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Should You Hire a Manifesting Coach?

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to hire a manifesting coach, here are a couple questions to help you find your best answer.

First of all, if you’re fired up about engaging manifesting support, then you’re probably not reading this because true inspiration doesn’t pause to question. It moves you into action! If you’re feeling that kind of energy, then hire the coach! woo hoo!!

(There’s a site for finding your best law of attraction savvy manifesting coach here.)

But if you’re hemming and hawing, wondering whether it’s really necessary, will it really help, can you just sort it out yourself, is it worth the time/money, etc., this post is for you. Answering a few simple questions might help get you back in your manifesting groove without any professional help!

Those questions are:

  • Do you know what you want?
  • If not, do you know what you don’t want? (That will tell you!)
  • If you know what you want, are you practicing alignment to that desire?
  • If you’re not aligning, do you know how to? (That’s what this blog is for!)
  • If you are aligning, are you seeing results?
  • If you’re not seeing results, are you sure? (Look again! You might just be overlooking it.)
  • If you are seeing results, keep going! Momentum is your friend!

Let’s go through each element one at a time …

First question before you hire a coach: do you know what you want?

Sometimes just answering that question for yourself kicks things into gear. And yes, not having clarity about what you want can be a good reason to hire a coach. We love helping clients sort that out! But there’s a pretty easy way to figure it out yourself …

Ask yourself what you don’t want, and just go to the opposite of that. That ought to provide a pretty good hint about your true desire.

If you’re thinking you don’t even know what you don’t want, just give it a minute. Life will show you sooner or later. It’s consistent like that! Then you can use that awareness of contrast to point to the opposite for knowing what you desire.

Second question (once you know what you want): are you practicing alignment to that?

I get hired all the time by savvy creators who haven’t been doing anything to align to their desire! My first question after you tell me what you want is what are you doing to line up with it? Meaning, do you know what it feels like to have what you want? Are you practicing believing in your desire? Are you doing anything at all to feel any kind of better?

There are so many ways to line up with what you want, and this blog is devoted to exploring those!

So if you know how to align, get on that! You don’t need a coach to tell you (or if you do, I’m telling you now) to start doing the alignment work!

If you’re not doing the alignment work, the next question is: do you know how to? If not, that might be a good time to hire a coach. But that’s also what my entire body of work is for. Read this blog, listen to my podcast, join Good Vibe University – or yes, hire me. We’ll put together a plan that works.

And if you are doing the alignment work then the next question is: are you noticing results? Remember the first result is the feeling. Do you feel better when you do your alignment work? If so, it’s working! Keep going!

If you’re doing your alignment work and you’re not seeing any results (really, nothing?) then yes, it might be a good time to get a coach to help you see what you’re not seeing. (Or find an alignment plan that works.)

So often my coach sessions are helping fellow creators activate these basic elements of the manifesting formula:

  • get clear and focused on what they want
  • work some sort of alignment plan to feel better before it gets here (so that it can get here)
  • acknowledge the results they were dismissive of, and then
  • continue the momentum that allows Universe to deliver the goods in full manifested fruition.

If you’re getting hung up in the system, use this flow chart to help close your gap.

And if that doesn’t help, I’m happy to guide you through the sticky parts. My Masters of Creation Circle is the #1 best way to get on my client roster, and becoming a GVU member is the second best way. (Annual members get a complimentary session, so much of my calendar is devoted to private sessions with annual members.)

I do conduct private sessions, and also have home study courses and ebooks if that’s your idea of a good time.

Or drop me a note to let me know what’s up and we’ll see how else I can best help.

One way or another, it’s my fervent passion to support you in engaging your powers to create whatever you most desire! That’s what we came here for, I strongly believe, so let’s rock this manifesting party! 🙂

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