Human Design, Law of Attraction

Manifestation booster

– I got my manifestations so quickly
– I got my results within a blink of an eye
– I got them within milliseconds
– I got them faster than speed of light
– I got them immediately
– I got them suddenly
– I got them faster than I even expected
– I got them right now
– I am limitless
– I am unstoppable
– I only get my desired results
– opposite results don’t exist for me
– clashing don’t exist for me
– when it comes to manifestations, negative experience are just hoax, they don’t exist for me
– I am a master manifestor
– everything I want and need and manifest for, comes to me with ease
– everything I ask for, comes to me effortlessly
– I don’t care what people say, I always get what I manifest for
– it’s normal for me to get whatever I manifest for within seconds
– my reality is in my hands, I can morph it into any form I want it to be

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