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Beyond Quantum Healing and achieving a balance with Tena Dodds and Karen Baquiran

Along with Karen Baquiran, Tena Dodds uses Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) to help people heal and become completely in tune with themselves. In this interview for MysticMag we talked with Tena to know more about her journey, what exactly is BQH and how to achieve balance between mind, body and spirit.

Check out the interview below!

When did you discover that you have a gift and that you wanted to work with this?

I experienced a long and hard dark night of the soul after a series of losses and unfortunate events including the suffering and death of my parents and other loved ones, my health issues, and a toxic marriage. I was deep in my suffering. Then in 2014 I had what some would call an Awakening and I realized that I didn’t have to be a slave to victimhood anymore, that I could take full responsibility and control of my life. Soon after, through a series of synchronicities, I met Karen online and we began a journey of self-discovery together.

Our instant connection began to bring forth our latent gifts and abilities because we were able validate for each other all that we always knew, saw, and felt through our empathy and intuition. We reminded each other that these gifts weren’t ‘normal’, that not everyone was in touch with these abilities like I had always thought. We sparked within each other a new yet old energy of remembrance; of remembering who we really are at the core of our Divine Selves and we thought about how we could eventually use those gifts to assist others.

Through the validation, love and support, we began to the journey of learning how to trust in ourselves and our innate intuition once again. After a few years of self-discovery, difficult life-changing decisions, following my heart-knowing, leaving the toxic marriage and digging deep into healing my mind, body, soul and spirit, I started to ask what was my purpose here? What was I really meant to do now that I’m on the other side of all of it? I knew deep down that I wanted to take all the wisdom learned from healing my pain and suffering and somehow channel that into helping others break free as well… but I didn’t know exactly how or what to do.

While asking the question of my purpose, I was led again through a series of synchronicities to Beyond Quantum Healing. When I came across this method, I knew instantly that it was meant for me. The open and heart-based energy of BQH and the creator Candace Craw-Goldman was a perfect fit. The time of the guru is over, we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves and break free from the cycles of trauma and suffering. This was my purpose, and how I was going to use my experience to lead others back to their own Divine Selves too.

Karen was my practice partner and we began to explore consciousness together. We saw that she had a gift of easily tapping into the Quantum Field, connecting with others and exploring other realms, that she was perfect for this work too! The clients that we’ve helped and the growth we experienced in such a short amount of time has been insurmountable. The rest is history.

You have an interesting story about dealing with complicated diagnosis and using alternative methods to help you heal. How do you believe that your methods combine with traditional medicine to improve results?

What I’ve found for myself and then many of our clients, is that chronic illness is a multilayered problem that requires a multidimensional approach to healing. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

People who develop chronic illness are highly sensitive and many times the deepest root cause (there are many) of that illness is childhood trauma. These traumatic events leave imprints on our energy field and store inside the body. These energy imprints then create an attraction point for outside energies/entities/spirits to attach and create more problems.

As a child when we don’t have a safe or supportive space to experience, explore and release our emotions, those emotions then get stuck in the body as a compounded energy because they have no where else to go. E-motions are energy-in-motion and they are meant to move through us, not to get stuck. When they get stuck, the energy begins to manifest over time as physical symptoms of illness, compounded by spiritual attachments and environmental factors. We, as humans, are not taught and have forgotten how to process and release emotions so a lot of healing is focused on that.

For example, when a lion chases a gazelle through the tundra and that gazelle finally gets away and moves to a safe place, that gazelle will shake. We see animals do it all the time. It’s a natural way to release the energy of fight or flight from the system. Literally shaking it off! When we as humans don’t do that, especially as children but also as adults, when we don’t move through the emotions of fear, terror, guilt, shame, worry, etc those get stuck and keep the body in a cycle of fight, flight, freeze or fawn. The body is in a constant trauma response creating mental, emotional and physical anguish.

What we’ve found also is that we’re not only carrying trauma from this lifetime but many others as well and this compounds the issues. Many of us here at this time have had difficult lives and I feel this is because we’re carrying so much pain from past lifetimes. The body and energy system keep the score of all the traumatic events that happen throughout our multidimensional existence. I feel we are here at this time to break those cycles, heal those lives and finally be free from suffering.

Other layers involved in addressing chronic illnesses on a physical level include detoxing and purifying the body via alkaline diet, hydration with juice and clean water, supplements, and herbs plus other alternative methods. Ultimately healing chronic illness is about purifying mind, body, soul and spirit. The more energy we can clear and release from the system, the more we will heal and begin to connect with the Divine Self within. The body WANTS to heal, it’s always in a process of trying to find homeostasis. We just need to stop poisoning it and support it in the right ways so that it can achieve its optimal function.

Traditional medicine is beneficial for certain things but when it comes to actually healing the body, I’ve found alternative methods to be more effective. That said, I always recommend a balanced approach and to find a doctor that will listen to you. No one knows you like you know yourself so it’s important that you are always your own best advocate. Healing takes time, there is no quick fix. It takes the willingness to break old patterns, dedication, commitment and most importantly, trust in your Self that you can heal.

What is Beyond Quantum Healing? How do you work with your partner to help your clients?

That is always such a difficult question to answer because there aren’t adequate enough words to encapsulate the depth and breadth of the unique journey that each client experiences.

