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{HARDCORE formula} the ENDGAME of your manifestation journey ⛔


Endgame formula will truly be an endgame on your manifestation journey because this formula will change your whole life forever.

This formula is inspired by 6 infinity stones in Avengers but I modify its function a bit to make this formula UNIVERSAL and RELIGIOUS-PEOPLE friendly.

Actually, our mind has unlimited potential and nothing is impossible for it.
But most of us suppress that potential by doubting our own self.
We’re used to believe that we’re a limited human-being.
This formula will help you with that.

It acts as an energy supply to help you opening all potential inside you.
You’re gonna activate your unlimited power to control 6 aspects of your life.
1. Time control: be able to rewind, pause, fast forward, going back, or slowing down any events of your life
2. Space control: Enable you to travel anywhere you want, include an access to multiverse
3. Reality control: Modify your reality and creates any reality that you want
4. Mind: Be able to fully control your mind to manifest anything that you want.
5. Power: Has an unlimited power, even a supernatural one.
6. Soul: Gain access to the main essence of your being, fully control your spiritual energy and ability (as example: ability to do astral projection), and mastering meditation.

How does this formula supply an energy to your mind?
Everything in universe is energy at the most fundamental levels.
This formula will capture those unlimited energy.
After that, the captured energy will be filtrated.
Only the balanced and positive energy that will be transmitted.
Finally, all energy will be converted to be suitable for each mind.
The transmitted energy will perfectly match your mind!
So this formula is suitable for everyone!

This formula also reprograms and transforms your whole mindset to be ready to manifest!
Lastly, it will be an assumption-targeted specifier.
Our mind has unlimited potential.
However, sometimes we don’t know how to utilize that energy.
Instead, we waste our energy on our negative thoughts and keep worrying of not getting result.
In this formula, it will help you to specify and focusing your energy to strengthen your assumption and bring it to your reality.

Are you ready?

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