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Connecting with your spirit animal can be a great self-discovery tool which can aid you in navigating your spiritual journey. But, it’s hard to be certain about your spirit animal when there’s varying interpretations for each astrology sign.

To bring you certainty, I’ve put together an expert spirit animal guide based on my experience as an astrologer. Even when you feel a connection to the spirit animal that matches your sign, you may not know your next steps.

Getting in touch with a psychic on California Psychics can bring you accurate guidance on the best spiritual practices to connect and work with your spirit animal. You can expect one of a kind advice as the platform has some of the best psychics around.

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What is a Spirit Animal?

A spirit animal, also known as a power animal or animal totem, is an idea found in various spiritual and indigenous traditions. It’s thought that each person has an animal spirit that serves as a guide or protector, and that the animal has particular energies that resonate with the person.

Additionally, spirit animals can offer guidance, support, and inspiration to you. But, you should note that some spirit animals can come and go since their guidance may only be beneficial during certain phases of your life. That said, you can do long term work with the spirit animal associated with your zodiac sign to master life-long lessons.

In astrology, each zodiac sign has a particular archetype that is said to embody the traits of the sign. Many of these archetypes are animals but some are objects, like the scales that are associated with the sign of Libra. Because of this, many astrologers will assign spirit animals to the zodiac signs based on their personal interpretations.

So, although there are astrological archetypes that are based in astrology theory, you can still connect to any spirit animal you feel called to. Keep in mind that you have other dominant signs beyond your sun sign in your natal chart, which can influence your choice in spirit animals. So, it’s normal to feel called to a spirit animal associated with a different sign.

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Spirit Animals Based on Zodiac Signs

In astrology, each zodiac sign is associated with a particular archetype that best embodies the sign’s energy. But, this archetype is not always an animal nor is it necessarily considered a sign’s spirit animal. However, from my experience with astrology, I’ve assigned the following spirit animals to the astrological sign they best match.

