiology to Animal Totem Readings and Astral Travel Workshops – Interview with Michelle Houchens

Meet the Mile High Psychic Medium Michelle Houchens, a remarkable psychic medium and energy practitioner who embarked on a transformative journey to discover her unique gifts and purpose. Learn about her profound experiences, powerful energy healing techniques, the fascinating world of animal totems, and much more, by reading her exclusive MysticMag interview below.

How and when did you’d discover your psychic gifts and when did you know that psychic mediumship and energy work will be your calling?

As a child you don’t know that everyone doesn’t have these gifts, so it’s something I came to the planet with. However, for all, the memory of being in the physical form must awaken so intuition is limited. What assisted is in childhood I commonly played in nature – other kids, animals, trees, plants, and nature spirits, so intuition can grow through learning to have dreams, being curious, and developing our senses through feelings and the languages of other beings and species.

The career I choose was in medicine, cardiology/electrophysiology for 30+ years. One evening while working on a patent in an Einsteinian method – listening deeply beyond what we know, and felt the opening of a bigger dream for the Age of Aquarius. So, at age 49, after a year of testing myself to see if I was good enough, I began professional work as a psychic medium. People in the industry, and friends who are quite skeptical, helped me greatly.

That year also brought about having one of the 20% most looked at LinkedIn sites nationally. People in clinical medicine thought I had gone off the deep end. Intuition and intellect aren’t synergistic to some. So, this often happens when people awaken new dreams others do not comprehend yet. But the flow of synchronicity was powerful, so rarely did I meet opposition. That was 12 years ago and today I still really enjoy working with people each day.

What energy healing techniques and modalities do you use?

Many ancient techniques of sound, Light, and frequency, with licenses and studies in all-Master Theta Healing, Hypnotherapist, NLP, etc. But the techniques I find that healing in the Age of Aquarius are Selfic Technology Treatments with Stiloself, Slittinoself, Spheroself, and Selfic Structures of Paintings, Wearables, and Space Clearing. I also use Pranatherapy which can be done without owning Selfic Technology. Selfic structures made into specific instruments used in or after the healing session, made of metals and alchemical substances, convey a specific range of forces in the universe. They activate intelligent fields that foster personal collective evolution. These devices can only be found and made in the community of Damanhur, located in northern Italy.

With Spheroself healing sessions can be done remotely or in person which is key. The common session done remotely without the use of a Spheroself can rarely transmit important frequencies because there are too many interceptions in the field. Like a football game, many entities and structures and our needs of possession of objects and people in the world of form are depleting the transmission of Light to people. A complex technology like Spheroself that can work beyond time-space is key to delivering therapies remotely. As a psychic medium awakening the memory to our existence as the Divine Spark of God/Source is healing. So, exploring the fantastic, the impossible, leads us on the quest to enter the Divine Mission of the Soul. We are 163 Elements in one Soul. Each one of us with a unique expression.

So, I also send clients, those asking for assistance, to become initiated in Kriya Yoga and or Damanhurian Schools, Paths. Being aligned to paths and rituals of purity is essential to healing in the Age of Aquarius.

The techniques and frequencies we used and learned, and that worked in the Age of Pieces, will find no longer have potency in the Age of Aquarius. This is why diseases, physical, emotional, and mental like cancers are increasing 300% per the WHO. Humanity is in a whole new ballgame.

Can you share a few details about Animal Totem Readings, what do those look like?

Biodiversity is the #1 topic for my soul. Without it, we can not flourish. For example, the wings of a dragonfly are what makes our hair shiny. Everything is interconnected.

Animals have a long history to our connection with the Divine Forces. Every tribe and ritual that is pure works with animal energies to heighten our energies in the Universe. So, working with ritual energy that was created in purity, absent of misery, is the key.

How I like to work with animal totems is as an opening to people learning their own private “Thesaurus” of signals with the Divine Forces. Everything is always in synchronicity. People say death and taxes are the only things we know; I would say synchronicity and death. But I do pay my taxes. At every moment there are over 2,300 winds working with us. But rarely do I hear someone tell me about the winds involved in their situation. So, learning signals is a key to individual connection with Divinity. Like attracts like, so developing the Bridge Senses, as we are both astral and physical, bridge beings, is key. Animal totems offer a new way of perceiving the world. But what seeing three ducks means to you, can be completely different then what it means to me. Each of us has our Thesaurus with the Divine Forces. So, listening to the other signals around along with the three ducks is key. Learning the signals of when you are on track to achieving a goal, when you are not, that something needs to release or die are key signals necessary to conquering the Quests to Self-Realization.

What other services and sessions do you offer?

Workshops- Dowsing, Astral Travel, releasing to the Ether-Shunyata, Communicating with Tree & Plant World, Communicating with the Elemental- Nature Spirit World, Conscious Movement, Communication with Horses, Dog, Animals. Awakening the Bridge Senses, Working with Life Guides.

Sessions- Channeling in Medium or Psychic Work, Healing Treatments with Selfic Structure for Mental or Body, Advanced Past Life Regression, Tarot Card Readings, Animal Totem Readings. Anything a client wants to work on.

What sets yours apart from other psychic mediums?

Since biodiversity is the key to spiritual liberation, each of us is unique and expresses our talents like artists. So, expression is key, but first to do no harm. Telling everyone everything is not wisdom.

In working with over 17,000 people, you learn a lot about time, space, and the multiple astral or Akashic libraries. Not all Libraries Also then to channel as a medium-psychic is a very important technique of healing. Many still question our existence. hold the same information.

Do you have any special messages for our readers?

Explore, dream, and ask to awaken the Divine Memory of the Spiritual Peoples in the Age of Aquarius. Go into everything in compassion, especially fear. Fear and misery are something every Alien Species that is an ally I work with scratches their head and asks why humans do this. Yes, it is something we made up in our boredom, lack of ascendance, and control.

If you came to heal annihilation you are of the Spiritual Peoples. In the Age of Aquarius being in nature will be the only thing that awakens people. The Tree Species hold the most accurate knowledge on the Earth currently and are the Human Primordial Divinity so go sit with a tree. Trees are in the King’s Position of Yoga, a Head Stand, so their roots are their head. To communicate with trees imagine you are a beautiful yellow color and slow down. Then the tree can perceive you. Trees’ frequencies are more to our Theta Brain Wave state, much slower in frequency. So, if you walk in a forest, walk slowly, imagine yourself yellow, and the trees will see you as one.

Lastly, Self-Love is our key. What is Self and Love is humanity’s exploration. Be in peace as the Earth aligns in her ascent in the Age of Aquarius to the center of the Universe. The cement must be lifted, so prepare and see good in Gaia’s movement. Then your movements will coordinate with hers in good. You are loved and loved in the Divine Forces. Misery creates separation. We come to build immunity to the illnesses, and fear states created. A client recently asked me why they had a tumor growing. The answer was they forgot they are Prana, Light, in the matter. To conquer the Human Quest, become Spiritually Liberated without Karma, to remain on a planet for 1-160 years in health for the Divine Mission of the Soul requires us to Divinize the Matter. What an electrical celebration this will be… Move over, fourth of July! The Earth is small in our universe, but mighty in potential.

“For as long as space endures,

And for as long as living beings remain,

Until then may I too abide

To dispel the misery of the world”.


To learn more about Michelle and her work, you can visit her website at

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