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My Vision For Creating Quantum Human Design – Karen Curry Parker

Anytime we go through change, anytime we go through a cycle of growth, part of what happens for us is we get disrupted, you know, oftentimes, it’s these cataclysmic experiences of divorce, illness, losing a job, moving, even good cataclysmic experiences like having children, these experiences cause us to disrupt our old narrative.

When we go through these big experiences, then the story we’ve told, the old story about who we were, is no longer valid, we’re not who we used to be. So we have to tell a new narrative, tell a new story about who we are.
When we go through a cycle of disruption, we’re kicked out into this void state, where we’re like, I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m not who I used to be. I don’t know where I’m headed.

We’re vulnerable in that place. We’re very vulnerable in that place. Because if we’re not careful about consciously navigating through this void cycle, it’s very easy to go back into our comfort zone, to go back into the old story and keep telling that old narrative that maybe doesn’t really fit anymore.

When we have vocabulary and language that supports us in writing a story that’s big enough, strong enough, powerful enough compelling enough to inspire us to move across the void to the other side of the void, into a new expanded expression of who we are, when we have that vocabulary, it becomes easier to write a narrative that really can allow us to shift and change.

That was my vision for creating Quantum Human Design.

In the process of doing that, I’ve done a lot of research about actually how this language, which has all been deliberately crafted and engineered, this language actually impacts us on a cellular level. We can actually shift regulation of epigenes, DNA regulation, by the use of high frequency language.

We know from science that when we use good high quality language, we can actually use the power of language to splice DNA. When we program high frequency language into radio waves, we can use the syntax of language, which is universal across all languages, to change the nature of our DNA, to splice it, to adjust it, to manipulate it.

That’s how powerful language is!

When we speak high quality frequency words to DNA, we put DNA in a jar and we speak loving, beautiful, high quality words to it, it actually causes the coils of DNA to expand, increasing our DNA is capacity to hold light, photons, which is the medium through which our nervous system functions, and our ability, our vibrational frequency, functions. And we’re better able to really increase our vibrational frequency and our influence on others in the world.

When we use lower frequency, heavier, denser language, it actually causes DNA to contract, and we lose our capacity to hold higher frequencies of light and energies, and it makes us more dense and less influential.
So having a set of vocabulary words, that are juicy, high frequency, big enough, bold enough to call us forward is essential for us growing into the fulfillment of who we are.

Do you feel called to use that maximization of your potential to really influence others to become beacons of Light in our community, beacons of alignment in the world?

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Ultimately understanding this tool enables us to come together, gather together, in this state of alignment, this high frequency quality of energy that we embody, to begin to create a critical mass of people who are able to then, collectively, tell a narrative that enhances our ability to attract and experience the elegant solutions to the challenges facing humanity today.

That is why I created Quantum Human Design. I hope you’ll join us.

Karen Curry Parker
30-year Transformational Teacher, Author, Speaker & Coach. Creator & Trainer of Quantum Human Design™ & the Quantum Alignment System™ 📚🧬❤️

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