Why Number 24 in Numerology is the KEY to Success?

For so many years I have been wondering about Number 24 in Numerology. Many people keep asking me about Number 24 charisma as per the numerology in Hindi which encouraged me to write this blog so as to give a deep insight about the same.

I am sure out of these listed questions , a few must have definitely crossed your mind too. 

So let’s dive into the spectrum of number 24 via these questions and unfold the mystery of Number 24 and know the meaning of 24 from a practical, material and spiritual perspective.

Is 24, a Lucky Number in my Date of Birth?

Is 24, always a Lucky Number?

What is the Significance of Number 24 in Blue Colour in Human Psychology?

What is 24 Numerology?

Why doesn’t Garuda Indonesia airlines have seat number 24 ?

What are some amazing facts about the number 24?

Is there any significance of Number 24 in Numerology as per the religious facts?

Compound Number 24 in Numerology

What is the Importance of Number 24 in the Sanatan Dharma, Bible and other religious script ?

The Number 24 normally has to do with the priesthood in the holy bible scriptures. If you read 1st first Chronicles 24 vs 1 – 18.

David assigned 24 men, who were offspring of Aaron, the priestly duties. Each priest was provided a different task as well as duties & responsibilities of the shelter of Almighty God.

Likewise we can check out in Discovery 4 vs 4 of the 24 elders around the throne of God in heaven. These 24 elders are dressed in white raiment and have gold crowns upon their heads.

Number 24 In Numerology and Sanatan Hindu Dharma : 

Dharma stresses upon the prayer of one God Ahura (Asura) Varuna of the Vedas; materialized in 2 kinds, the so-called Double Spirits — Purusha and Prakriti; or Brahma and Maya; whose life- interplay brings out all materialized forms. 

Number 24 is also seen significant in the 3000 years old ancient hymn, the Gayatri Mantra. It consists of 24 Letters/Varna in Mantra (Om is consider as Pranav Hence can’t count in Mantra ).ॐ भूर्भुव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो न: प्रचोदयात्। 

24 letters of Gayatri Mantra & Number 24 in Numerology

Gaytri mantra has 24 letters. They are: 1.tat, 2.sa, 3.vi, 4.tur, 5.va , 6.re, 7.ni, 8.yam, 9.bhar, 10.go, 11.de, 12.va, 13.sya, 14.dhi, 15.ma, 16.hi, 17.dhi, 18.yo, 19.yo, 20.nah, 21.pra, 22.cho, 23.da and 24.yat.

The 24 Varna are said to be individual energy centers which as are follows 

Om: The primeval sound

Bhur: The physical body or physical realm

Bhuvah: The life force or the mental realm

Suvah: The soul or spiritual realm

Tat: That (God)

Savitur: The Sun — creator (source of all life )

Varenyam: adore

Bhargo: Effulgence (divine light)

Devasya: Supreme Lord

Dhimahi: Meditate

Dhiyo: The intellect

Yo: May this light

Nah: Our

Prachodayat: Illumine or inspire

The General Meaning of 24 Number in Gayatri Mantra is 

“We meditate on that most adored Supreme Lord, The Creator, whose effulgence (divine light) illuminates all realms (physical, mental, and spiritual). May this divine light illuminate our intellect.”

What is 24 Numerology?

Number 24 has been given much importance by many Eminent Numerologists in India and other nations. Number 24 is considered a Compound Number due to the influence of 2 planets – Moon + Venus. People born on this date are associated with great financial success.

They are day-dreamers and need to utilize the practicality in their life.

Is 24 a Lucky Number in my Date of Birth ?

As mentioned above, those born on the 24th of any month,are blessed with the energy of these 2 planets. Nowadays, every numerologist and their students keep advising others to write number 24 on their name plate, creating tattoos on hand or body parts displaying to the public.

I think, all  these are rumors and wrong interpretations of people and by half baked knowledge gained by numerologists and astrologists who consider Number 24 in Numerology Lucky and auspicious for every single human which is not so.

Is 24 a Lucky Number always?

As mentioned, not everyone gets positive vibes from Number 24(2+4=6) in Numerology. In fact, Leading Astrologer and Numerologist Mr.Anupam Kapil has stated last year i.e initial month of 2022, adding the digits 2+0+2+2 ,we get a total of digit 6 which is the current year. 

