Law of Attraction

Using Mantras to Upgrade Your Spells

Do you have a mantra you use regularly?

You might think not, but chances are there are a string of words you’re in the habit of repeating that harnesses your attention in a specific and focused way.

And we know wherever our attention goes, matching manifestations follow.

Here are a few “unintentional” mantras I’ve heard others repeat (and maybe even used myself):

“People.” (Spoken with disdain and a shaking of the head.)

Or “It figures.” Or “WTF.” Or “Just my luck.” Or “Time is flying by!”

Often we don’t even realize the mantras we’re engaging in daily life, spreading their vibrational magic all over our reality.

But we can put that magic to good use by engaging better mantras on purpose.

That’s what I did to turn around a habit of complaint about the development in my neighborhood. I made up a little mantra (“Dark skies, beautiful views, open spaces, quiet neighbors, clean air, thriving nature, abundant water”) to shift attention to what I wanted instead of letting my focus dwell on what I didn’t want.

The results have been astounding already!

I shared details on the podcast, but suffice it to say, Universe got creative at bringing my mantra to life. (Including repeat scheduled power outages for dark skies, new local trails discovered offering even more beautiful views, development actually opening up new spaces to explore and enjoy, neighbors vacating the premises for months on end, new wildlife appearing, easy access to abundant water, and more!)

It was so effective it made me want to use a mantra for all the important areas of my life: my health, money, relationships, etc.

“Mantra” comes from a Sanskrit word meaning a “sacred message or text, charm, spell, counsel.” Who doesn’t want to play with a sacred spell?! Especially a customized one designed to manifest all your favorite dreams come true!

In fact, for a few years I’ve been using “even better” as a mantra to spread magic in every corner of my life. It’s so fun to see it take hold and expand life enjoyment!

Whether you call it a mantra, an affirmation, a chant, “I Am statement,” or whatever – it’s worth paying attention to the spells you’re speaking into your life. Pay attention to what you repeat regularly and give your focus a nice little upgrade with a custom made mantra when you see room for improvement.

Listen at the podcast.

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