Is Hanuman Still Alive in This Age and Time?

Is Hanuman Still Alive in Kalyuga? 

This question often arises among  Indians, especially in the minds of youngsters who think Ramayana and Mahabharata are just Epics and Good Storyteller Scripts of Morality and Spirituality, which is not so.

Whatever is written in Sanatan Dharma is 101 percent true which cannot be denied. In fact, the name ‘Hindu’  has also been wrongly conveyed  to us as we Indians are Sanatani (sanatan followers) rather than Hindu. 

The term ‘Hindu’ was used way back 10,000 years back when people residing on the banks of river Sindhu were identified as Sindhus. Hence the Europeans started calling the people residing on this river as Hindu, the Up-bhasha of Sindhu as Hindu.

Is Hanuman Still Alive in this Age and Time?

Yes, Lord Hanuman Ji is still alive in this Golden Age of Kaliyuga as he has been blessed by Maa Sita during Ramayan Kaal. Maa Sita blessed Lord Hanuman with a Blessing of Immortality.

Read my blog on 7 Immortal Soul on Earth which also proof is hanuman still alive in current time zone.

This was when lord Hanuman ji visited Lanka (Now known as Sri Lanka) to search Sita Mata, following the  orders of Lord Shri Ramachandra.

Is Hanuman Still Alive in this Age and Time, Why Can’t We See Him?

This is another question people ask me during my discussions on Spiritual Science and Ramayan. Lord Hanuman is said to be the Avatar of Bhagwan Shiva (Incarnation of Lord Shiva), the 11th Avatar of Shri Shiva precisely.

Avtari Purusha do not get bonded by the Law of Karma of Birth and Death. You may be surprised how it is possible that such highly spiritual souls still exist on earth with thousands of years of age.

Not only Shri Hanuman Ji but also many highly awakened yogi of high order still exist on this soil of Bharat (now known as INDIA).

When I say that Hanuman Ji and other spiritual souls do not get bonded by material world laws, it is due to their stage of the highest spiritual order known as Jeevan Mukta Avastha.

The Yogic Shastra says that Jeevan Mukhtar Avastha comes after a long practice of kriya Yoga wherein the Yogi attains the Self Realization and during the process of this journey, the Yogi Soul gets rid of all the Desires or Fulfillment of the World.

Neither Yogi gets attached to the World nor feels any difference to his Mind and Body through bad or good deeds of individual or group.

Rambhakt Shri Hanuman Ji and other elevated souls can carry their God-head Personality in any form and can enter into the 3rd Dimension world to the 4th Dimension World through the Yogic Practices and Siddhis ( A Special form of Energies Possessed by Yogi by practicing a regular form of Yoga – either Raj Yoga or Kriya Yoga which is the highest and best form of Yoga).

Is Hanuman Still Alive in this Age and Time, What is the Proof?

A Higher Spiritual Soul does not need validation for its existence. I asked those Buddhijevi ( who consider themselves more highly intelligent than others and always take science as a parameter to accept any concept ) Even Air is not visible but still we can feel its existence similarly the highest order soul like Hanuman Ji and other Yogis may not be visible with naked eyes but their presence is felt with positivity in the environment.

Yes, a few Yogis and Devotees of Lord Rama and Shri Hanuman Ji have gotten the Darshana of Lord Ramachandra and Shri Hanuman Ji but that is also possible after doing the rigorous practice of yoga and mantra chanting with full devotion and purity in mind, heart, and body.

Again, Yogi of the highest order or sadhana, whose 3rd Eye is Open through Yogic Kriya like Kriya Yoga and Dhyana Yoga they are also able to see Hanuman Ji and other Demigods ( Devi Devta ). It needs at least a year of strong practice to initiate your 3rd Eye opening ( 6th Chakra in Saat Chakra in Kundalini Yoga which is present not in the physical body but only in the Astral Body known as Sookshm Shareer).

Is Hanuman Still Alive in this Age and Time, Is there any Mantras or Rituals to See or Seek his Blessings?

Indeed, Is Hanuman Still Alive in Kaliyuga and we can seek his blessings and even speak to him (as per your clean intention and progress of spirituality ) but it needs strong celibacy, ethos, and devotion to Lord Hanuman Ji and spiritual practice or special mantra assigned to sadhak as per his body and mind structure.

This is due to Kaliyuga, not everyone can perform a strong mantra or tantra sadhana hence the devotional path is the best and easy way to reach God Hanuman Ji and seek his blessings.

Myths – Is Hanuman Still Alive But He is Only Visible to Vaishnav Bhakts

No, it is not a truth, Hanuman Ji is such an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu and also an Avatar of Shri Shiva that he gives his blessings not only to Vaishnavs but also to Shakti (Devotees of Shakti like Durga, Kali), Shaivya (Devotee of Shiva), Ganpatya (Devotee of Lord Ganesha) and everyone who seek truth and lives a life full of truth and purity.

Yes, it is always expected that while doing a spiritual practice of Hanuman Ji, one should strictly follow Brahmacharya, Speak Truth, Stay away from Evil Thoughts, Refrain from doing a wrong act even in the form of Thoughts, Words and Actions. Only then, one can see, speak to Lord Hanuman ji and seek his blessings.

It goes without saying ,also avoid eating non-vegetarian foods, onion, garlic, oily, spicy, and outside food stuff while chanting Hanuman Chalisa.

Any Simple practice to seek Hanuman Ji’s Blessings?

Tulsidas Ji’s ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ is the Best and Easiest way to seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman Ji. One should recite the Hanuman Chalisa daily twice (one for own spiritual progress and another for Saint Tulsidas Ji ) because it is said that Saint Tulsidas ji has created this great Hanuman Chalisa and if one recites only once time Hanuman Chalisa then the Fruits ( Karmafal of that Chalisa goes to Tulsidas Ji as he is the one who owns this Chalisa ) hence many astrologers and saint, monk advice to recite Hanuman Chalisa twice.

Before the chanting Hanuman Chalisa it is also advisable to recite Lord Rama Mantra ( Ram Ramaaya Namah ) or Recite Ram Raksha Stotra.

Light a Sarso ka Tel / mustard oil Diya on Red Colour Asana and lay down for Hanuman ji and devotees themselves should also sit down on red coloured asana. 

Do 1 mala of Ganesha and of Guru Mantra then Shri Rama followed by chanting Hanuman Chalisa.

By doing regular Hanuman Chalisa daily and 5 or 11 times every Tuesday and Saturday one gets the blessing of Hanuman Ji and lives a life full of happiness and peace.

May My Guru Hanuman Ji bless every reader and my well-wishers. Jai Shri Ram

Love and Light,

Nirav Hiingu 

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