Spirit Animals Based on Zodiac Signs 1. Aries (Cheetah)
– Both Cheetahs and the sign of Aries have unmatchable courage that propel them ahead of others.
– Aries is the first of the zodiac and a Cardinal sign. Therefore it’s associated with strong leadership and independence.
– Cheetahs mimic this energy as they are usually the first to initiate and execute a hunting plan.
– Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars, which are energies known for being passionate, driven, and competitive.
– Cheetahs are known for their competitiveness and drive to succeed in the wild.
Spirit Animals Based on Zodiac Signs 2. Taurus (Cow)
– Taurus and cows are very alike in the sense that they’re dependable, loyal, but difficult to budge.
– The sign of Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by sensual Venus. Therefore, Tauruses are grounded, steady, and harmonious in their approach.
– Much like Taurus, cows are grounded and stable creatures with a patient nature.
– Cows are also very practical and resourceful animals that produce a variety of dairy goods. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, there is a link to resources of great value.
Spirit Animals Based on Zodiac Signs 3. Gemini (Fox)
– Similar to Gemini’s chatty nature, foxes have a wide range of vocalizations and body language that they use for communication within their social groups.
– Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by the communicative planet Mercury. This influence makes Gemini an inquisitive, social, and flexible sign.
– Comparatively, foxes explore their surroundings with a keen sense of curiosity, often investigating their environment and seeking out new experiences.​​
– Similar to Geminis, foxes exhibit dualistic behavior. They display a range of behaviors and adapt their strategies depending on the situation.
Spirit Animals Based on Zodiac Signs 4. Cancer (Turtle)
– Much like Cancer’s, turtles go through cycles of retreating into their shells and coming out again, symbolizing the cyclical nature of emotions and the need for self-care.
– The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is a cardinal water sign. These influences make the sign sensitive, protective, and attached to their home.
– Further, turtles are known for their keen intuition and ability to retreat into their shells for self-protection. – Cancer individuals often rely on their intuition and have a natural instinct to protect their emotional boundaries.
Spirit Animals Based on Zodiac Signs 5. Leo (Peacock)
– Much like the Leo sign, peacocks are known for their vibrant and eye-catching plumage, symbolizing regal and majestic qualities.
– Leo is a fixed fire sign that’s ruled by the Sun. Its energy is expressive, bold, and creative.
– Peacocks have dramatic displays and flamboyant appearance very similar to Leos.
– Peacocks are often associated with generosity and warmth (much like the sun). Leo individuals possess a generous spirit and a natural warmth that draws others towards them.
Spirit Animals Based on Zodiac Signs 6. Virgo (Honeybee)
– Much like Virgos, honeybees are known for being reliable team players due to their strong sense of responsibility.
– Honeybees meticulously collect nectar and pollen, build intricate honeycombs, and maintain the hive with precision. Similarly, Virgos are often characterized by their methodical and detail-oriented approach to tasks.
– Since Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury, they’re service-oriented individuals who thrive in roles where they can be of assistance and support.
Spirit Animals Based on Zodiac Signs 7. Libra (Dove)
– Much like Libras, doves are known for their natural inclination to create harmonious relationships in their interactions.
– Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus which represents beauty, balance, and love.
– Doves represent the pursuit of balance and equality. Libras are similar in the sense that they have a natural sense of what is right and strive to uphold principles of fairness.
– Doves are often associated with love, purity, and devotion. Libra is the sign of partnership and therefore values the same qualities as a dove.
Spirit Animals Based on Zodiac Signs 8. Scorpio (Snake)
– Snakes and the zodiac sign Scorpio share similar symbolism since Scorpios are known for letting go of what no longer serves them and snakes shed their skin. This indicates they both can embrace personal evolution and transformation.
– Being a fixed water sign, Scorpios are known for their intense and mysterious nature which is often likened to snakes.
– Snakes are associated with sensuality and are representative of primal energy. Scorpios are known for their magnetic and captivating presence in matters of love.
Spirit Animals Based on Zodiac Signs 9. Sagittarius (Horse)
– Saggitarius is ruled by the expansive and wise planet Jupiter. Similarly, horses are symbolic of a quest for knowledge and exploration.
– Horses represent the search for truth, which aligns with a Sagittarian’s inclination towards philosophical, intellectual, and spiritual exploration.
– Being a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius loves exploration and freedom in life.
– Horses are known for their free-spirited nature and love for independence. Much like Sagittarius, they are often associated with exploration, travel, and the desire for new experiences.
Spirit Animals Based on Zodiac Signs 10. Capricorn (Mountain Goat)
– Mountain goats, much like Capricorns, are known for their persistence since they scale steep and treacherous terrains.
– Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorns are known for their determination and patience in overcoming obstacles.
– Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, making them one of the most resourceful and adaptable signs. Much alike, Mountain goats use their agility and find innovative ways to navigate difficult terrain.
– Mountain goats are renowned for their ability to reach high elevations. Similarly, Capricorn individuals aspire to climb the ladder of success.
Spirit Animals Based on Zodiac Signs 11. Aquarius (Eagle)
– Ruled by innovative Uranus, Aquarians are much like eagles in the sense that they’re known for their ability to see beyond the limitations of the present, often envisioning innovative ideas and future possibilities.
– Further, Aquarius is a fixed air sign that has a gift for objectivity and ideals. Eagles have a keen ability to soar above the ground, observing the world from a detached and objective standpoint.
– Eagles are known for their protective qualities. Aquarius individuals are the humanitarians of the zodiac and often feel a strong sense of social justice.
Spirit Animals Based on Zodiac Signs 12. Pisces (Seahorse)
– Seahorses exhibit traits similar to Pisces because they build a strong emotional bond with their mates and offspring. They’re both also known for their emotional depth and sensitivity.
– Seahorses are known for being mystical creatures due to their unique appearance and elusive behavior.
– Pisces individuals are ruled by Neptune, which is the most mysterious and otherworldly planet.
– Seahorses have a whimsical and dreamlike appearance, reflecting the imaginative and creative nature often associated with Pisces individuals.

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Best Sites for Spirit Animal Insights

Once you’ve learned about your spirit animal according to astrology, you’ll need guidance on how to connect and work with it. I suggest connecting with a psychic that can channel your spirit animal and give you first hand guidance. I’ve made a list of the best sites for a psychic reading based on affordability, skilled readers, and convenient features.

1. California Psychics – Best Overall for Spirit Animal Insights

California Psychics

  • $1, $2, or $4 per minute
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Stringent screening
  • Worthwhile rewards program
  • Various psychic tools available

California Psychics is at the top of my list for spirit animal psychic insights because of the value you get as a newcomer. You’ll qualify for its $1, $2, or $4 per minute offer and get tailored insights about your spirit animal through a sought after psychic. That way, you can feel confident in the spiritual messages you receive without breaking the bank.

I feel safe using California Psychics for spirit animal guidance because of its satisfaction guarantee. In the rare event you feel unsatisfied with your psychic, you can contact its support team and receive a refund. Knowing this can bring you a lot of peace of mind when you’re hesitant about online psychics and would like some type of security.

One minor drawback is that you can’t reach out to its customer service team through its phone hotline if you’re not in the U.S. But, any time I’ve contacted support I’ve received an email back within a few hours and for urgent questions, you can make use of its thorough FAQ page.

