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Exploring AstroCartoGraphy and Astrological Mapping with Maya White

It’s our pleasure to introduce to you a renowned astrologer Maya White. In this MysticMag interview, she explains what AstroCartoGraphy and Astrological Mapping are, as well as how these fascinating maps reveal the planetary positions at the time of an individual’s birth and how they shape their life experiences. She was also kind enough to discuss her one-on-one consultations, Soul Life Coaching, and more.

To those unfamiliar with these terms, can you describe what AstroCartoGraphy and Astrological Mapping are?

Both terms refer to the idea of creating maps that display planetary positions above the earth at the time of a person’s birth and are often used interchangeably. The premise of Astrological Mapping is that earth locations, specific to the person’s date, time, and place of birth, carry a resonant memory of the planetary energies, and these energies will play out in the individual’s life experiences.

The term AstroCartoGraphy was trademarked by the late American astrologer Jim Lewis and originally, only people certified and trained by Lewis were permitted to use that term. After the passing of Jim Lewis, that restriction was not enforced, and now, the word AstroCartoGraphy is commonly used interchangeably with Astrological Mapping.

I am one of only about 100 people in the world who are certified in AstroCartoGraphy, and I describe my certification test as one of the hardest I have ever taken. It was a rigorous exam and Jim Lewis was equally demanding when it comes to earning his endorsement.

What made you interested in the field of AstroCartoGraphy and how did it become your calling?

AstroCartoGraphy (and astrology) provided answers for my own life that nothing else could address. Mine was an issue of location. I needed to understand why my life transitioned so abruptly from my birthplace of Colorado. Seemingly overnight, I found myself living in Maine, far from my birth family; yet with two children of my own. What I learned through AstroCartoGraphy is that the North East was the site of a powerful zone of two strong planets, Jupiter and Pluto. Everything that I came to understand about this planetary combination was exactly fitting with my experience, and it helped me to understand and accept my life situation.

Regarding my calling – I am lucky because I labored for years not knowing what my calling was. Over the years, I had tried my hand at just about everything; but nothing was truly interesting. I took up astrology after getting fired from an office job I hated and was terrible at. Honestly, I was driven to a point where I had nothing to lose. What I did not know at that time was that I had everything to gain. Once I entered the right lane, the Universe opened many doors for me. And, I remain grateful to this day that I am living in alignment with my life’s calling.

You are the creator of PowerCenter Astrology. Can you tell our readers what it is?

PowerCenter Astrology is a compilation of what I think is most important to know about AstroCartoGraphy. This program is designed for people at all levels of astrological knowledge; one does not have to be advanced in astrology to benefit from my Find Your PowerCenter program.

There are many critical details that are misunderstood and/or overlooked in astrology mapping today, and I think it is vitally important to address these. Plus, there are special techniques that people can apply to make mapping a more enjoyable and rewarding experience. Ultimately, I want my students to benefit from the same understanding that mapping bought to my own life. It is my wish that every person will experience the benefits that mapping can add to one’s life when they understand the rules, and then develop the confidence to apply their own innate wisdom.

One of my goals in developing PowerCenter Astrology is to teach students to do high-level mapping on their own. My Big Picture mission is to help people feel ‘at home’ in their body, connect with the life lessons that any location can teach them, and walk any place on the earth with comfort and confidence.

What types of readings do your offer and what can people expect from one of your readings?

I do still offer private one-on-one consultations, and I love the intimacy of this work. My clients can expect to be ‘heard’, because I listen very carefully, and may ask questions to confirm that I am understanding them correctly. The core of what I have to say to them is based on my interpretation of their astrological chart. Additionally, I also add my intuitive insights along with the wisdom gained through having done readings professionally for over 25 years.

What do your astrological reports include and how do you make them?

Astrological reports sold on my website are a great starting point into the riches that astrology adds to one’s life. One of my favorites is the Asteroid Report, which talks about a part of one’s astrological chart that is often overlooked. I also sell a report called ‘AstroCartoGrapy Explained’ which will give details on a location of choice, anywhere in the world. These reports are software generated and are, I think, a great value.

How can Soul Life Coaching help a person?

Soul Life Coaching is for the individual who wants to work with me one-on-one for an extended time period – usually 6 months. This is for people asking for support through a time period or who want to work through an issue. It is through continuity that one can move beyond the repeating patterns and into true transformation.

To learn more about Maya and her work, you can visit her website at

You can also find her social media pages at and

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