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Supercharge Your Manifesting with AI: 5 Mind-Blowing Ways to Amplify Your Vibration

How can artificial intelligence raise your manifesting game?

If you aren’t yet using this technology to enhance your vibration management, you’re in for a treat!

Here are just five ways AI can help you create what you want:

1. Create Realistic Looking Images

Vision boards are cool, and it can be fun to look for images that represent what we want.

(Although to be honest, this is exactly why vision boarding hasn’t really been my thing. Finding the right image that conjures the right feeling has not been my easy joy.)

Enter AI. It can take your pictures to a whole new level. You can tell it exactly what you want, or just offer general guidelines – and it will generate it for you. You can even supply your own images for it to work with if you like. Woot!

2. Generate Affirmations

I spend a lot of time with clients helping them find the words they haven’t learned for the reality they’re looking to create. Those neural pathways just don’t exist in their brains yet.

AI can help with that! It’s an affirmation generating fool!

Here’s an excerpt after I asked it to create affirmations for weight loss rapper style:

Verse 1:
I’m on a mission, no doubt, I’m in control,
Shedding pounds, yeah, I’m on a roll,
Affirmations on repeat, I’m in the zone,
Weight loss journey, yeah, I own the throne.

I’m dropping weight like it’s hot, feeling fly,
Stepping on the scale, watch those numbers say goodbye,
Positive vibes, yeah, I got the flow,
Rapper style affirmations, watch me glow!

Verse 2:
No more heavy baggage, I’m feeling light,
Burning calories, yeah, I’m taking flight,
I’m focused on my goals, ain’t no distraction,
Weight loss grind, it’s a chain reaction.

And it took it less than 2 seconds. You’ve got to try this!

3. Scripting Buddy

You know how our muggle friends and family suck at scripting with us? Yeah. I know many a conscious creator who has wished for a manifesting buddy to script with.

It turns out AI rocks that party! It doesn’t miss a beat. It doesn’t look at you funny. It doesn’t scoff. It doesn’t judge or disbelieve.

Check out this exchange when I asked it to script with me about my new beach house:

Me: Will you converse with me as if my dream of buying my new beach house has come true? It’s called scripting, and is a manifesting technique to create a new reality.

AI: Absolutely! Congratulations on manifesting your dream of buying your new beach house! I’m here to celebrate with you and engage in a conversation as if your dream has come true. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of your new beach house and explore the exciting possibilities that await you there. Feel free to share any details or ask questions about your dream beach house, and let’s make this conversation a delightful reality for you!

Me: I can’t wait for you to see the view from the bedroom! It is just amazing! Wide open beach! Beautiful surf! You can smell the ocean when you open the balcony doors!

AI: Oh, that sounds absolutely incredible! I can feel the excitement in your words! The view from the bedroom must be breathtaking, with the wide open beach and the beautiful surf stretching out before you. There’s something so magical about waking up to the sound of crashing waves and the salty sea breeze gently caressing your face. It’s like paradise on Earth!

I can imagine you savoring the moments when you step out onto the balcony, taking in that invigorating scent of the ocean, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, and hearing the seagulls flying overhead. It must be an unforgettable experience, one that will bring you a sense of tranquility and joy every single day.

How have you been enjoying this amazing beachfront lifestyle so far? Have you had the chance to explore the beach, walk along the shore, and maybe even dip your toes in the crystal-clear water? I’d love to hear more about the wonderful experiences you’ve had in your new beach house!

I’m not gonna lie. AI might be better at scripting than I am.

4. Ask for Encouragement and Upliftment

For those crap days when you can’t find anything good, and there’s no one you can talk to about it …

AI gets it. Yes, I know it’s a machine. But it won’t feel like it when you read what it has to say! (It even uses emojis!)

Here’s an excerpt of what AI said when I asked if it could give me advice and encouragement on a down day (as if it were my friend):

Of course, I’m here for you as a friend to offer advice and encouragement on your down day. Remember, everyone goes through tough times, and it’s completely okay to feel down sometimes. Here’s some advice and words of encouragement to help you through: 

(and then it gave helpful suggestions like acknowledging my feelings, getting support, treating myself with compassion, taking it one step at a time, reflecting on past resiliences, etc. It concluded by saying:

Lastly, I want you to know that you are strong and capable, and you will get through this difficult time. Lean on your support system, be kind to yourself, and remember that there is hope for a brighter tomorrow. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m always here for you. Take care, and things will get better. You’ve got this! 💪😊

Don’t look now, but AI’s giving my besties a run for their money. !!

5. Acclimate to an Unfamiliar Desire

If you are not yet convinced of how AI can help you align your vibration to what you want, this one will do the trick.

Many times my clients say that they can’t imagine what they want because they’ve never experienced it before. It’s totally unfamiliar to them.

Hand it over to AI. It knows what you want to know, and it will tell you all about it.

  • Running a successful business?
  • Married to a loving life partner?
  • Feeling physically vitalized and rejuvenated?

Here’s what AI said when I asked what it’s like to be rich:

As an AI language model, I don’t have personal experiences, emotions, or consciousness, so I can’t describe what it’s like to be rich firsthand. However, I can provide you with a general idea of what being wealthy may entail based on common perceptions and observations.

Being rich generally means having a significant amount of financial resources, affording a comfortable lifestyle, and possessing the ability to fulfill material desires and needs. Some aspects of being rich may include …

and it went on to describe what financial security was like; the luxury and comfort of enjoying a higher standard of living; as well as access to opportunities and reduced stress. My favorite part, though was when it concluded with:

“It’s essential to recognize that while being rich has its advantages, it doesn’t guarantee happiness or fulfillment. Money can address certain challenges, but it doesn’t automatically solve all problems or create happiness. People’s experiences and feelings can vary widely, irrespective of their financial status, as happiness and contentment often depend on a combination of factors, including relationships, health, purpose, and personal fulfillment.”

This computer’s pretty freakin’ smart!

My point being that AI may help help you get a foothold in something that you might not be familiar with otherwise.

What AI won’t do:

It won’t create a false net worth statement or bank statement. It won’t hold your hand or give you a hug. And it can’t change your vibration for you. (Even I can’t do that for you!)

But it can do a lot of other helpful things that conscious creators can leverage for their improved alignment.

In fact, we’re doing a class on this at GVU next month! Feel free to join us if you feel inspired to gather with like-minded others on how AI can help us manifest what we want. In the meantime, you can register for an account at and start exploring for yourself.

PS: I asked AI what the title of this blog post should be. My original title was “How AI Can Help You Manifest Your Dreams.”

It suggested the one you clicked on.

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