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God is Energy and God is the Source of Universal Love – Mark Anthony

MysticMag chats with world renowned Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer, AKA The Psychic Lawyer. We take a glimpse into the world of the Afterlife Frequency and the mystical forces of mediumship.

What would you describe your driving force in life to be?

My driving force was transmitted to me from the other side: My mission in life is to help people understand five things: The Afterlife exists, ‘God’ exists, our Soul is an immortal living Spirit, we can communicate with Souls, and we will be reunited with our loved ones when it is our time to leave the material world and transition into the Afterlife – what they refer to as the Light.
What I have come to know as God is an infinite source of energy and intelligence which connects everyone and everything. The more we come to understand Quantum physics the more we understand how everything is energetically interconnected. In one sense understanding “God” is complex, on the other hand understanding God is simple for God is the source of Universal Love.

Psychic experience or premonition – is this really tapping into what you refer to as The Afterlife Frequency?

Yes and a qualified yes. There is a difference between psychic and mediumistic ability. Both tune into a higher vibration but they are tuning into different radio stations. A psychic reading will tap into career, love life or future events while communicating with loved ones who have passed will be a mediumistic reading. Both involve altering your brain wave frequency and aligning it with a higher frequency which I call the Afterlife Frequency.

How does one go about unleashing this so-called innate ability?

We all have this ability as we all have the same basic physiology. We have two psychic receptor areas; the pineal gland and the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the most complex bundle of nerves after the cerebral cortex, and is known as the second brain. While we all have the same basic physiology, some people are simply better at deploying this than others. Most of us can swim, but will we all become Olympic swimmers?

What do you believe the Grand Purpose of After Death Communication to be – and why do you think that only some are the ‘chosen ones’?

Afterdeath communication is something of a misnomer because we have one life, and this life is eternal. However, we have different phases of this life which can be either spiritual or material. I believe in reincarnation as this has been highlighted by Spirits in many readings. In addition, any Near-Death Experiencer, like myself and many others, know that reincarnation is one of the takeaways from an NDE.
The ‘chosen few’ are possibly people who simply have the physiology – or who are wired for this. Not only this, but they have the belief that God is more than religion and that there is more to existence than physical life.
Why a select group of people? The same as why only a select few are great musicians or scientists or engineers. We are simply different and a gift from God or the Infinite is individuality. People capable of spirit communication help humanity understand that life does not end at physical death.
Having said this, there are family and genetic dispositions for psychic abilities, just as there exists a genetic proclivity for eye color, left handedness, giving birth to twins, intellectual and physical prowess as well as for inheriting certain diseases. My family has shown a long history of psychic abilities – my first psychic experience happened when I was only three years old, and my NDE took place when I was four, as I explain in my latest book “The Afterlife Frequency.”

What has been your most memorable/extraordinary/mystical experience in mediumship or the paranormal realms that you like (or don’t like) to speak of?

This is part of the reason that I have written three books (Never Letting Go, Evidence of Eternity and The Afterlife Frequency). Every reading is memorable no matter the person’s station in life. All lives matter, and all life counts. I was honored to conduct a reading for film legend Shirley MacLaine and during the session the spirits of both Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor made contact. I didn’t realize Shirley had been close friends with both of them – I remember thinking I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to top that one!
However, there are many incidents or experiences where I have heard what I can only describe as the voice of the Divine Power people call God, and that this voice transmitted to me profound and life changing messages. But I’m not unique in this because this can happen to anyone if we know how to listen. Messages from Spirits or God always center around love, understanding, peace, healing and protection. Messages from God are never about hatred, violence, bigotry and anger. Those are a byproduct of the human ego. Messages about God are about love, peace, healing, resolution and protection!

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