Month: January 2023

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Illustration via 99designs “The purpose of life is not to triumph over evil, but to keep pushing the wheel of justice forward. And when you realize that that is the end point, you then never expect to win. And if you never expect to win, you’re not disappointed when you lose. And because of that,
For more than three decades, Jennifer Revill worked at Logan International Airport in Boston and left just in time to finish a graduation in spirituality and “to begin building something completely different”. In this interview for MysticMag we know more about that next step. Jennifer explains to us how she discovered her spirituality, the idea behind
In dieser neuen Folge im Sternenstaub Stunden Podcast tauche ich mit dir in das Neujahr aus Human Design Perspektive ein – das sogenannte Rave New Year.🌟 Anders als nach dem gregorianischen Kalender, welches das Neujahr mit dem 1. Januar einleitet, oder dem astrologischen Neujahr, welches Mitte März mit dem Eintritt der Sonne in das Tierkreiszeichen
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ATTRACT PURE CLEAN POSITIVE ENERGY l MANIFEST ANYTHING FROM THE UNIVERSE l MEDITATION MUSIC by Meditation and Healing. #ATTRACTPURECLEANENERGY #POSITIVEENERGY #MANIFESTANYTHING #MEDITATIONMUSIC 🙏 Namaste, Meditation and Healing is a YouTube channel which serves you the best meditation, healing, relaxing and sleep music. Our music is composed with different kinds of instrument blending with 432 Hz,