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The next generation of horsemanship with Anna Twinney

Anna Twinney is an international equine specialist, natural horsemanship clinician, animal communicator and energy healer. That interesting combination created a program called Reach Out to Horses, that intends to present the next generation of horsemanship.

In this interview for MysticMag, Anna explained to us what is her work and her long journey with horses, traveling all over the world and working with more than a 1000 wild horses. Check out this special content below!

When did you discover your gift?

If you went back with me on a journey over 25 years ago, my past looked quite different and the choices I made were in law enforcement, the career I picked. Then, suddenly, everything turned around and all 3 paths led out to California to become a horse whisperer.

I realized through horse whispering that the language of the horse goes beyond the unspoken. It has more to it than body language. In fact, the animals communicate energetically. They know through vibration if there’s a predator out there. Yes, their senses are heightened, but we rarely look at the sixth sense.

I was in my thirties when I became ready to delve into another part of who I was and reveal the animal communication skills. I don’t think it’s just a gift for the gifted. I’ve taught thousands of people in my time and there’s nobody to whom you cannot teach it. So, I believe it’s an innate piece we uncover or reawaken.

In your opinion, what are the main misconceptions we have about horses and how to deal with them?

I feel like they are used as slaves a lot of the time all over the world. So, be it that people would see them as a commodity or as for their value of use, that they are kept like prisoners or purely livestock.

They’ve lived on this planet for far longer than we and are not invasive, but that is only something that people will see if they are willing to look through certain lenses. If you want to see them as a big livestock animal that weighs 1400 pounds and is dangerous, that’s what you’ll see.

But if you realize how connected they are to Mother Earth and nature, how their language is incredibly silent… They can discern some things before humans can, they are transparent, the best coaches in the world and one of the foremost healers!

What courses and services do you currently offer?

Great question. I’ve been critiqued for not choosing a niche, but my niche would be, as truth seeker, to share the language of the horse with individuals through dancing with horses, liberty, 12-step safety system, wild horse gentling, problem solving, colt starting, intuitive riding and life coaching.

The common thread is the language of the horse. But if we are truly looking at the language of the horse, then we are looking at energy. So, I teach energy healing and animal communication – that would move into all species. Now, we’re getting into elephants, sloths, monkeys, snakes… I teach animal communication to those who have open hearts and minds to be able to look within.

As a teacher, you travel to many countries. Do you see many cultural differences in how to deal with horses and horse whispering?

My industry is male-dominated and has many leading natural horsemen. There are some women in the next generation and I feel like I have taken the dominance out of it and have gone more into passive leadership, as I call it. That’s looking at different ways to communicate and connect and not go with force, fear or surrender, but instead look at working with the mind.

Each country is slightly different. But it wouldn’t be fair to say it’s country-based, but rather discipline-based. If you think of a cow horse versus the Dressage world versus the eventers versus how they act in polo… They have different themes and beliefs.

Please tell me a remarkable moment from your travels.

I’ve worked with over 1,000 wild horses between China, Mongolia, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and of course the United States in pursuit of true horsemanship. I wanted to see that it is a universal language and to know that we adjust it to different disciplines, backgrounds and environments.

I will not forget Mongolia. Firstly, they never told me who I was working with until the last day, when we put some jackets on and only then did I find out it was the Chinese endurance team.

I’ll never forget watching the little wild horse they chose for me. She looked like a Mustang and she was the one, but I thought to myself how in the world I’d get out of that round pen if locked and the situation became dangerous. Their round pens are different, made out of 10-foot solid concrete, so you are practically locked inside them.

They gave one hour to get her halted and, even though I didn’t do it in one hour, I did manage to converse with her. I bought myself another hour and managed to halter her beautifully. So, a lot of this is about who you are under pressure. The pressure shouldn’t alter us from the core being. The conversation with the wild ones would be to bring their language and nature into that place.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. You come into the place and ask the animal to face up, looking at you and trusting you. There’s a whole dialogue adopted from the wild horses that I take into the round pen. There’s no chasing, driving, roping, force or fear in it. You don’t need to put your will on the animals.

Horse whispering is not a Psychic ability, it’s about observation, knowing yourself really well and understanding the movements of the horse. The energetic component comes with it because the horse is always sending energy, and the telepathy would be to send and receive pictures mentally.

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