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Human Design is Not for Everyone – Karen Curry Parker

Viktor Frankl, the Holocaust survivor, who wrote the book, Man’s Search for Meaning, talks about how the only thing you really have control over in your life is how you respond to life.

So if you think about stimulus, and response, most of us when we have a stimulus or experience an event we react, and that reaction is based on who we think we are, the stories we’ve told, the things our parents said about us, the things our teachers told us, it’s also even influenced by your epigenes, your ancestral lineage, things that happened to your family and your family lineage generations before you even got here.

What Quantum Human Design™ does is, it teaches you how to take back control over that gap between stimulus and response so that you’re not reacting anymore. When you encounter a stimulus in life, and it can be something great and amazing, or something that maybe isn’t what you had planned or hoped for, Quantum Human Design gives you the vocabulary, and it gives you a path to understanding yourself well enough to know that when you encounter a stimulus, you can consciously and deliberately choose what you’re going to do in response to that stimulus.

When you take back control over what’s in that gap between stimulus and response you regain your control over your creative power and you can start pivoting and being sustainable, and building a life that’s rooted in well-being, a life that reflects the true value of who you are.

When you learn to take back control over what’s in that gap between stimulus and response, you get to choose your response, but there’s another thing that happens, because this is really not just a stimulus response, it’s actually a segment in a feedback loop.

When you start to be able to control or deliberately choose your response to stimulus, you also start to change what stimuli are going to show up in your life. So now instead of just randomly reacting, oftentimes with fear to what’s showing up, you’re consciously choosing what you want to be creating, you’re consciously choosing your response. And as you continue to consciously choose your response, what shows up starts to change and the life that you’re living starts to reflect the level of faith, alignment and peace that you’ve created because you’ve gotten control over that story.

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