The Untold Secret To META LOGO In Less Than Ten Minutes

Meta Logo Analysis: Today, I will discuss the name numerology of a company and do the logo analysis, which needs no introduction. It is one of the largest social media platforms, globally known as Facebook and now named META or Meta Inc.

Meta, or Meta Platform Inc., is doing business with Brand Name META, formerly known as Facebook, the world’s largest American-based technology-driven company, with a multibillion-dollar business that includes major brands such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

It is considered one of the five biggest American information technology companies, alongside Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. ( Source: Wikipedia )

Facebook, now called Meta, is owned and founded by Mark Zuckerberg, in 2004 with its headquarters in Menlo Park, California, USA.

META got registered in an IPO in 2012, wherein the founder, Mark Zukerberg, owned shares worth 22 % and a voting share of 57 %.

Since Facebook changed and rebranded as Meta Inc., lots of ups and downs in its business structure have been seen.

So, let’s dive into business name numerology and META logo analysis.

So, when we calculate the alphabet as per the numerology calculation in Chaldean, we get the name total as 35 for Facebook and 10 for FB ( as to date people keep saying FB rather than Facebook).

READING for Facebook: NUMBER 35

Struggle due to the association with bad friends: It warns of dangers, disappointments, and failure due to bad advice. It talks about unhappy partnerships. Those with the number 35 as the date of birth number should take care about not taking the advice of other people. Also, if the name is a compound number of 35, it should be changed immediately.

The Chaldean Reading clearly shows that this name energy is full of dangers, warnings, and failure. We have seen that Facebook Inc. has faced many criticisms and even gotten into a big controversy like Cambridge Analytica.

FB Reading comes as 10 

The number indicates a rise and fall according to personal desire, great willpower and likely would. If a person is born with something to achieve in his life either good or bad, it is likely to manifest and materialize. Imagine and it shall we get fulfilled and it will materialize the power to manifest in this Cosmos but used with wisdom.

Although both the readings are positive and negative, Facebook Inc. still shows insane growth, which transforms a technology startup into a conglomerate.

Now, let’s look for Name Analysis for META or META INC, then later we will go to META Logo Analysis.

META Total comes to 14, which is said to be a material number, and it drives the team towards its end goal or vision of the company.

READING FOR META as Number 14 

This number has monetary gains as a result of the changes: This number will bring luck for a moment, and travel can be fortunate provided the company passes through tough transitions in business structure and there are warnings of danger from accidents. 

It is a mistake to rely on others hence the company has to take its one decision and avoid relying on other resources. There are always 14 numbers of speculative power and it will bring power and authority in the form of high risks, such as gambling, baseball, the lottery, etc., but there is always a danger of loss due to overconfidence.

So, Number 14 is the number of big changes which is a roller coaster ride for the team meta inc.

Now, move to the META Logo Analysis in detail to peep as to whether the logo suits the business line and products.


Meta also known as Meta Platforms Inc reading to this name numerology comes 63

META Logo Analysis

Infinity Symbol in META Logo

The Graphic in the META Logo Show symbol of Infinity a term we’re introduced to in our that perpetuity can also be used in drugs, gospel, social roles, etc. perpetuity is characterized by innumerable objects or generalities which have no limits or size.

The Infinity Symbol in META Logo depicts the never-ending process. The Infinity sign says and empathized by many scientists and philosophers that the concept is to show a vast and boundless area of the universe. Hence, whenever we use such symbols ( in the case of the META Logo ) it represents higher energies of the universe.

Overall, there are three major applications of the infinity symbol:

the mathematical

the physical

the metaphysical

However, because the company META logo has a smooth transition curvature, it does not match the technology because this smooth structure and curvature can be used for communication, human touch, love, and affection. Because the company META is into technology, the Infinity Sign META logo creates a huge contradiction.


The Font used in the META Logo is quite simple and capital letters show a good eye-catching and attention-gaining structure. Thus, the company META Logo Font gains good momentum and moves faster towards its goal.

But as I said before, the technology-based company should avoid this curvature in graphics and font, META Logo consists more of Infinite Energies creating big havoc in the company as well as in the outside world.

We have also seen that Facebook Inc now META has fired 11,000 employees globally which shocked the whole IT world.

We can see the company share right now drop down drastically to $ 111.14 at NASDAQ

The Colour in the META LOGO

The Blue Colour in the META Logo shows the expansion and infinity of energies which keep on flowing in motion leading to a smooth transition but on the other hand, BLUE is also seen for Trust, Reliability, and Authority which META Platform INC already established itself Tech World

The black Colour is said to be the color of absorption, and hence the tech giant is incubating and absorbing all the data information across the globe. We all know that tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Meta Inc. have more data on individuals than anyone else in the world.

Conclusion: I can conclude that the company’s meta-logo has a mix of positive and negative aspects that I believe it needs to change in order to avoid further damage and maintain its business growth; otherwise, this company needs to sell its venture or enter into a merger and acquisition to maintain its current leadership as a TECH giant.

I hope my small review on META Logo Analysis has helped my well-wishers and students of Logo Design Analysis as how a Logo Design creates a tremendous impact on the mind of consumers as well as on the business.


Nirav Hiingu

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