The Beyond Quantum Healing experience is different for everyone but if I could summarize in a few words it is like taking a spiritual journey to connect with your Divine Self and explore the vastness of your consciousness. It’s quantum, it’s beyond. It’s moving past the Ego (lower self) and the conscious thinking mind to see what secrets and mysteries are held within the subconscious or Divine Self (Higher Self). We each have two parts of ourselves. The lower self (Ego) that is constantly analyzing and trying to figure things out usually running in place. And the higher self (Divine Self) that is the supportive, loving, all knowing part of us. The goal of BQH is to relax enough to get past the lower self and into the deeper, wiser parts of us that know and understand the totality of our existence, how to heal, and where to go from here.

Karen and I hold a safe, sacred, loving and non-judgmental space for people to explore the depths of their consciousness. There’s literally nothing you could say that would surprise or shock us! Our practice is unique because usually QH sessions are one-on-one. But we’ve found that there’s something about the power of 3 and having Karen act as a surrogate and support person for the client, allows for even more information and healing to come forward. Many times clients heal from lifetimes of trauma and break old patterning in just one session.

Beyond Quantum Healing can offer a series of answers to important questions. Do you have a session that stuck in your mind because of the results that were achieved?

Oh gosh there are so many! After years, it’s still mind-blowing to me how energy work and memory can affect the physical in such a profound way. We always recommend our clients have a Remote Spirit Release Session prior to and in combination with BQH to achieve maximum benefit and healing. The session that is coming to me right now is a woman who came to us in a state of anxiety with a long history of narcissistic abuse. She also had overpronated flat feet since childhood which she hadn’t even mentioned as an issue during our pretalk. Her RSR and BQH were back to back.

In her BQH session, a memory came forward that this foot misalignment was related to a situation she encountered as a child involving resentment and lack of forgiveness. As soon as she recognized this situation from the higher perspective as an adult, her foot began to physically realign during the session! She could feel the muscle, tendons and bone moving and readjusting in real time! It is one of the most memorable and profound session moments.

This is also her feedback after the RSR and BQH: ” (In RSR) Karen saw that my feet weren’t on the ground and that was the reality. My feet were very flat and I had overpronation. Means that my feet were rolling inwards and the sole of my feet weren’t strong enough to support my ankles and feet were aching when I walk. After realizing that and listening to the RSR session once again, my feet turned back to normal in 2 weeks. After 26 years overpronating, finally my feet is on the floor and healthy and It helps with grounding a lot.”

Also in her BQH session, she was able to save her soul from constant repeating lifetimes of the same traumatic narcissistic abuse that was created by a contract with an entity. She took back her power, stood up to this entity and burned that contract, saving her soul in the process. This created a ripple effect in her physical life where old patterns started to dissolve and she became more empowered to stand up for herself.

We have so many amazing stories to share from our absolutely brave and incredibly inspiring clients. We learn as much from them as they do from us. It’s a symbiotic relationship and the synchronicities that occur before, during and after sessions are mind-blowing.

Can you also explain to us what Remote Spirit Release is? What are the benefits of that treatment?

In the simplest terms, most of us carry around energies, entities and spirits that are not our own. These outside energies and spirits can and do attach to living humans for many varying reasons and cause a multitude of mental, emotional and spiritual issues and even physical illness.

Remote Spirit Release is designed to address and release these energies from the living human so that they can be Sovereign in their energy field and find relief from the various issues that plague them. Clearing the energy field also allows for a deeper connection with the Divine Self which is why we recommend this session before BQH.

For a very concrete example- an alcoholic that dies and leaves the physical body may sometimes not fully cross over to the other side because of their addiction to and yearning for alcohol. They become what we call an ‘earthbound soul’ and will then search out any way they can continue that addiction. They are drawn to bars and spaces where alcohol is served and will then attach to a living human through which they can continue their drinking addiction. This, for the living human, can cause or compound existing addictive tendencies and make it difficult to recover.

This attraction point between the living human and the earthbound soul is what we call sympathetic resonance. Because the two are vibrating at similar frequencies, it allows for the earthbound to attach to the energy field of the living human. Healing and releasing this earthbound soul from the human, will make it easier for that human to stop drinking and recover from their addiction.

The resonant energy imprints are access points that we carry in our system that allow for energies and entities to attach. To experience the fullness of complete healing, these imprints need to be looked at and addressed which is why we also recommend BQH; to get to the root of why the attachments are happening in the first place.

My own healing skyrocketed after releasing entities from myself which is why we learned the method with Dr. Terence Palmer and now offer this service to others. It’s also beneficial for those experiencing entity attachment/abuse that are not in the condition to undergo a spiritual journey like BQH. This way we can address entity attachments remotely without the client even needing to be present with permission from their Divine Self.

What should be the first step to achieve balance between mind, body and spirit?

In our practice, the first step to achieving balance is to address the Spirit via Remote Spirit Release. Many times, the lack of balance in mind and body are directly related to Spirit attachments. Having a clear energy field allows us to first rule out spiritual afflictions for issues and then go deeper into healing subconscious patterning via BQH. Spirit Release is the first step to achieving full healing, Sovereignty, and liberation from chronic patterns, illnesses that continue to show up in our lives. If we don’t address the Spirit, then healing will be difficult.

Another great step in achieving balance  is to become the observer of yourself and your life. What does that mean? Step back from the dense perspective of the human experience and see from the higher perspective of the Divine Self. Observe yourself as if you are watching a child and don’t take everything so seriously.

Ask your Divine Self to make the unconscious, conscious so that you can observe the unconsciousness that exists inside of you and don’t be afraid or shameful about it. Once it is observed, then you can break those patterns and make new choices that are in alignment with your highest good. Your Divine Self is always a part of you and the more you allow for that part of yourself to lead, the more you will find balance.

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