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CONGRATULATIONS! You Are About to Attract Money, 528 Hz Law of Attraction Meditation

You are about to attract all the money you need! Without money, your mind is filled with fear and worries. Thoughts of fear and worries attract more fear and worries into your life. How? Thoughts are energy and we attract their equal.
Today we bring you a new and VERY POWERFUL 528 Hz Law of Attraction meditation music track, specially composed to help remove thoughts of fear and worries, and to enable a calm state of mind. To allow you to focus your thoughts on MONEY to attract it into your life with the Law of Attraction.

This meditation music track is infused with the 528 Hz frequency, a sensational frequency that has been used since ancient civilizations to manifest miracles and attract blessings.
The title of this video is designed to inspire you: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE
The visuals in this video are created to help you focus on and visualize what you need and want to attract with the Law of Attraction: MONEY

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Best of luck in attracting your well-deserved wealth! 💫💸


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🔑 Our original music is created to make your life wealthier, and calmer and to make you think differently with a more positive perspective in order to attract money, wealth and abundance.
Our music is induced with tones and frequencies that’ll help you attract and manifest money with the Law of attraction


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