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Intuitive Life and the Art of Manifestation (AOM) with Sterling Mire

A pyshic and intuitive person, experience with life coaching, psychology and astrology, and also an author! Sterling Mire wears many hats and that’s the main subject of this interview for MysticMag.

We asked Sterling about manifestation, her last book – The AOM System: Manifestation Mastery in 30 Days! – and what is the first step to take to find purpose in life. Check out the interview below!

When did you discover the idea of manifestation and the power that comes with manifesting your ideas and desires?

My interest in manifesting first arose when I was aware that I was passionate about life and wanted to live it fully. At the age of 5 I was already aware that I wanted to experience an extraordinary life, however, as I grew older, I started to notice that logic wasn’t actually responsible for the outcomes in life and that results that were produced in life often didn’t even make sense. For example, someone could be talented but unsuccessful and vice versa, someone could be only fairly talented at best but wildly successful.

This began my quest for knowledge and understanding about how outcomes were created. At the age of 13, my aunt gifted me the book “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. This was my introduction to understanding that focus, determination and intention were essential factors for producing results as well as generating energy within reflecting the physical manifestation of our desires.

One of your blog posts was about the pandemic and the toll on mental health. What is your first advice for someone that is struggling with mental health problems?

Health is multi-faceted. There are many aspects to our health and it is all connected. To be healthy, we need to address and correct, or heal, as well as maintain our physicality, our mentality and our spirituality. Our health is our foundation, a space for things to grow in our lives. This is why I encourage my clients to create the ideal health keeping in mind those three aspects that make up our health. Creating and experiencing miracles in our health category is accessible with the right tools and knowledge. When our health is being restored we can create anything else we desire! Spontaneous healing is also a real phenomenon that we are innately capable of. Because dis-ease creates diseases, healing emotionally and mentally is where we begin the healing process so the physical healing naturally follows.

Please present to us your book The AOM System: Manifestation Mastery in 30 Days! When did you have the idea to write it?

Manifesting is what we were born to do; we cannot opt out of it. Our purpose in life is to create. Life in its most fundamental form is simply a series of creations and experiences. That is all. Take a moment and think about that statement. When are we not creating and experiencing our creations? Even when we sleep we create a dream and experience it. We create slow, steady breathing and experience the oxygen in our bodies such as relaxation. Physical healing and growth also gets created, for instance. We are creating our lives as each moment passes.

However, like a powerful out-of-control magician with a magic wand, we can also create all of those things we do not want. Everything, and I mean everything, in our lives is purely by our design only. This is why everyone’s lives are uniquely designed and the dramatic differences can be astounding! This is all by our design, either consciously or unconsciously. We create our happiness and success, or lack of. So, if we are experiencing things in our lives we do not want and/or have the things we don’t want the good news is we can create only the things we DO want! Everything in our lives can transform quickly and powerfully!

We all want happiness and success and why not? I cannot imagine a better motivation for creating a formula, a step-by-step guide for doing just that. That is what the AOM System™ is. My desire and purpose is to share this 22-year-old tried and true system with the world because we can all easily live our ideal lives. In fact, it is our birthright and our purpose, to fulfill all of our love based creative visions, sourced by the creative force we all came from, which is limitless love.

What makes the Art of Manifestation (AOM) unique?

I do not know of any other method that produces powerful and consistent results like the AOM System™. It is a foolproof system if you apply it to your life exactly as it is designed. I have worked with people all over the world for over a decade and each client has produced a 100% success rate. I don’t know of any other program that offers those kinds of results and so quickly.

You offer a course on how to become an AOM life coach. Do you believe that anyone can be an AOM life coach or do you look for specific profiles?

The AOM System™ itself originates from the truth of who we truly are and the truth of how life works, therefore, everyone has the potential to not only understand and live according to these truths but also can teach them as well if they are ready. The operative word here is not “if” but “when”.

In your professional life coaching work, what do you observe as the main blocks people have that harm their professional careers?

People’s main blocks are their faulty belief system. Our lives are a result of what we believe. If we believe something that doesn’t support what we want to create and experience in life then we are blocked; trapped in our own self-created prison. It really is that simple. Belief is so powerful we can move some of the most stubborn obstacles that surround us.

What is the first step to take to find purpose in life?

Discover what it is that you truly love to do. You can flourish and thrive in anything. There is even a guy who created his whole career that is growing by leaps and bounds around standing on one hand. One can say, our purpose is to discover our purpose and thrive and flourish within that purpose. One common purpose we all have is to love. Love everything as much as possible deeply and profoundly. Love is also the fuel, the source for all creations and manifestations.

Please share a special message with our readers in these challenging times.

Never give up on yourself, others and life itself. All things must pass, desirable or undesirable. Everything in life is fluid and all breakdowns hold the seeds for a breakthrough, so, breakdowns are actually gifts of opportunity. With some slight shifts in our perspectives and some useful tools we can all live Heaven on earth. It really is accessible. For all.

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