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3. Purple Garden – Get Spirit Animal Guidance on the Go With Its App

Purple Garden

  • Top accuracy banners
  • 4% cashback on readings
  • Transparent reviews
  • $10 credit for joining
  • Videos on psychic profiles

I use Purple Garden while I’m traveling because it has a mobile app you can download for guidance on spirit animals. And with its app, you’ll have the freedom to chat with a psychic for spirit animal advice with a few taps. Having the app handy can be useful for unexpected encounters with your spirit animal so you can get an interpretation from your psychic.

I find it easy to select the best psychics for spirit animal guidance on Purple Garden because of its top accuracy banners. These badges are given to psychics based on client votes and act as an indirect recommendation from others. You can even browse through a category with all the top rated psychics and cut your search time down in half.

Something to note is that many of the popular psychics on Purple Garden can charge high per minute rates. Thankfully, you’ll be eligible for a $10 dollar credit when you join and will qualify for 4% cashback on all readings. These offers can serve you for immediate and long-term savings when getting spirit animal insights.

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3. Keen – Connect to Your Spirit Animal & Stay Within Your Budget

Best Sites for Spirit Animal Insights

  • Thorough search filters
  • Experienced psychics
  • Email readers before booking
  • 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Appointments available

You don’t have to worry about going over your budget on Keen when trying to connect to your spirit animal. That’s because Keen has an introductory offer of 10 minutes for $1.99, which can get you an adequate session within reason. So, you can save yourself the worry of spending too much and keep your focus on getting spirit animal insights.

I enjoy that Keen has an email feature which allows you to contact any psychic before you book a reading. Being able to email your top picks is helpful because you can verify that they’ll be able to give you spirit animal guidance. Having the confirmation that your psychic is experienced in the topic can aid you in establishing a deeper connection to them.

A minor inconvenience to using Keen is that sometimes the popular psychics are busy with other clients. However, you can avoid the disappointment and schedule your reading in advance to receive your spirit animal messages.

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FAQs on Spirit Animals

How can you honor your spirit animal?

You can honor your spirit animal in many ways so you shouldn’t feel like there’s a right or wrong way because it’s a very personal practice. But if you’re not sure where to begin, you can take some time to discover more about your spirit animal. You can delve into its behaviors, symbolism, and spiritual significance to honor and tailor your work together.

However, you may find it’s best to connect to a psychic that can directly channel messages from your spirit animal. Not only that, but chatting with a psychic is helpful for guidance with rituals or offerings that can deepen your relationship with your spirit animal. This can involve lighting candles, offering prayers, or creating an altar in honor of your spirit animal.

Regardless, honoring your spirit animal doesn’t have to be too complicated as any effort you show is meaningful. You can simply meditate with the intention to connect with your spirit animal and express your gratitude for the guidance they have offered you. Alternatively, you can honor them through a daily practice like writing to them in a journal.

Can a spirit animal be a person?

A spirit animal is traditionally associated with an animal form rather than a human form. That said, it’s also believed that your spirit guide can manifest as anything they’d like to present as. Since spirit guides are non-physical entities, they’re not bound to a static physical form and can appear in many ways.

I recommend diving deeper into spirit animals in astrology because it could also be that a passed on loved one is visiting you as an animal. It’ll be easier to determine if this is the case because their zodiac sign may coincide with the particular animal you feel is your spirit animal.

Is it possible for your spirit animal to change over time?

Yes, it is possible for your spirit animal to change over time but some people can also have a lifelong connection with their spirit animal. Those that experience a lifelong connection most likely have a more challenging lesson to learn that will require more time with a particular spirit animal. But, keep in mind that it can vary from person to person.

It’s not uncommon to experience shifts or connections with different spirit animals at various stages of your life. As you evolve, learn, and experience different phases of life, your spiritual needs and connections may change, leading to a shift in your spirit animal association. It’s important to remain open and receptive to these shifts and changes for your spiritual growth.

Bottom Line

Discovering more about your spirit animal can open you up to invaluable spiritual guidance. And, when you’re doubting whether a particular spirit animal is truly working with you, you can check to see if it coincides with your zodiac sign. To do so, consult a trustworthy guide or simply allow your intuition to act as your compass towards the right spirit animal.

In case you continue to struggle with doubts, you can connect with a credible psychic on California Psychics to receive channeled messages from your spirit animal. Getting insights from a psychic helps to confirm the type of spirit animal, the messages they have for you, and how you can better connect.

To summarize, the best sites for spirit animal insights are…

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