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For Best Manifesting Success, Master This

I get lots of emails from co-creators reporting they’ve got something tricky going on and don’t know what to do about it.

Sometimes it’s a stressful thought they can’t shake, or a situation they’re not loving, or a big decision they aren’t sure about …

Regardless of what the challenge is, there’s one guaranteed way to good results.

That is to ask yourself, “What feels better?” And whatever that answer is, honor it!

There isn’t one right path or one right choice. There’s just helpful vibrations and not-so-helpful vibrations.

By choosing what feels better, you just upgraded your alignment and guaranteed your ability to receive a better outcome.

What feels better? Only you know the answer. It’s highly personal stuff.

  • When I had a job I didn’t love, what felt better wasn’t to quit that very day, but to make a plan for my exit. That felt better than quitting immediately or staying forever and trying to make the best of it.
  • When I had an ex who wasn’t letting me see the dog we’d rescued together, what felt better changed from time to time. Sometimes it felt better to know that she was loved and probably doing just fine without me. Other times what felt better was to show up on his doorstep to say hi to her.
  • When I have a body that isn’t doing what I’d like her to do, what feels better (to me) is not to make a big deal about it. To notice what IS going right. To remember that things are always in flux, and this can change, too. Sometimes what feels better is to see someone about it. Or read something about it.

It isn’t always easy to know what feels better, especially on highly charged topics.

But that’s why it’s a habit worth cultivating. Getting good at this can do wonders for your manifesting success, because this is how we align. This is how we get cooperative with Source. This is how we let it be easy to have what we want.

And it doesn’t matter what our current beliefs or past experiences are, because whatever we think we know of whatever we’ve lived before – there will always be something that feels better now.

It’s also worth knowing that what feels better will likely evolve. It isn’t static. It isn’t always the same thing every day. So you have to keep asking, keep listening, keep noticing. And be willing to honor it when it changes.

Those who are nervous to engage life like this … the ones who think things will go terribly wrong if we just do whatever feels better – they don’t understand, not fully, that we live in a vibrational world that reflects whatever we’re vibrating. That’s why it’s always a reliable process to follow what feels better, because as we do that, our vibration rises, and that puts us in alignment to an elevated reality. Remember, we can only get what we vibrate, so when we find a higher vibe, we get a higher reality. (The one where things are going the way we prefer.)

I know it’s a deviation from what we were trained to believe about how the world works: that we’re supposed to suffer and struggle and pay our dues in order to earn the reward. But that’s not how it actually works. So yes, this is a different way than most of us were raised to practice, but that’s why it’s worth being deliberate and intentional about it until it IS our default mode to consistently choose whatever feels better.

Your sweetie wants to bring home three bunnies from the shelter? What feels better?
Your shoulder is acting up again? What feels better?
You’re thinking about something to eat? What feels better?

What feels better? This is all you need to take you to dreams come true. It’s easy to overlook because it seems so simple, but … in thought and in action … get better than you already are (and I know you already are good at this) get even better at honoring what feels better.

It’s a manifesting habit that will serve you well!

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