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Larry Burk – Holistic Radiologist

Larry Burk, MD, CEHP, is a holistic radiologist who uses EFT tapping, hypnosis and dreamwork to train our bodies to heal themselves and to help prevent illness and discomfort. Larry shares his views and practices with MysticMag.

What significance do dreams ultimately have on our lives and well-being?

There are two different types of dreams that we talk about; Nightmares and healing dreams which make us feel good. Neither are bad dreams. A nightmare is a way to get our attention – there is an important message there if one takes the time to figure it out and work with the dream. If you have a positive healing dream, this is telling you are on the right track. So, one dream is a course correction and the other is telling you to keep doing what you are doing. This can be used in any aspect of your life; health, relationship, job etc. and the dream often anticipates what is coming next in your life before you are even consciously aware of it.
Getting a physical diary sets the intention of having something to write in it the next morning. If you write down a question before going to bed, this primes the pump for the dreamworld to start delivering to you. Setting the intention and recording the dream immediately is key to success. Using red light instead of white light is also conducive to more efficient recording of dreams as it doesn’t disrupt your pineal gland circadian rhythm – and remember practice makes perfect.

In the event of a dream giving us early warning signs of serious illness or misfortune, would you say this is our Spiritual guides intervening or our own consciousness functioning at higher levels?

It could be all of the above. It could be your higher Self, it could be the collective unconscious of Jung that you are tapping into. It is really hard to explain when you have a precognitive dream that violates the principles of time and space…the mind boggles. When you get a disturbing, possibly health related dream, people ask if it is a metaphor for an emotional stressor in their life or if it is a physical problem that they have to deal with. One way of understanding which of these it is is to ask for a clarifying dream the next night. Another important point to keep in mind is that perhaps the dream in question is not necessarily about the person having the dream, but is focused on someone who is close to them.

Is there a way to develop and enhance our dream world, specifically for the purpose of saving lives?

We use the term ‘incubate’ a dream or clarify a dream that you want an answer to. Practice and repetition certainly helps. It doesn’t have to be a life changing question, but something as simple as ‘what will happen tomorrow?’. I started to do this with my clients. I would go to bed and ask about the client that I would be seeing the next day. I would find myself dreaming about certain issues that would ultimately come up the next day with the client. We find ourselves asking why?? We are almost moving into the psychic realms or dealing with intuition…
Let’s take breast cancer for example. There are three possibilities of what could happen with dreamwork: When someone has a symptom or a small lump in their breast, they may refuse to acknowledge it and remain in denial. A dream about this will force the person to look at it.
The second scenario is when the person has absolutely no idea that there is something amiss but there is some signaling mechanism from their breast to the subconscious and then to the brain that makes them investigate further.
And the third possibility, and the most likely but hardest for the scientific world to fathom and deal with, is some kind of expanded intuitive consciousness that takes place. How can we actually know?

What is your definition of abundant health and wealth, and how, in your experience, can we access this?

The secret to abundance is to delete all beliefs related to scarcity. Any time we do EFT we are tapping on the opposite of what you want. We need to first get rid of the old programs whether that be health, wealth, relationship or family…anything bad that happens to you is downloaded into your acupuncture meridians and uploaded into a file in the limbic system of your brain where your emotional processing occurs. When you get a flashback, the program starts to run and takes your body back to that experience and we believe it to be true.
With tapping, we find the name of that file – whatever this scarcity may be – (something your father said when you were 7, or your father who lost his job when you were a child…). We have the client repeat the name of that scarcity file and this starts the program running. We tap on the acupuncture points on their face and chest. This is the equivalent to hitting the delete button – the scarcity program has been deleted and they are free to put in the new program with hypnosis; abundance, wealth or whatever your goal may be….The two work hand in hand. However, cleaning out the abundant baggage is a prerequisite for any affirmation to work.

Just another my coaching practice I use the dreams to guide the tapping process. I will be working with someone on their issue and if we get stuck I will ask them if they ever dreamt of what the top priority is to work on. Often their dreams will tell us where to start. If you don’t pay attention to your body or your dreams, one may never be able to heal. It is a sacred messenger coming to give you a vital message.

What can you tell us about your latest book Dreams That Can Save Your Life?

Well, we have already covered the diagnostic part, but this is where it gets interesting. Women who were able to use their dreams to come up with a diagnosis found that they were able to use their dreams for healing too.
In fact, many women who live holistic lives resorted to using heavy Western medicine to combat their cancer – and this was driven by their dreams. I have several examples of women who were guided by their dreams to pursue a course of chemotherapy or not. One in particular comes to mind of a young woman who was diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer and who was told she had a 5% chance of living for another two years…she had a dream of a UFO spaceship that landed in her backyard. An alien stepped out and handed her a syringe saying she needed Interferon. At this point in time Interferon wasn’t even available on the market and they were busy doing test trials. She told her doctor the next day that she needed Interferon. Her doctor was astounded that she even knew what it was, but he got hold of some for her and she was cured.

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