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Deep and Impactful Change – Jennifer Passavant

Jennifer Passavant is an Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Healing Practitioner, and Channeler of Divine Beings. MysticMag digs a little deeper.

When did you first sense that you had a gift that perhaps others did not have or were not aware of?

When I was little, I had many paranormal/metaphysical experiences, but I never thought of myself as having “abilities”. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens and early 20’s that I began to realize that not everyone had these experiences, and I began to notice new gifts and abilities that would later play a role in what I do now.

When did you become an ordained Interfaith Minister and what were the reasons for this?

I became Ordained in the Order of Melchizedek through Dan Chesbro and the Church of the Sanctuary of the Beloved in 2018 and it was because I already had a fascination with Melchizedek and wanting to better understand the roll this energy/impulse/Order plays in our history and our spiritual evolution and how it will continue to play a role in our continued evolution.
When I learned of this ordination opportunity, I KNEW it was something I was meant to do. The attunement created many clearings and upgrades to my energetic system, and I feel it has helped me to be in better service to others, hold more Divine Light, and operate from a greater level of love and compassion.

What can you tell us about your modality Angel Energy Healing – its origins, process, and functions?

Angel Energy Healing is a unique healing modality in which I channel a high vibrational Seraph angel who calls himself “Ian” as well as the Goddess/Ascended Master, Quan Yin. Ian and Quan Yin work in tandem through me, by moving my body and sending their individual energetic healing frequencies through me, to cleanse, open, activate, and balance your chakras, cut etheric cords, work on specific areas of the body, as well as cleanse and seal the auric field. By doing this, it stimulates healing on all levels and raises one’s vibration.

I first became aware of Ian (though, I was not yet aware of who he was) in 2011 when a friend of mine was doing energy healing on me and I heard a voice say, “Just relax.” So, I did! I was put in such a deep state of relaxation that has not since been repeated and my breathing was being controlled. I began to breathe more and more rapidly until I was beginning to feel my extremities tingle due to hypoxia. I stopped this because I wasn’t sure who this was or what they were doing to me so for another two years I was guided to a few other energy healers with whom I was put in a similar state. I finally realized that the “Just relax” being was using the energy of others to get me to a certain energetic point, though I wasn’t sure why yet. So, thankfully, the healer I was working with at the time (this was now early 2013) agreed to run energy until I allowed this state (breathing/tingling) to complete. After that, every time I meditated, I could go into that state on my own!
In the Fall of 2013 I was listening to The Teachings of Abraham and Esther Hicks (who channels Abraham) and her husband, Jerry. They were discussing how she came to channel Abraham and she was told to meditate to meet her guide and during meditation she was put in a deep relaxed state and her breathing changed, she said she felt as though she was “being breathed”, as in, she was not in control of her breathing.
As soon as I heard this I KNEW the same thing was happening to me! I had several psychics and intuitives confirm this for me as I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea that I was channeling a Divine Being! They all essentially said that he is like an Archangel, he exists in the Saraphim realm, and I agreed to experience this prior to incarnation.
On Christmas Day he began moving my head and body and on New Years Eve he began vocalizing through me! It took over a full year to be able to fully integrate our energies (I had to work quite hard at not only raising my vibration so we could fully merge our energies, but also to practice him speaking through me). During this time he began moving my body and hands and said that I needed to pay attention as we would be doing energy healing on others. This came as quite a surprise to me! Quan Yin made her presence known in early 2017 while I was performing energy healing on my mom and the energy felt quite different (like warm water, as opposed to the electric energy of Ian) and my hands were put into various mudras as we worked. Her feminine energy balances out Ian’s masculine energies and they work through me in tandem to do energy healing on others! Forgive the length as this story is a challenge to condense.

How exactly do you work with your clients and how do you gauge which approach to take?

Unless I am doing Holistic or Spirit Expos/Fairs, I do all my work remotely over the phone which is nice as it allows me to work on anyone anywhere. I have found remote work to be more effective than working directly on the body so, even when I am doing mini-healings at events, I don’t work directly on the client’s body (why mess with a good thing?).
Sometimes my clients determine for themselves what they feel they need but, for those unsure, it really depends on the issue they’re seeking to work through. So, I have them, without giving me any details (I prefer to not know anything going into a session) tell me what led them to seek out my services and I can make a recommendation from there. All of my energy healing sessions end in Intuitive Life Coaching because what’s the point of having an energy healing session unless you also learn how and why the energies are the way they are and then learn tools and techniques to ensure that all of the energy healing that was done that day doesn’t get reversed due to the client slipping back into the same programmed thoughts, beliefs, and triggered responses that created the imbalance in the first place?

Would you say your mission is to enhance the spiritual growth and development of others?

Yes, absolutely! Having someone simply tell you that you were Princess Winter Spring Summer Fall from Nebula Nine three lifetimes ago does NOTHING to stimulate the raising of one’s consciousness level as it doesn’t assist one in healing/releasing those energies (programmed thoughts and beliefs, emotional wounds, traumas, etc.) that are keeping one’s consciousness at its current level. It is this healing through doing shadow work that stimulates spiritual growth. You can meditate and listen to spiritual music all day while sharing positive spiritual memes on social media all day but this is not how one’s consciousness is raised. One must look at their wounds, programming, and triggers and I’m here to help people do exactly that.

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