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Acknowledging, unloading, and healing with Naranjan Nota

Naranjan Nota knew she had to elevate her life experience and unload the “rocks” she was carrying. While in this journey, she also started to, in her words, “help other people re-connect you to your light, your soul and to help you be a bright shining light while on this beautiful planet”.

In this interview for MysticMag, Naranjan gave us more details about her journey, the main issues that people have that block their happiness and shared a message with our audience that is really insightful. Don’t miss this interview!

When did you discover your gift, and that you wanted to dedicate your professional life to it?

Sometimes you just ‘know’ what’s right for you. My curiosity about the unseen, supernatural, and mysticism world captured my attention at a young age and strengthened as life unfolded. The innate part of me presented a path from what I needed to learn from. I’m not exclusive to pain, suffering, and all problematic parts of life.

However, I choose to step into it with courage, strength and determination to go deeper and heal the wounds from the core of my soul. Over the years in living a very materialistic life and getting beaten through encounters at home, at work and in life in its entity caused me to lean into my innate gifts others recognized in me. In doing so, and building a stronger connection with my higher selves and soul, that resulted in seeing a clear path toward feeling a sense of ease, calm, and confidence in my abilities, all of which became very clear.

Having still on the journey of healing my own intergenerations trauma and wounds for the last 20+ years and still counting, I’m now being guided by my soul to be a guide, mentor and teacher for others going through the same. The validation I receive from my soul and mentors in the energetic realms confirms my work for myself and with others. My clients’ higher self and soul show me explicit confirmation of their healing and growth and hearing from them how they are feeling more peace, clarity and calm in their daily life while activating their own innate gifts.

You’ve learned several alternative methods and modalities in your journey. How do you combine Astrology, Ayurvedic etc… to help your clients?

We are holistic energetic beings and addressing the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soul parts of who you truly are is crucial for healing from pain and suffering, but also igniting unseen energetic gifts embedded in your soul.

Various modalities allow actual information for the human mental mind to comprehend and learn parts of who we are in a different context from the mainstream. Sages have used various modality practices for many decades and generations, originating from the true essence of spirituality.

The layering of information I present to clients adds more context for them to recognize their karmic gifts that are presented as life challenges and experiences. While it’s an opportunity to learn from the past, it’s a gift to highlight future opportunities that give life new meaning and purpose.

What are the main issues that block people from living an expansive, meaningful, and confident life?

The fear of self-reflection on a deeper level and being content with mediocre. The culture of mindset shift has taken a life of its own, bypassing significant parts of oneself that are begging for attention and change. Yet, the true growth must come from an all-encompassing mind, body, spirit and soul.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and so, the obstacles and challenges presented in front of you are an invitation to look at yourself deeper and why it’s being presented in the first place. The opportunity to give yourself time, energy, space and awareness coupled with tools to heal all parts of you, mind, body, spirit and soul results in an expansion of your consciousness, awareness bringing in more confidence and meaning with a greater purpose.

In your experience, what can be treated with your methods?

It may sound presumptuous to say ‘everything’! Ultimately, there is an energetic charge behind every single life experience that triggers a thought, word and or action. This is how life presents its lessons through emotionally charged experiences. Once the charge is dissected and healed on an energetic level, the words, actions and thoughts can then be pursued with a greater sense of satisfaction, grace, wonder, harmony and gratification rather than an obligation, guilt, shame, or necessity.

Only through careful observation and diligent practice of awareness can one begin the process of true inner-standing. The opportunity to expand consciousness and use one’s birthright innate gifts that can positively influence the physical world around you today.

You have a blog post with the title “Don’t be Fearful”. Do you believe that people in general are more fearful these days?

The recent worldly events have created chaos, anxiety, conflict, resulting in a lack of confidence in the future in both personal relationships and family lives and professional workplaces and businesses. While for some, the pendulum might have only swung slightly, for others, there’s a stark contrast from far left to far right that is more prominent and visible in behavior and actions towards others and oneself.

When going through any experience that’s not in your normal daily routine, it can be scary, daunting and can be very painful, activating the fight-flight-freeze response that causes physiological trauma reactions triggered by a psychological fear. Depending on one’s baseline state of managing fear will dictate how one will recover from the strong on-set of fear. However, the opportunity to recognize one’s response is crucial to learn how to calm the nervous system and transform the relationship with the ‘perceived fear’ into a healthy and manageable experience.

Perhaps it’s how life is designed to be witnessed through the far left to right swung and the experiences and your awareness that allow one to find that neutral ground and settle into a safe, secure, peace, and calm. Often the process that is revealed to create balance is through what is not visible with the make eye, the unseen world. One can’t see calm, peace, yet the feeling of it is very palatable, and it’s through this journey that leads to connecting with oneself’s higher knowledge, expanded awareness and insight into the self.

You have a podcast with four seasons and different topics for each one. Where do you recommend we start and can you share with us your experience creating that content?

Start at the beginning or allow your intuition to guide you to listen to interviews in an adhoc sequence that interests you. Since the interviewees are all from varied backgrounds and all walks of life, they offer wisdom and life lessons that can be incorporated in life now or in years to come. It’s truly about when you’re ready to receive the opportunities of knowledge and expansion. Trust the wisdom will present itself when you’re ready to receive it.

I am deeply humbled and honored for the opportunity to speak to so many individuals around the world who have dedicated decades and even lifetimes in harnessing many of their crafts to a mastery level. The interviewees are so gracious and generous in responding to bold and deep questions which make for conversations with depth and tangible life lesson that people can incorporate into their daily life and or reflect on how they may go about mastering a craft in their own life.

Please share with us a special message in these challenging times.

Life doesn’t need to be hard, difficult, and full of pain and suffering. The notion of giving into the challenging and uncomfortable parts of life as ‘these were the terrible set of cards I’ve been dealt me with in this lifetime, so I’ve to grin and bear it is false. Rather, looking at the painful and draining parts of life as opportunities for growth when given an opportunity to look at it from a different viewpoint.

Get some support, guidance and knowledge from someone who resonates with you. By investing in yourself, the ride of life can be more joyful, peaceful, calmer and fun, only if you choose. The accessibility of all your heart’s desire is available and within reach, sometimes we’re just looking in the wrong direction. Seeking support from others offering a different perspective can be positivity life changing. Dare you take on the challenge?

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