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How to Reverse a Downward Spiral

A fellow creator shared that things in her life were going from bad to worse in a hurry …

Her finances, her career, her love life, and now even her health were negatively affected by a variety of unexpectedly bad things happening. She felt overwhelmed and in despair about what to do.

This post is for her and every other conscious creator who has wondered how to stop a downward spiral.

First things first: we stop trying to fix it. That only digs the hole deeper. Instead of frantically trying to fix things, do nothing (for now).

When we take action out of resistance to what is, it just strengthens the vibration that manifests more bad things. All the attention to the problem just exacerbates problems.

So instead, we stop digging, we stop trying to solve it, and we just let it all go. For a minute.

Just for a bit we give ourselves a break from trying to figure it out. We create some sort of breather or break in all that negative momentum.

Maybe we sleep, or meditate, or shift focus to something that doesn’t feel dire or problematic. Mostly we just withdraw attention from the problems … that’s how we can slow the negative momentum.

It can’t keep getting worse if we aren’t party to it. Problems will resolve themselves when we stop feeding them. Our Universe trends toward better. It defaults to solutions. It is wired for giving us want we want – when we get out of the way.

That can be easier said than done because a lot of folks don’t know how to stop worrying problems into existence. And when they stop trying to fix it that just makes them worry more because they think things will get worse if they aren’t doing something about it.

But the evidence shows us that trying to fix a downward spiral isn’t working so well, so that’s good incentive to try something different.

If trying to fix it through action hasn’t helped, and worrying about it doesn’t solve anything, all there is left to do is just stop thinking about this long enough to get a break from the worry routine.

Stopping the downward spiral means stopping the negative momentum and that just means stop thinking about this in the way that you have been. Either don’t think about it all or find a way to think about it that feels better.

That’s why naps or meditation or physical exercise can be helpful. And when you do start thinking again, shift focus to anything that feels better. Anything!

It’s worth remembering that how we feel does not have to be dictated by circumstances. How we feel is a result of what we think. And we can choose thoughts that feel better, even when the circumstances haven’t changed yet.

Another point to consider, think about where this downward spiral came from

It was probably just a little negative thing here or a little irritation there that got out of hand by just getting regular attention from you. It started feeding on itself. Well, you were feeding it – with your attention to it. It started small and grew from there.

That’s where our upward spiral comes from, too: We focus on a little positive thing here and little appreciation there and we keep feeding it, and pretty soon we’re in a full on upward spiral the likes of which will blow you away with how amazingly good life can be when you just turn attention to where it serves you instead of where it doesn’t serve you.

It’s so cool how it works!!

Remember LOA 101 is that we don’t let reality inform us how we feel. We inform it. We tell reality how it is for us. It doesn’t tell us. We set the tone and we lead the way, rather than default responding to whatever life presents.

We lead the vibrational way by deciding that we want to feel better, and then making a point of doing that however we can.

Maybe it’s imagining things different than they are. Maybe it’s some soothing self-talk. Maybe it’s taking the dog for a walk. Maybe it’s a nap. Maybe it’s to meditate to just get a break from the worrying and fretting Maybe it’s finding something – anything – we can appreciate.

However you do it, once you find a thought that feels better, now you’re cooking with gas. Do that a handful of times, get better at it, build some muscle in being able to feel better just because you’re cool like that – and now you know freedom. That’s being free.

Freedom isn’t all the money in the bank, or all the people love you, or all the good things are yours to enjoy – it’s being free to change how you feel without requiring outside things to do that for you.

We can call a halt to our downward spiral at any time. It’s easier to do it sooner than later, but even if it’s got some good momentum on it, you know how to work with it:

Stop trying to fix it, get a break from your worry thoughts, and let the universal stream of energy take you somewhere better.

Abraham says you have to leg to and trust the process. I know it’s easier said than done, but we know how the system works: all that contrast has cooked up some powerful solutions waiting for you to give it the slightest opening for something good to happen. And all you have to do is stop digging this hole. Take a break from it, give yourself some relief, and let universal forces work some magic on your behalf.

Here’s to upward spirals for us all!

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