Number 6 is governed by planet Venus and brings lots of disturbances and obstacles and his predictions came true.

There are also good Numerologists who consider Number 24 in Numerology auspicious. Probably, they are into Astrology + Numerology hence with calculations of Astrology ( Zodiac Sign, Nakshatra – Constellations ) they are able to get accuracy in their reading.

What is the Significance of Number 24 in Blue Color in Human Psychology?

There are few sayings and myths also that Number 24 has a deeper connection with blue which is the color of expansion, reliability, trust and security. These are qualities of Blue Colour in Psychology but I haven’t found any deeper connection of 24 Number in Numerology with Blue Color.

Why doesn’t Garuda Indonesia airline have seat number 24 ?

There are mixed reviews on Seat number 24 in Garuda Indonesia. Some say seats are not available with an intention and few say it is available.

I found Garuda Indonesia does have Seat No.24 – Check the Site Link for Reference –


( PS- I am not promoting any affiliate link nor any paid promotion for any site/company ).

They do have seats number 24 for B747–400. Garuda Indonesia uses a universal number (and letter) for all of their seats in all airplanes. This means rows numbered between 1–5 in any plane would be first class. Rows 6–20 would be business class. Rows 21-end would be economy.

However, a few incidents have been reported with this airline where accidents have happened in which number 24 has been  noticed.
On 24 September 1975, Garuda Indonesia Flight 150 crashed on approach to Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport.

On 4 April 1987, Garuda Indonesia Flight 035 hit a pylon and crashed on approach to Polonia International Airport in bad weather. 24 people were killed.

(Quoted from Garuda Indonesia – Wikipedia)

Number 24 in Numerology

What are some amazing facts about the number 24 in numerology and astrology?

According to one Astrologer citing on Quora – Number 24 number of karmic rewards earned in past incarnations. It is blessed with love, money and creativity. 

It works better when it’s the birth number. The gifts of 24 must not be abused as ancient scriptures warn that a person will be born with difficult number 18, in case of abuse.

Therefore 24 as birthdate or name number bestows good life in general(to be read in toto with horoscope) one must honor the gifts of 24 and share the good with others or work for the welfare of society, in general.

Personally Speaking Number 24 in Numerology has created big hype by so called Astro-Numerologists and their blind followers. Now, let’s move on as What Number 24 in Numerology reading states for general prediction.

Number 24 in Numerology ( Birth Number )

Current Citation is taken from Numerologist Anupam Kapil’s Book – Numerology Made Easy.

You are under the combined influence of the Moon (2) and Venus (2+4). This is a birthday associated with great financial success. But you have to give up  daydreaming and utilize the practical side of your nature.

You should fight worry, fault-finding and jealousy. There is a tendency to fickleness and to shift from one activity to another. 

You are very responsible, generous and devoted to your family. Companionship and love are very important for you, but you may experience heartbreak or problems in marriage. 

You have a decided inclination towards art and beauty. Harmony is important for and you can sacrifice much to maintain important


You are versatile and gifted in the arts, alternative therapies, healing or drama. You are a good and persuasive speaker. 

Your personality attracts people. Those of high rank and of the opposite sex will help you. You may marry into a rich family. This birthday is good for speculation. 

You should try to curb your strong ego. You love luxury and material comforts, and have expensive tastes due to the influence of Venus. You also have lots of energy and a craving to achieve. Missed opportunities or wasted time greatly troubles you.

Professions in which you will be successful are in the arts, finance, jewelry, perfumery, food and beverage industry, boutiques, toys and chemicals.

Number 24 in Numerology and Compound Number

Number 24 in Numerology as a Compound Number is considered as fortunate as it promises the assistance of an association with high ranking people, in the realization of one’s own plans.

This number 24 in numerology also denotes gain through love and opposite sex and it seems to be promising and favourable number when it occurs to relation with future event.

Thus coming on the conclusion part, before naming or adding any name or letter of your name or company name, it is better to consult a practicing numerologist who also knows Vedic Astrology with Numerology Science as Numerology is Science of Vibrations and works more on Phonetic rather than adding any letter and making it auspicious to get faster results.

I hope my small efforts on this topic of Number 24 in Numerology brings enough wisdom and knowledge to you. I leave it up to you, to decide as per your belief and perception.

Love & Light,

Nirav Hiingu

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