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EXPLORE Other Dimensions of LIFE 🪬 DMT Music for Manifestation Meditation

DMT Music to EXPLORE Other Dimensions of Life through Deep Meditation Music for Manifestation. Explore the Depths of Your Potential Self and Unlock Higher Power within you. Go into a Deep State of Meditation and Mid Deep where you are able to Release dmt and experience higher states or rare states of higher consciousness mind. Explore Infinite Realms of Consciousness with this Music.
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Humans have extraordinary abilities that range from the physical to the mental and spiritual. The pineal gland within the human brain is responsible for producing and releasing a natural powerful psychedelic molecule known as DMT, dimethyltrptamine. DMT has been linked to birth, death, and reincarnation, as well as a multitude of other fascinating experiences

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💫 About This Music
☯ 372 Hz Open New Dimensions, Universal Solfeggio Scale
☯ 40 Hz Brain’s Operating System, Gamma Awareness
☯︎ 4 Hz Spiritual Powers, DMT Release, Ultra Delta Power

☯ Follow your own intuition
☯ Listen while meditating or sleeping (Seating or Lying down)
☯ Listen to 15 min minimum daily for 7 Days minimum
☯ Best listened to with reasonable Headphones or Earbuds
☯ Observe your breath naturally to become mindless
☯ After mindless you will reach the Flow State (Soul State)
☯ Let Yourself Go

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