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Embrace Clarity and Empowerment: Journey with Janice Noehulani to a Phenomenal Life

Meet Janice Noehulani, a compassionate guide from FIND CLARITY, dedicated to helping her clients reconnect with their internal wisdom and intuition. Her transformative sessions focus on healing past traumas and ancestral wounds, empowering individuals to find agency within themselves. Janice’s unique approach unlocks their true potential and helps them live a life aligned with their soul’s purpose.

With practical techniques and ancient wisdom like Lemurian and shamanic practices, Janice facilitates rapid transformation and healing. She empowers her clients to discover their unique gifts and embrace a life of clarity and fulfillment. Janice’s own journey from adversity to joy serves as inspiration, as she has guided thousands of people towards positive life-changing results. Through her guidance, you can embark on a transformative path and experience the power of living a phenomenal life right now. Find out more in this fabulous interview by MysticMag.

How do you integrate shamanic practices into your love and life coaching sessions?

Nature is always healing. Using the energies of the Natural World to create balance and access Harmony is always present in every session, whether individual or group.

You would be surprised how powerful listening to the earth, paying attention to animals and plants, harnessing the energies of the sun and moon, and owning your ONENESS with all Universal energies can be in recognizing, utilizing, and owning where you are in life and your own personal power. 

Could you share an example of a case where your psychic abilities helped guide a client through a challenging personal or relationship issue?

Most people find me when they have tried everything and feel close to giving up. Because I am a bridge between the etheric and physical world I am able to see the unseen realms, the underlying issues that cause patterns, pain, and suffering. 

This is just one example of a client who came to me but the story for many of my clients is very similar. 

She came to me a mess. 

My client walked through the door and I was immediately concerned if I could help her. She was a highly successful woman but on the verge of a serious breakdown. She had tried everything, counseling, prescriptions, drugs, diet, exercise, hypnotherapy, meditation, etc. You name it and just felt lost and heartbroken. That’s when she found me, the Shamanic Love Coach – through a Google search. And, although she had never tried something so alternative  she thought, “Why not?” She was determined to feel good in her body and her life. Or, at the very least find out why, despite her success, she always felt so miserable. And so we began the work, her healing journey. 

I was able to show her the unconscious and ancestral patterns she lived by, but most importantly, how to change these patterns and even love them and herself again.

I don’t see her often now, but she reached out to me the other day to thank me and tell me how much she loves me. I love those calls. 

How do you approach intuitive healing when working with clients?

One of the main things I do in my work with my clients and students is teaching them how to trust their own intuition and psychic abilities, so they can know how to heal, trust themself, and live more powerfully in the world. That being said, I am really known as a Healer’s Healer. I work with people who are novices to the very advanced practitioner,  but the interesting thing is everyone is a healer, whether they are choosing that path consciously or not. 

My greatest gift is using my intuition and psychic abilities to turn on everyone else’s intuition and abilities. 

There is a difference between intuition and being psychic. 

Intuition is an innate ability within all of us. It is often very connected to the body. Our intuition helps us navigate the physical world. Our Psychic ability is very similar. We all have psychic abilities whether we know it or not. Using your psychic abilities helps you tap more deeply into a realm unseen. Utilizing your psychic abilities can anchor in your intuitive, spiritual, and healing gifts in greater ways. 

So with that all said, I am constantly using my own Intuitive and Psychic abilities in each session to help people understand and heal from the intensities of life while I help people turn on their own abilities  Furthermore, I use my intuition and natural-born psychic abilities to see beyond the realm of knowing. Much of the time, someone’s problem does not stem from what they think it stems from, that situation is usually just a symptom. Most issues come from experiences long before, from past traumas at a young age to past and parrel lives. I use my abilities to get to those core belief systems, emotional habits, programs, patterns, and trauma fast! The faster we bring core belief systems, emotional habits, programs, patterns, and trauma to consciousness the faster they can heal. 

Can you explain the concept of energy alchemy and how it relates to the transformation of life, love, and relationships?

When we are able to accept all of life, including our Oneness (non-separation from any part of life and the universe) we begin to realize that the best medicine is the integration of all of life. This creates harmony and balance with greater ease. 

So for example, when a hard situation or emotion comes up we can train our bodies and being to not resist but rather lean in with love- love being one of the greatest healers on the planet. When practicing energy alchemy, one can see, through time, that you can get your needs met and meet other people’s needs more effectively without ever abandoning yourself. So when I teach energy alchemy, I use ancient tools to digest, integrate and transmute difficult emotions and situations through your body and soul so they do less harm to you and others. Ultimately these processes allow you to remain more empowered, sovereign yet interconnected to your life and relationships, maintaining a greater level of harmony.

What methodologies or techniques do you employ to help clients navigate past emotional blocks or traumas in their lives?

I have been blessed to study with masters in the craft of healing my whole life, from Kahunas using the ancient art of Ho’oponpono, Shamans from Peru teaching earth pearls of wisdom. I have learned everything from Reiki all the way to Quantum Healing, Cranial Sacral and Core Synchronization to Manual Therapies. You name it, I have studied it. About 10 years ago, I found my teacher for life. She has taught me ancient Lemurian tools and technologies that changed my life forever. Although I teach all that I have learned, when appropriate, the Lemurian tools and technologies are at the core of my teachings. When combined with modern-day tools to assist in healthy relating, alongside teaching emotional and mental intelligence and resilience, rapid transformation is possible.

How do you ensure ethical boundaries and maintain professional standards while working as a shamanic love and life coach and natural-born psychic?

I teach people how to turn on their intuition and psychic abilities and use their skills with integrity and for good. When working with someone’s soul,  I am very aware that I can easily say something that will change the direction of someone’s life forever. Therefore, with every session my client directs the session and I never override their free will. What that means is, I only work with people who have a clear directive and my skills are truly best used as a SOUL MEDICINE HEALER. I use my psychic abilities to uncover the core blocks to life and love, and then we use energy alchemy and my ability to heal to remove, transcend, and transmute these blocks so that my client and student can live a life of empowerment and greater ease. 

With that said, I do have an agreement with Spirit to not filter what they say, and believe me, sometimes Spirit has me say some wild things. But through all my years of practice, I have found that the majority of people, no matter how outrageous the conversation, seem to understand what I speak of.

In the end, my practice is always DO NO HARM.

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