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What Does Success Mean According to Human Design Circuitry?

Having taken us on a journey through the four main circuits in Human Design in previous videos, Richard Beaumont now looks through the Circuitry lens to show that success for those with one dominating sort of Circuitry will be very different from those who have a different stream of chemistry running through them.

It’s interesting to contemplate that, not only is each person uniquely different from anyone else but the dominating circuitry also drives us towards seeing success differently. Richard’s hope is that this video will bring greater understanding to his viewers in their own lives, and also help them to see others according to their general circuitry. Thereby being able to see that others have their viewpoints, to no small degree, because of the dominating circuitry in their charts.

I would love to read any of your thoughts or experiences that you have gained through the study of your own Human Design system.

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