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How to gain popularity using the law of attraction? (Explained)

How to gain popularity using the law of attraction? If you’re looking for the answer to this question, you’re in the right place.

There is no doubt that the Law Of Attraction can help you gain popularity. It doesn’t matter if you want to gain popularity in school, sports, work, among your friends, within your family, or even on social media, you can become famous and popular with the help of the law of attraction.

In this article, you’ll learn exactly how to use the law of attraction to gain popularity and become famous in any area you desire.

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Gain popularity using the law of attraction: A step-by-step guide

Here’s how to gain popularity using the law of attraction:

Step 1: Begin loving yourself

First, you must love yourself to become popular among others.

I understand that you want to attract more popularity into your life because you believe it will help you love yourself more, but this will not happen.

That is the cold, hard truth. If you believe fame will bring you self-esteem, you are in for a rude awakening.

If you achieve the popularity you desire but aren’t truly happy with yourself, you’ll feel good for a month or two, but then you’ll revert to your old habits. So you should take some time right now to start loving and appreciating yourself.

Step 2: Visualize being popular

Visualize yourself being popular. And, have a good feeling associated with it when you do it.

Visualizing your goal with a positive feeling makes you feel good and program your subconscious mind to achieve it in the real world.

The Law of Attraction states that when you feel the emotion of having something before you have it, it will come to you.

So, the more you can feel the emotion of being famous, the sooner you will experience it.

Step 3: Use Affirmations daily

To help you manifest more popularity in your life, start wiring your brain to believe that you are popular right now.

Positive affirmations can help you in this matter. Affirmations are statements you make to yourself that help you manifest the reality you desire.

They complement the Law of Attraction and should be used daily. Below is a list of affirmations to help you gain popularity using the law of attraction:

  • I am a well-liked and content person.
  • I’m very good at making new friends.
  • I can make people happy simply by being myself.
  • I am skilled at making others happy.
  • I am a believer.
  • I can pick my friends wisely.
  • Others enjoy being around me.
  • People are drawn to me because I am so upbeat.
  • I like being the center of attention.
  • I am confident in myself, and others can tell.
  • I’m gaining popularity.
  • Others look up to me.
  • I’m aware that I can easily make new friends.
  • Others notice how confident I am.
  • My personality attracts others.
  • Making new friends comes easily to me.
  • I enjoy expressing myself to others.
  • I value having a supportive social circle.

Pick your favorite affirmations and recite them as much as possible throughout the day.

Step 4: Feel and act as if you’re popular

Act as if you already have all of the attention you desire. When you begin to act as if you have something before you have it, it will come to you. It’s the truth.

So, starting right now, you’re going to step outside of your comfort zone and start acting like you’re already popular. Start believing that you’ve already achieved the popularity you’re seeking for.

Start speaking louder, and whenever you feel a little shy, push through it and speak. More often than not, smile and acknowledge everyone you see. Try to imagine yourself as the most confident person you’ve ever met or heard of.

In short, start acting as a popular person. Think, do, and speak as the popular person that you want to be.

Step 5: Get rid of self-limiting belief

The main obstacle to becoming popular is your own limiting belief.

Even if you want to gain popularity, you may have a negative attitude inside that is stopping you from getting it.

There will always be doubt and skepticism in your mind about your goal of being popular. You need to get rid of them. How do you do that?

You can get rid of limiting beliefs by practicing the law of attraction daily


There you go, now you know how to gain popularity using the law of attraction. Practice the law of attraction and follow the advice mentioned here and you’ll find yourself popular any time soon.

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